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Epic Medical Solutions delivers many healthcare services to enhance patient care and operational efficiency and optimize healthcare management. OSP specializes in catering comprehensive Epic solutions, including electronic health records (EHR), revenue cycle management, appointment scheduling, telehealth, medical billing solutions, and patient engagement tools. We can integrate these services to streamline data exchange, enabling informed clinical decisions and improved patient outcomes. OSP’s epic medical solution services prioritize interoperability and compliance, ensuring seamless communication among healthcare providers and adherence to regulatory standards. With OSP’s custom Epic medical solutions, healthcare organizations can optimize workflows, enhance collaboration, and deliver high-quality care in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems revolutionize healthcare documentation by digitizing patient information, medical history, and treatment records. OSP can integrate EHR systems with Epic medical solutions to enable secure storage, retrieval, and sharing of patient data among healthcare providers, enhancing coordination and continuity of care. Our tailored EMR systems services simplify clinical workflows, facilitating efficient charting, prescription management, and diagnostic ordering. 

Epic medical services include decision support tools, interoperability with other healthcare systems, and patient portals for engagement. By centralizing patient information and ensuring accuracy and accessibility, OSP can empower healthcare professionals to deliver personalized, efficient, high-quality care while improving patient safety and outcomes.

Clinical decision support (CDS) aids healthcare professionals in making informed decisions about patient care by analyzing patient data and providing relevant insights and recommendations. Epic healthcare medical services with CDS leverage patient information, medical knowledge, and best practices to offer evidence-based guidance at the point of care. 

Our tailored CDS tools may include alerts for potential drug interactions, reminders for preventive care interventions, and diagnostic support based on clinical guidelines. Integrating with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other healthcare systems, OSP can integrate CDS with Epic medical solutions to enhance clinical data management, promote protocol adherence, and improve patient outcomes by facilitating more accurate, timely, and personalized care decisions.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) encompasses the financial processes involved in healthcare organizations, from patient registration to final payment collection. OSP can integrate RCM with Epic medical solutions involving managing claims processing, payment posting, insurance verification, and patient billing. Our RCM solutions ensure that healthcare providers receive proper reimbursement for services rendered. 

OSP’s tailored services involve verifying patient insurance coverage, submitting claims to insurance companies, and following up on unpaid claims. Our custom Epic medical solution also includes managing patient payments, processing refunds, and handling denials or appeals. OSP’s efficient RCM practices can optimize cash flow, reduce revenue leakage, and improve overall financial performance for healthcare organizations.

Population health management (PHM) is a comprehensive approach to enhancing the health outcomes of a specific group or community. OSP can craft tailored population health management involving analyzing health data from various sources to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Our Epic healthcare medical solutions with PHM focus on addressing the population’s unique health needs and risk factors through targeted interventions and preventive measures. 

Our experts at OSP promote healthy behaviors, manage chronic conditions, and coordinate care across different healthcare providers and settings. By prioritizing preventive care and early intervention, OSP aims to improve overall health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance the quality of care delivery for the population.

Interoperability and health information exchange (HIE) are essential components of modern healthcare systems, facilitating seamless sharing and exchange of patient data among different healthcare providers and systems. OSP’s tailored healthcare interoperability solutions ensure that diverse Epic healthcare software and IT systems, such as electronic health records (EHR), medical devices, and health information exchanges, can communicate and exchange data effectively. 

Our custom Epic medical software solutions with health information exchange (HIE) focus explicitly on the secure sharing of patient information across healthcare organizations, enabling timely access to critical health data for informed decision-making. OSP promotes interoperability and HIE solutions to empower healthcare providers, improve care coordination, enhance patient safety, and ultimately deliver better patient outcomes.

Telehealth solutions revolutionize healthcare delivery by leveraging technology to provide remote medical services and consultations. OSP’s epic medical solutions with telehealth integration facilitate virtual appointments, remote patient monitoring, and telemedicine visits, enabling patients to access healthcare from the comfort of their homes. 

Our tailored telehealth platforms connect patients with healthcare providers through secure video conferencing and messaging, expanding access to care, particularly in underserved areas. By eliminating geographical barriers and enhancing convenience, OSP’s telehealth solutions improve patient access to timely and cost-effective healthcare services. Additionally, they promote continuity of care, empower patients to manage their health, and reduce unnecessary hospital visits proactively.


Experienced optimizing revenue cycle with streamlined billing processes, improving claims management, and enhancing reimbursement accuracy. Through integrated solutions, OSP's Epic medical solutions ensure efficient patient registration, accurate medical coding solutions, and timely claim submission. Leading to faster payment processing and reduced revenue leakage for healthcare organizations.

Leverage a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system that centralizes patient data, including medical history, medications, test results, and treatment plans. OSP offers a tailored integrated platform that ensures secure and accessible patient records across healthcare settings, promoting continuity of care, informed decision-making, and improved patient outcomes.

Epic medical solutions enhance patient safety through features such as clinical decision support, medication reconciliation, and alerts for allergies and adverse reactions. With real-time access to critical patient information, healthcare providers can make informed decisions, prevent medication errors, and ensure adherence to best practice management, ultimately enhancing patient safety.

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Custom Epic Medical Solution Services


Patient Portals

  • Patient access to medical records and test results
  • Secure messaging for communication with healthcare providers
  • Appointment scheduling and prescription refill requests
  • Educational resources and tools for self-management

Clinical Workflow Optimization

  • Streamlined tasks and processes for efficiency
  • Integrated technology to automate repetitive tasks
  • Standardization of protocols and best practices
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of workflows

Analytics and Reporting

  • Data collection and aggregation from various sources
  • Analysis of healthcare data to identify trends and patterns
  • Generation of reports and visualizations for insights
  • Leverage analytical tools to make an informed decision

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Frequently Asked Questions

Epic Medical Solutions offers integrated healthcare technology solutions, including electronic health records (EHR), telehealth, and revenue cycle management. By centralizing patient data, streamlining workflows, and facilitating remote access to care, Epic systems enhance healthcare delivery, promote care coordination, and improve patient outcomes through efficient and informed decision-making.

Epic Medical Solutions offers a range of integrated healthcare technology solutions, including electronic health records (EHR), telehealth platforms, revenue cycle management (RCM), patient engagement tools, and clinical decision support systems. These solutions aim to streamline workflows, improve care coordination, and enhance patient outcomes across healthcare settings.

Epic medical systems are widely used in healthcare organizations due to their comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, user-friendly interface, interoperability, and scalability. It centralizes patient data, streamlines workflows, and facilitates informed decision-making, improving efficiency, care quality, and patient satisfaction across diverse healthcare settings.

Yes, Epic Medical Solutions can be customized to meet specific organizational needs by configuring and implementing tailored workflows, templates, and features. This flexibility allows healthcare organizations to adapt the platform to their unique requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and alignment with organizational goals and workflows.

Epic Medical Software Solutions improves patient care by centralizing patient information, enabling care coordination among healthcare providers, enhancing clinical decision-making with real-time data access, and promoting patient engagement through telehealth and patient portals. This comprehensive approach fosters personalized, efficient, high-quality care delivery, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Common functionalities in Epic Medical Software Solutions include electronic health records (EHR), telehealth platforms, revenue cycle management (RCM), patient portals, clinical decision support, interoperability with other systems, appointment scheduling, medication management, and analytics/reporting tools. These features streamline workflows, improve care coordination, and enhance patient engagement and outcomes.

Yes, Epic Medical Software Solutions prioritizes interoperability, allowing seamless exchange of patient data with other healthcare systems. Epic integrates with third-party applications, EHRs, and health information exchanges (HIEs) through standardized protocols and interfaces, ensuring comprehensive patient care and facilitating interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem.

Epic Medical Software solutions promote interoperability and data exchange by adhering to industry standards like HL7 and FHIR. Through standardized interfaces and Epic integration capabilities, Epic facilitates seamless sharing of patient data across healthcare networks, enabling care coordination, improving provider communication, and enhancing patient outcomes through informed decision-making.

Custom Epic medical software development solutions empower patients by offering access to personal health information through patient portals, enabling convenient online appointment scheduling, and facilitating secure messaging with healthcare providers for communication. This fosters patient engagement, promotes self-management, and enhances the patient-provider relationship, ultimately improving care outcomes.

OSP assists healthcare organizations in implementing custom Epic medical development solutions by providing tailored consultation, configuration, and training services. By optimizing workflows, integrating systems, and ensuring user proficiency, OSP enables seamless adoption of Epic software solutions, enhancing clinical operations efficiency and facilitating improved patient care delivery across the organization.

Yes, OSP can develop custom Epic Medical Software solutions tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations. By collaborating closely with clients to understand their unique clinical workflows and requirements, OSP designs and implements bespoke solutions that optimize efficiency, streamline operations and improve patient care delivery.

OSP ensures compliance with healthcare data security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA, by implementing robust security measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular audits. By adhering to industry standards and best practices, OSP safeguards sensitive patient data, mitigates risks, and maintains compliance with relevant regulations to protect patient privacy.

Through dedicated support teams, OSP supports healthcare organizations in ongoing maintenance, updates, and optimization of Epic Medical Software solutions. By providing regular system monitoring, software updates, and performance Epic optimization services, OSP ensures the continued effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency of Epic solutions to meet evolving organizational needs.

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