Healthcare Integration

Medical Device Integration with Healthcare Facilities

How to Implement Medical Device Integration within Healthcare Facilities?

Medical device integration allows the data generated from the devices to flow seamlessly across the information system of a hospital or clinic. It helps medical organizations use and manage the...

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Integration Strategies

Medical Device Integration with Healthcare Facilities
How to Implement Medical Device Integration within Healthcare Facilities?

Medical device integration allows the data generated from the devices to flow seamlessly across the information system of a hospital or clinic. It helps medical organizations use and manage the data better and streamlines all the clinical and administrative activities....

An Integrated Healthcare System is Beneficial For All Stakeholders
An Integrated Healthcare System is Beneficial For All Stakeholders

The healthcare industry has been undergoing digitization at a rapid pace over the last decade. Investors have poured billions of dollars into companies developing novel technologies to help providers with clinical and administrative activities. Thanks to this, there are reliable...

Ultimate 2023 Guide to Healthcare EDI by Interoperability Experts

EDI is an acronym for electronic data interchange. It is a data communication technology that acts as a secure means of transmitting information between the major stakeholders in healthcare – providers, payers, and patients using established message formats and standards. 

Implementing secure EDI transactions
How to Secure EDI Transactions in Healthcare Effectively?

The health industry consists of many different components and processes. We often do not talk about data, but it is undoubtedly an integral part of practice management. Processing the high volume of health informatics needs a standardized system.   

Integrated Health Systems
How Integrated Health Systems can Enhance Value-driven Care Offerings

The Healthcare industry is tackling multiple challenges today. However, the hope for a better health future is possible with technology and strategic decision-making. Recent developments in the healthcare industry include integrated health systems as one of them. Integrated health systems...

HL7 Interface To Improve Interoperability
How to Build An Advanced HL7 Interface To Improve Interoperability in 2023?

When it comes to healthcare technology, varying software applications, and health systems need to exchange data constantly. In other words, they need to be interoperable. However, this is easier said than done; since there are compatibility constraints.  

CRM for Hospitals
CRM for Hospitals: Uniting Care Management + CRM To Transform Patient Experience

Hospital CRM software is increasingly recognized as an efficient tool for attracting, acquiring, and retaining customers. Hospital CRM solutions tap into data sets to create insights into better care management and drive higher patient experiences. Patient experience can further be...

Healthcare EDI
The Ultimate 2021 Guide to Healthcare EDI

In the current scenario, healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, aged caregiving centers, etc., have been bombarded with unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic has only highlighted these roadblocks further. Medical institutions are constantly trying to find a balance between:

HL7 Integration
Everything you need to Know about HL7

If you are unfamiliar with HL7, then you are in the right place. Let’s learn all that there is to know about this virtual interface used in the healthcare industry. HL7 helps meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, such...

How to Build Integrated Health Solutions to Boost Efficiency
How to Build Integrated Health Solutions to Boost Efficiency?

Electronic Health Records or EHR means a digital version of maintaining patients’. The EHR system provides a broad view of all the information about the patient’s care.  EHR systems are largely being used for developing integrated health systems. Integrated healthcare...

Integrated healthcare strategies
Integrated Healthcare Strategies that will be on the Top in 2023

Electronic health records (EHRs) present patients’ structured data repository digitally. You must be wondering what is an integrated health system? A simple definition of integrated healthcare would be the management of comprehensive care services to address various health concerns of...

What are the top five healthcare integration challenges and how to overcome them
What are the Top 5 Healthcare Integration Challenges and How to Overcome Them?

Clinical Data integration collects information from different healthcare sources into a single format. It uses components such as healthcare data sources and a master server and avoids unstructured data. The healthcare sector struggles with health integration platforms and maintaining structured...


Healthcare Data Interoperability
Top 5 Latest Developments in Healthcare Data Interoperability You Must Aware Of

Interoperability in healthcare implies timely and secure access, integration, and utilization of electronic health records for population health management. Healthcare interoperability makes sharing data and delivering integrated care or collaborative care easier. Interoperability healthcare enables understanding an individual population's health needs that can also generate...

Healthcare Interoperability
5 Common Myths About Healthcare Interoperability Debunked by Health Tech Experts

Healthcare interoperability is the ability of medical systems to store, exchange and use electronic health records to deliver care to patients. When healthcare IT was in its nascent stages, numerous custom healthcare solutions providers developed competing EMR systems. They did so using different...

EDI System Myths
5 Biggest EDI System Myths Debunked That Caused Hurdles in Healthcare Development

Consider this: a team of three doctors is working on a patient's case, and they would like to administer integrated care to manage a chronic illness. These doctors would need to exchange data among them and also with the patient...



Health Payment System Integration

Healthcare payment systems enable medical organizations to streamline all the activities associated with collecting and processing payments. However, standalone solutions would need an extra layer of administrative procedure since medical...

Hl7 Integration Solutions

HL7 Integration refers to exchanging electronic health information between systems and applications so that it can be easily understood by either the healthcare provider or the software system receiving the...

EDI Billing


Healthcare Solutions Enhancement


Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Integrated health solutions are technology platforms that facilitate integrated healthcare. This approach to medical care is characterized by healthcare providers of multiple specializations collaborating on the care of patients and...

Healthcare Software Product development

Health Software product development is the process of designing and developing a software application for the healthcare industry. Starting from conception, the entire process of building a software product could...

Electronic Data Exchange Solution

Electronic data interchange in healthcare is a secure electronic medium of communicating data between healthcare organizations, payers, and patients using specific messaging standards and formats. Healthcare EDI software accelerates all...

Interoperability Software Solutions

Interoperability in healthcare is the ability of different medical software systems to exchange and use data easily without effort from the end users. Interoperability solutions form the backbone of healthcare...





Case Studies


Healthcare Interoperability

We developed a solution for interoperability among different components of a hospital system.

  • Improved productivity and efficiency of clinical and administrative activities .
  • Faster billing processes and better revenue cycle management.
  • Hassle-free data exchange amongst clinical and nursing staff.


Healthcare Interoperability with HL7 & FHIR

We developed an interoperability platform to enable seamless exchange of patients’ data among healthcare organizations.

  • Minimized the need for redundant tests or scans.
  • Streamlined the management of patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Seamless exchange of patient data across varying systems and users.



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