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Veterinary EHR Systems store comprehensive information about pets’ medical histories, treatments, and visits. OSP’s custom veterinary EHR software development services can empower veterinarians to manage patient data efficiently, including vaccinations, medications, lab results, and diagnoses. Our custom veterinary EHR software services streamline communication among veterinary staff, enhancing coordination and continuity of care. We can engineer the EHR system that supports quick access to vital information during consultations and emergencies, improving decision-making and treatment outcomes. Additionally, OSP’s custom solutions facilitate billing, appointment scheduling, and compliance with regulatory requirements. OSP’s custom veterinary EHR software modernizes and optimizes veterinary practices, ensuring better patient care and operational efficiency.

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Veterinary EHR systems with inventory management streamline the tracking and management of medical supplies, medications, and equipment within a veterinary practice. OSP’s custom veterinary EHR software helps veterinarians maintain accurate stock level records, monitor usage patterns, and set up automatic reorder points to prevent stockouts. We can build inventory management within your EHR system to enhance functionality. 

Our experts can empower practices to efficiently track expiration dates, reducing waste and ensuring that medications and supplies are always up-to-date and available when needed. OSP can also engineer veterinary EHR software that supports cost control by providing insights into expenses related to inventory and helps practices optimize their purchasing decisions for better financial management.

Veterinary EHR systems facilitate creating, organizing, and monitoring treatment plans for individual animal patients. OSP’s custom veterinary EHR software development services enable veterinarians to develop comprehensive plans for a patient’s specific needs, including medications, procedures, therapies, and follow-up appointments. 

Our treatment planning functionality allows veterinarians to document treatment goals, timelines, and expected outcomes easily, ensuring clear communication among the veterinary team and pet owners. OSP’s tailored veterinary EHR solutions support collaboration among staff members by allowing them to access and update treatment plans in real time, promoting coordinated care and continuity across appointments and visits.

Prescription processing enhances the prescribing and management of medications for animal patients. OSP can develop veterinary EHR software that creates and sends electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies, improving accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. Our tailored solutions allow veterinarians to access comprehensive medication histories quickly, check for potential drug interactions or allergies, and ensure compliance with dosage and administration guidelines. 

OSP’s custom veterinary EHR software also supports automatic refills and reminders for pet owners, enhancing medication adherence and patient care. By integrating with pharmacy databases, our tailored services help reduce errors, delays, and administrative burdens associated with traditional paper-based prescribing methods, ultimately improving overall practice efficiency and patient safety.

Billing and invoice features can simplify generating and managing billing tasks within a veterinary practice. OSP’s tailored electronic medical records for veterinarians and staff allow them to record accurately and track services rendered, medications prescribed, and procedures performed for each animal patient. We understand the distinct requirements of practices. Therefore, our custom EHR systems efficiently generate itemized invoices detailing the costs associated with veterinary services and products provided. 

Additionally, billing and invoice functionality helps practices simplify insurance claims processing, ensuring timely reimbursement and financial stability. Overall, OSP’s tailored veterinary EHR practice management software helps veterinary practices maintain accurate financial records, optimize revenue collection, and provide transparent billing information to clients.

Veterinary EHR systems facilitate efficient scheduling and organization of appointments, procedures, and other events within a veterinary practice. OSP’s veterinary EHR implementation services provide veterinarians and staff with a centralized platform to view, create, and manage appointment schedules, veterinary consultations, surgeries, and other activities. Practices can easily schedule appointments based on availability, assign staff resources, and send appointment reminders to pet owners, reducing no-shows and improving practice efficiency. 

OSP can integrate your veterinary EHRs with other hospital management tools, allowing seamless coordination of schedules with billing, medical records, and inventory management systems. Our tailored solutions help veterinary practices optimize workflow, enhance client communication, and provide timely care for animal patients.

Veterinary EHR systems can handle financial transactions within a veterinary practice. OSP’s custom veterinary EMR software enables veterinarians and staff to securely process payments for services rendered, medications prescribed, and products sold to animal patients and their owners. Veterinary practices can accept various healthcare payment systems, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic funds transfers, and cash with personalized EHR software. 

Our experts can integrate with billing and invoicing systems, automatically updating financial records and reconciling payments with services provided. Additionally, our solutions ensure compliance with industry regulations and data security standards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial information.


Electronic medical records with veterinary practices enhance accurate documentation by digitally recording detailed medical histories, treatments, and procedures for animal patients. Meticulous documentation enhances communication among veterinary staff and owners, ensuring precise decision-making, treatment planning, and optimal care delivery.

Leverage enhanced revenue cycle management by streamlining billing, invoicing, and payment processing. OSP's custom EHR systems optimize revenue collection by efficiently tracking services rendered and products sold, facilitating seamless healthcare integration with insurance claims processing. This ensures financial stability and transparency, ultimately maximizing practice profitability.

HIPAA-compliant veterinary EHR solutions offer compliance with regulations by incorporating features that adhere to industry standards and legal requirements. They ensure proper documentation, privacy protection, and data security measures, facilitating adherence to regulatory guidelines. This minimizes risks, fosters trust, and upholds the integrity of veterinary practices by legal frameworks.

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Veterinary EHR Software Services


Client Management

  • Capture essential information
  • Arrange visits conveniently.
  • Track client interactions accurately.
  • Streamline payment processes seamlessly.

Imaging and X-rays

  • Facilitate capturing diagnostic images
  • Leverage assessing internal conditions
  • Detect abnormalities with accuracy
  • Streamlined treatment planning


  • Schedule follow-up tasks
  • Send appointment notifications
  • Ensure timely actions
  • Improve patient care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinary EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a digital system for managing animal patient data, treatments, and appointments. Unlike traditional paper-based records, EHRs offer efficient data storage, quick retrieval, and easy sharing among veterinary staff. They streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and improve practice efficiency and patient care.

Veterinary software streamlines workflow by digitizing administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and billing, improving efficiency. It centralizes patient records for quick access, aiding diagnosis and treatment. Enhanced communication tools facilitate timely client updates and appointment reminders, fostering transparency and trust while improving patient care and client satisfaction.

Yes, implementing veterinary EMR systems typically requires training for veterinary staff to ensure proficiency in using the system effectively. Training may include learning how to navigate the software, input patient data accurately, utilize features for scheduling and billing, and understand security protocols to safeguard patient information.

Yes, veterinary electronic medical records (EMR) can be customized to accommodate the unique requirements of various veterinary practices. Customization options may include tailored templates for different specialties, integration with specific diagnostic equipment, and configurable workflows to align with the practice’s processes and preferences.

Yes, veterinary EMR software can integrate with other veterinary practice management tools to streamline operations. Integration allows seamless data sharing between systems, such as appointment scheduling, billing, and inventory management, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy while minimizing duplicate data entry and errors.

A comprehensive veterinary EHR system typically offers features such as electronic medical records management, appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, inventory management, treatment planning, prescription processing, communication tools, imaging and X-rays, reminders, and client management functionalities tailored to veterinary practices’ specific needs.

When choosing veterinary EMR software, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities with existing systems, compliance with industry regulations, scalability for future growth, technical support and training offerings, and overall cost-effectiveness to ensure it aligns with the practice’s needs and goals.

Cloud-based veterinary EHR software services offer advantages over traditional on-premises systems, including remote accessibility from any device with internet connectivity, automatic updates without manual intervention, scalability to accommodate practice growth, reduced upfront hardware and maintenance costs, and enhanced data security through encrypted storage and regular backups.

To get started using vet EMR software for your pet’s care and accessing their medical records online, inquire with your veterinary clinic if they offer such a service. They can provide instructions on registering, accessing, and navigating the online portal to view your pet’s medical records and schedule appointments conveniently.

Yes, vet EHR software can manage multiple pets with different medical histories. It allows the creation of individual patient profiles for each pet, documenting their medical records, treatments, and appointments separately. This ensures comprehensive and personalized care for each pet within the practice.

Yes, OSP can provide veterinary EHR healthcare software development services to customize EHR solutions for veterinary practices. They can tailor features, interfaces, and workflows to align with veterinary clinics’ specific needs and processes, ensuring optimal usability and efficiency in managing patient data and practice operations.

Veterinary EHR software development services from OSP ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations by integrating features and protocols aligned with AVMA guidelines and data security requirements. This includes implementing encryption measures, access controls, and audit trails to safeguard patient data and adhere to regulatory mandates effectively.

Veterinary EHR software customization from OSP offers features such as electronic medical records, appointment scheduling, billing, inventory management, and communication tools. These functionalities streamline administrative tasks, enhance workflow efficiency, ensure accurate record-keeping, and facilitate better communication, ultimately leading to improved practice management and patient care within veterinary practices.

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