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Telehealth billing software aids hospitals and healthcare providers enhance their revenue cycle workflow. OSP builds custom telehealth billing software to streamline the complex billing, coding, and claim management processes. Our customized telehealth billing services are designed to revolutionize the financial aspects of virtual healthcare delivery. OSP’s custom-made telemedicine billing software assists in insurance claims management, denial appeal management, revenue cycle management, and more. Our custom telehealth solutions can be adapted to evolving patients’ needs. Seamless integration with telehealth services ensures a robust and efficient billing process. We aim to provide user-friendly telehealth software services to facilitate smooth navigation through various reimbursement models. Our telemedicine billing software can be tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers.

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Integrating billing software with EHR/EMR systems allows secure health record exchange via encrypted file transfers and secure messaging protocols. OSP develops tailored custom telehealth billing solutions offering seamless integration facilities with various existing systems. We can provide integrations with telemedicine solutions like video conferencing, remote patient monitoring, storage and forwarding telehealth technology, etc. Our custom telehealth billing solutions integrate with insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and medical laboratories. It reduces paperwork, saves time, and simplifies the care process. OSP’s custom telehealth billing software development helps enhance the communication process between patients and providers. Every telehealth encounter can be recorded and synchronized with the patient’s EHR.

Claims processing is a pivotal function that streamlines the reimbursement cycle for virtual healthcare services. We can design a custom telehealth billing system to optimize claim accuracy, automate coding, and flag potential errors before submission. It ensures coding compliance and adherence to billing rules. Our tailored software facilitates the seamless creation, submission, and tracking of claims to streamline billing for telehealth services. It helps in medical records management and medical claims management. Custom telehealth billing services automate the workflow and provide efficient medical billing solutions. OSP can tailor the telehealth billing software services with customized features for advanced reporting and analytics. It uncovers medical trends to maximize reimbursement and enhance efficiencies.

OSP can develop customized telemedicine software solutions to boost the medical billing process. Our efficient developers help healthcare organizations overcome the issue of error generation during manual data entry. Our custom software provides proper data validation and coding assistance and facilitates claim submission. We design telehealth billing software solutions to use Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Diseases (ICD), and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes to facilitate accurate billing and reimbursement. Healthcare providers can use software to assign the correct codes to reflect the nature of the telehealth service provided. Our tailored software maintains compliance with industry standards and payer requirements.

Medical Billing Solutions is a comprehensive module designed to manage the financial aspects of virtual healthcare services. OSP can develop a telehealth billing management system to help organizations’ revenue cycle management. It decreases the cost of juggling insurance claims and payments. Our tailored healthcare payment systems digitize the entire lifecycle of payments involved in the healthcare sector. Our custom billing solutions assign accurate medical codes and ensure precise charging for services offered, resulting in proper billing, clean claims, and timely reimbursement. Our tailored telehealth software development service enables detailed data entry and the constant discovery and elimination of medical billing errors. Using our customized software, you can avail of various billing solutions like charge entry, payment posting, credit balance resolution, and more.

We can design custom software to help healthcare organizations streamline billing for telehealth services. Our custom software handles payment processing and remittance effortlessly. It ensures accurate transaction monitoring and secure billing transactions between patients and care providers. Custom telehealth billing software solutions can have various features like accurate billing and invoicing, a portal for online payments, different payment methods, automated payment reminders, payment confirmation through statements, receipts, etc. It helps track and analyze revenue cycles, make timely payments, and minimize finance-related amounts. Our software can be customized to offer an enhanced patient payment experience as it maintains compliance with industry regulations.

We can custom-build telehealth solutions software that ensures patients’ data security. Our telehealth billing software solutions adhere to regulatory compliance like HIPAA, as it sets defined standards for protecting patients’ health information, including electronic health records and telehealth communications. It blocks or sends alerts for unauthorized data access. OSP can build telehealth medical billing software that incorporates robust security measures. It offers data encryption and secure user authentication. Our developers can engineer software with secured and centralized document archives where only authorized personnel with appropriate access rights can view, edit, and move data and documents. We can include the medical credentialing option to automate providers’ verification to meet specific standards and qualifications in our customized telehealth billing software services.


We can develop customized software to boost the reimbursement process for healthcare providers. Our tailored billing software for virtual care services helps spot billing errors and fix them before the claim submission. OSP's telehealth software development services streamline the entire billing process. It quickly and accurately enters the billing codes, submits claims in a user-friendly way, and saves verification costs.

Our tailored billing software for telehealth offers real-time communication facilities with healthcare providers, fostering timely consultations and regular check-ins. We can design custom software to provide convenient and immediate access to healthcare services. OSP's custom-built telehealth billing management system helps empower patients with the right information, encourages proactive healthcare management, and strengthens patient and provider relationships.

We can develop customized telehealth billing systems that foster user-friendly interfaces that enhance the patient and provider experience. Our tailored software has a clear and handy UI/UX design suitable for any up-to-date web or mobile app. Its visually appealing digital interface allows end-users to interact with software efficiently. Our software for telehealth billing services can be aligned with healthcare organizations' goals to enhance patient satisfaction.

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Telehealth Billing Software Services


Video Conferencing

  • Real-time, high-quality video conferencing facilities
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for virtual doctor's consultations
  • Advanced features like recording, screen sharing, interactive voice response (IVR), etc.
  • Seamless integration with the billing process to minimize errors and optimize reimbursement
  • Increased appointment attendance to support ongoing monitoring and follow-up care

Store and Forward

  • Enhanced and efficient information exchange to facilitate asynchronous communication
  • Encourages time-shifted consultation, allowing providers to promote flexibility in care delivery
  • Reduced wait times for patients by eliminating the need for simultaneous participation
  • Easy access to specialist's opinions to encourage remote assessments
  • Facilitates comprehensive documentation to capture relevant information

Eligibility Verification

  • Real-time insurance coverage verification via an automated system to avoid unpaid claims
  • Enhances RCM by improving billing processes
  • Minimizes claim denials by recognizing ineligible or expired insurance coverage
  • Saves time and resources by automating the verification process
  • Ensures compliance with payer requirements to reduce the risk of associated penalties

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Frequently Asked Questions

OSP can develop custom telehealth software to ensure timely and accurate billing. Our customized software automates documentation and coding and streamlines the claim submission process. It integrates with the existing EHR system, captures relevant patient information, and applies coding standards. The software can verify insurance eligibility, calculate service charges, generate compliant claims, ensure adherence to billing regulations, facilitate secure payment processing, and accelerate reimbursement.

OSP’s customized software usually employs automated coding systems and utilizes standard medical code sets like ICD-10 and CPT to ensure accuracy in claims submission. It seamlessly integrates with the EHRs to capture and organize patient data for billing purposes. Our tailored software can assist in data validation and streamline accurate claims submission. Checks eligibility for patient insurance coverage and prevents claim rejections. It adheres to HIPAA compliance, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient information during the claims submission process.

OSP can develop custom software adhering to industry standards and payer-specific requirements. The software often utilizes electronic data interchange (EDI) for seamless communication with payers, expediting claim submission and processing. It can easily access thorough claim adjudication status information and follow-up processes. Software can be designed to interpret and apply coding rules, such as CPT and ICD-10, ensuring compliance with each payer’s guidelines. It integrates with payer portals to track claims status and manage required documentation. Regular software updates are provided to align the software with evolving payer policies, facilitating successful claims adjudication.

OSP can design telehealth billing software to verify patient eligibility by interfacing with insurance databases in real time. Usually, most billing solutions are incorporated with EHR and practice management software. It confirms coverage details (ensuring the patient’s plan includes telehealth services), widens the data-sharing process, and provides high-quality patient care coordination. This information, including the patient’s record, is further integrated with the billing process. The software takes reference from this data during the billing process and calculates patient responsibility. The software incorporates eligibility checks into the workflow, reduces billing errors and claim rejection, and facilitates a smooth and accurate billing process for telehealth services.

We can build custom telehealth billing solutions with the required features to ensure accurate and timely billing for telehealth services. It automates the documentation, coding, and claim submission processes. It seamlessly integrates with EHRs to capture relevant patient information and applies coding standards. The software verifies insurance eligibility and calculates charges for the provided services from the details updated in the EHR. Reduced manual data entry, automating repetitive processes, adherence to regulatory compliance, speeding reimbursement cycles, etc., are some of the advantages of integration.

We can develop customized software to adopt diverse reimbursement models by integrating accurate coding for fee-for-service, enabling real-time eligibility verification, and facilitating episode-of-care management for bundled payments. For capitation, our software can accurately attribute patients to the right provider or group for calculating capitated payments and tracking service utilization for each patient. It integrates with payer systems, adheres to payer-specific rules, and complies with evolving regulations. Our custom software uses a flexible scaling approach to navigate different reimbursement models seamlessly.

OSP’s custom-developed software can integrate with the existing electronic health records to enhance data consistency and completeness. This integration streamlines the billing process, reduces duplication of efforts, and improves accuracy. It accesses patient data, diagnoses, and treatment information. It does validation checks for coding compliance to ensure data accuracy and quality. Further, regular updates and adherence to industry standards will guarantee accuracy.

Our tailored telehealth billing software integrates with existing EHR, billing systems, and patient insurance information. It simplifies billing and reimbursement processes for both patients and healthcare providers. Programming interfaces will help integrate pre-built services into the telemedicine platform. It facilitates secure and efficient data exchange, allowing the telehealth platform to communicate seamlessly with billing systems. Regular system updates and compliance with interoperability standards will ensure ongoing compatibility and streamline data transfer processes.

A modifier is a two-digit code that can be letters, numbers, or any one of each. These codes are appended to a healthcare procedure code or the 5-digit CPT code to provide additional information about the service received by the patients. Our customized software plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate reimbursement by using modifiers to convey specific circumstances or variations in the provided telehealth services. For example, our tailored software for billing solutions uses modifiers to indicate that only a bilateral procedure or service was performed via telecommunication technology, distinguish between different healthcare professionals involved, etc. It efficiently applies modifiers in telehealth billing to highlight the complexity and specificity of the services offered, preventing billing errors and facilitating transparent communication with payers.

Several key considerations are crucial for compliance and accurate reimbursement when utilizing the incident-to billing method in telehealth services. One should follow the proper rules and understand the requirements before providing “incident-to” services. One key consideration is direct supervision, where the supervising physician must be physically present when the incident-to-service is provided. Then comes the qualification of non-physician providers who are nurses or doctor’s assistants. They must be authorized and qualified to offer such specific services. OSP’s custom medical credentialing software can greatly help in this situation. Then comes documentation, where detailed information is provided about the necessity of the service, the patient’s condition, and authenticating the supervising physician’s involvement. The last can be split or shared visits where the non-physician provider and the supervising physician may check the patient during the same visit.

OSP can design customized software that helps differentiate between initial consultations and follow-up visits by assigning distinct billing codes and modifiers based on the nature of the encounter. During the initial telehealth consultations, it bills with specific evaluation and management (E/M) codes denoting a new patient visit. On the other hand, for follow-up visits, E/M codes for established patients reflect ongoing care or monitoring. Additionally, modifiers may be applied to signify whether the service is an initial encounter, subsequent visit, or part of post-operative care.

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