Specialty Billing Software Solutions

Healthcare Specialty Billing Software Solutions

Business Challenges

OSP Labs’ Healthcare Specialty Billing Solutions caters to the billing needs of healthcare providers who are expanding their footprint by employing or affiliating with multi-specialty physician groups. Our multi-specialty billing services are instrumental in offering the comprehensive RCM solutions featuring interfaces to ADT, EMR and electronic charge capture systems to minimize errors and delays in the billing process. With our expertise and domain knowledge, we create specialty billing software solutions that automate and bring efficiency to the rigorous workflow in each healthcare specialty offering. Our multi-specialty billing software solutions manage charge entry, claims to scrub, medical claims filing, payment posting, patient billing, denial management, A/R follow-up and comprehensive reporting.

Solution Design & Development

Our hospital management system multi-specialty software solutions are highly flexible and efficiently deal with any combination of tax IDs, medical specialties, reporting groups, locations, and users.

  • OSP Labs' healthcare specialty billing software solutions help to optimized multi-specialty workflows through automation. Our multi-specialty billing solutions enlist multiple flexible processes that adapt to your workflow with proper attention and payments are quickly applied electronically for carriers with automatic reconciliation.
  • Our multi- specialty billing services help the billing organizations to gain access to advanced operational, financial, and clinical analytics with user-friendly features. Collecting data from multiple databases devoted to each specialty and EHR systems is made possible with advanced features like KPI monitoring system and automated report distribution.
  • Our hospital management multi-specialty billing solutions enable the programming of custom bill management modules. For every unique speciality, we offer unique billing module featuring custom templates, optical character recognition, import/export functions, auto-population, multi-tier approvals, and claim status notifications.
Values Delivered
Healthcare specialty billing software solutions
Payment Processing
Accept partial, future, recurring, automatic, one-time, and overpayments via multiple self-pay channels with remotely created RCC images.