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The dynamicity, ICD-10 codes, advanced medical billing trends and value-based healthcare has transformed the modern healthcare systems multifold. OSP Labs’ advanced medical coding software services offer you performance-driven, technology-enabled assistance. Our medical coding and billing services help the efficient integration of pre-defined codes comprising CMS-authorized ICD-10, CPT, CDT, and HCPCS terminologies in your current claim software. Our resourceful and diligent team of medical coders play a vital role in offering medical coding software solutions that not only identifies modern operational trends but also incorporates a custom-designed menu of actions for your healthcare business that will succeed in accelerated revenue cycles and enhanced compliance.

Solution Design & Development

Our flawless medical coding software solutions have a great impact on the productivity and revenue of healthcare providers. We employ credentialed and highly experienced medical coders for remote medical coding support, outsourced medical coding, and auditing solutions.

  • Our advanced medical coding software services are critical to ensure accurate coding and to obtain an impartial validation of your private auditor proficiency. Our medical billing and coding services are instrumental in inpatient and outpatient coding and billing while minimizing the risk and driving enhancement.
  • OSP Labs' medical coding software solutions plays a crucial role in revenue cycle management, patient outcomes, and data analytics. Our certified and experienced medical coders will ensure quality coding and timely medical billing for profitable patient outcomes, accurate data analysis, and optimal revenue returns.
  • OSP Labs' medical coding software solutions include premium-grade Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding that is a key factor which decides the reimbursement privileges for a Medicare Advantage Plan that uses ICD-10 codes as the primary indicators of the patient's health status.
Values Delivered
healthcare fraud detection software solutions | fraud management solutions
Interim Management
Strengthen interim management as well as special healthcare project management to mitigate potential risks and issues.
fraud prevention software solution | fraud management software
Stringent Data Security
OSP Labs' medical coding and billing software development team work in tandem with HIPAA compliance policies to maintain stringent data security.
medical coding software solutions | medical coding services
Automatic Data Abstraction
Automatically extract coded data elements from EHRs and type of user define purposes like performance monitoring, outcome measures, RAC audits, etc.
Data retention
Minimize the time required to capture patient's data, code diagnosis, and procedures, and generate coding reports using specific process workflow.
Healthcare Denial Management Software Solutions | Healthcare Denial Management Solutions
Intuitive Interface
Gain access to an intuitive and interactive interface for streamlining reports, remote code approval and a wide range of filters for methodical coding.

What Makes OSP Lab's Medical Coding Solutions Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' accurate medical coding services play a vital role in garnering greater returns and streamlining business operations. The premium quality of medical coding is instrumental in enhancing productivity, speed, and revenue.

Reduce your healthcare management expenses by automating and streamlining the healthcare processes.
Maintain confidentiality and safeguard sensitive information by employing HIPAA-compliant security measures.
Stay up-to-date and swiftly implement ICD-10 codes for financial neutrality, health reporting compliance, and operational readiness.
Bring efficiency to your healthcare operational processes with the help of trained, certified and highly skilled medical coding staff.
Have the quick deployment of scalable medical coding services, to ensure they are aligned with your business requirements.
Carry out data-driven improvement initiatives to shorten turnaround time and enhance the accuracy of outcomes.
Reduce claims denials by standardizing denial capture for all payers through flawless medical coding services.
Produce better returns and generate quantitative revenue with the help of sound and best-quality medical coding solutions.

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