Custom Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Healthcare cloud solutions are healthcare software solutions hosted in the cloud and accessed through the internet. The biggest advantage of such types of software is that they need not be installed on devices maintained on premises and can be accessed remotely. This removes the need for organizations to establish and maintain a dedicated IT infrastructure for their digital activities. In doing so, healthcare cloud services help reduce operational costs and simplify the adoption of various technologies in healthcare.   

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Cloud-Powered Healthcare Solutions

OSP Labs cloud-driven healthcare engineering focuses on today’s pain points and tomorrow’s solutions for healthcare organizations. Our skilled cloud experts develop advanced custom healthcare software products in the cloud through robust domain capabilities and sustenance engineering support.

  • Our team has unique skills in cloud-driven healthcare engineering and implementing your current systems to cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google’s Compute platform, and Microsoft Azure.
  • We help healthcare organizations to automate cloud security frameworks and advanced solutions for stringent HIPAA-compliance reporting and achieve daily continuous deployments on the cloud.
  • We also offer innovative integration services, leveraging the cloud APIs of these platforms to connect interoperable systems and achieve automation.
  • We collaborate with the customers on either an onsite/offsite or advanced combination models. Our skilled cloud engineers are experts in optimizing your implementation, improving your reliability, scalability, and data security.

mHealth apps are the best alternative to deliver, access, and communicate health information. The advanced cloud framework aids to relieve modern mobile devices from executing huge multimedia and security algorithms. In  result, the devices run smoothly.

  • OSP Labs professional cloud experts are proficient in building Cloud mHealth Apps using the cloud Computing protocol management model.
  • Our cloud-based mhealth apps can extend their abilities beyond the existing mobile device limitations to perform multimedia and security operations in the cloud.
  • We can create cloud-based mhealth apps with extensive functionality for interfaces, appointment scheduling, patient medical records, messaging, medical billing systems, population health management and more.
  • Our experts can build tailored cross-platform mHealth applications in the cloud with iOS and Android compatibility and advanced functionality for the development of new modules and integration to the 3rd party systems.
  • We provide HIPAA-compliant and integrated mHealth apps development that support multiple concurrent interfaces and have a massive library of modules to choose from.

OSP Labs is renowned for offering the cutting-edge HIPAA-compliant cloud support to healthcare organizations adhere to the HIPAA Security rules to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of individuals’ electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

  • We are an IT Company that specializes in data migration, storage, backup and disaster recovery, and security allows covered entities to migrate data to E-PHI’s, meet compliance policies, have a secure network and to manage all processes and systems.
  • We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI they create, receive, maintain or transmit.
  • Our cloud specialists identify and protect against potentially anticipated threats to the security or integrity of the critical healthcare data.
  • With bespoke risk mitigation for cloud solutions, we try to ensure security solutions are being continually improved and updated and are reasonable and actionable.

Cloud computing has a novel solution for maintaining the large numbers of healthcare legacy applications which have become obsolete. Since cloud computing offers agility, scalability, and flexibility, legacy software applications could be deployed, developed, and scaled swiftly and efficiently on the cloud.

  • OSP Labs provides a fully managed service to move your legacy softwares, databases, data to the cloud, utilizing best quality proprietary as well as non-proprietary technologies.
  • A smartly designed legacy data migration strategy simplifies the process of migration of the legacy application data to the cloud, overcome common legacy data vulnerabilities and retain only the essential data.
  • Map out the vital security and compliance scenarios and verify whether the new cloud environment will meet these scenarios.
  • We follow the lift and shift method and incremental data migration. With detailed analysis of the possible data migration scenarios for the applications, we assess its feasibility during the cutover time window.

Fragmented IT systems and silos of healthcare data are the primary challenges hindering healthcare interoperability. Healthcare cloud computing plays a vital role in rapidly integrating healthcare systems from diverse segments in healthcare domain.

  • To simply the fundamental healthcare technology challenges, our cloud specialists provide custom cloud computing development solutions. These solutions include building cloud-based architectures, databases, networks, platforms, servers, and applications.
  • At OSP Labs, we skilfully programme SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DBaaS, and other cloud platform programming according to Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standards.
  • Building on-demand scaling abilities in the healthcare systems and boosting organizational agility is possible with cloud computing.
  • Leveraging our healthcare cloud computing solutions can streamline data integration and visualization, faster deployments of healthcare analytics and eliminate the need for high upfront investments in hardware and software.

Healthcare data analytics solutions are continually driving the transformation of the healthcare domain. Cloud-based healthcare data analytics can streamline the voluminous and complex healthcare data growing exponentially.

  • From textual patient data to, image and video; healthcare data is varied and complicated. Cloud computing enables all healthcare data analytics operations through the provision of massive storage and processing capability which aids telehealth solutions.
  • Cloud-based data analytics platforms for the more effectual collection, storage, clinical decision support, and management of these large volumes of data are needed.
  • Our cloud-driven healthcare data analytics solutions facilitate the sharing of and access to healthcare data from various geographic locations.
  • Cloud-powered healthcare analytics solutions enhance interoperability and integration by eliminating data fragmentation, data duplication, and format incompatibility between systems.

OSP Labs healthcare cloud automation and management solutions make cloud readily available to any healthcare organization, regardless of their unique requirements and process complexity. Simplified management and constant monitoring of cloud application functionalities are paramount to maintain the continuity of health care deliverance.

  • Our cloud automation solutions are focused on self-provisioning to provide to enable everyone in the healthcare organization to benefit from the cloud.
  • Our cloud experts can provide self-healing cloud solutions which have the potential to identify non-compliant resources, quarantine and heal them back into compliance immediately.
  • Identifying multiple application challenges which if removed can bring down the expences along with recommending the alternative architecture for application configuration.
  • OSP Labs cloud maintenance solutions ensure security assurance by efficiently tracking and managing firewall rules, users, sets, keys and other crucial aspects of system infrastructure security.
  • Our highly simplified cloud management includes implementation of best security practices, evaluations, and audits to detect architecture or code level vulnerabilities.
  • We provide cloud application bottlenecks and alternative architecture solution for application failure identification.


A particular healthcare organization might grow in size and face evolving IT requirements. OSP can create healthcare cloud solutions to offer simple, hassle-free scalability at minimal cost when the need arises. Moreover, the increased IT capacity can be down-scaled when the requirement has been fulfilled. This flexibility to meet evolving requirements will make our health cloud solutions immensely advantageous for small, cash-strapped organizations that need to prioritize optimization and efficiency above all others.

Confidential business and health information of a medical organization stored on a cloud has a better level of security than if it were to be stored on-premises. Cloud storage offers restricted data access, so only authorized persons can access the required information. This reduces the chances of data leaks through human errors and cyberattacks. In other words, the healthcare cloud solutions we can build promise better data security.

Since authorized people can access the healthcare cloud with only a device and an internet connection, there is a seamless collaboration and exchange among providers. This is enormously beneficial for multiple doctors of varying specializations to cooperate and channel their efforts to care for patients. As a result, there is a significant improvement in the management of diseases, leading to better clinical outcomes for the patients.

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Healthcare Cloud Solutions Development Services


Development of Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Management

  • Design and development of cloud-based EHR software for hospitals and clinics
  • Development of practice management software with cloud access
  • Inclusion of features like physician scheduling, inventory management, and others within the cloud healthcare solutions
  • Reporting and analytics functions to help facilitate efficient administration
  • Functions for managing appointments, billing, coding, and claims

Healthcare Cloud Services to Assist Organizations with Migrating to the Cloud

  • Assessment of digital assets, including data and workflows
  • Formulation of a roadmap to facilitate cloud migration without disruption in everyday operations
  • Moving operational and clinical data to the cloud and creating backups
  • Development of access controls in the cloud medical software to ensure data privacy and integrity
  • Inclusion of audit trails to prevent unauthorized access

Custom Healthcare Cloud Services For Hospitals

  • Design of cloud-based IT assets based on custom requirements
  • Development of database, networks, servers, and so on.
  • Migration of select assets to the cloud
  • Cloud integration of systems through custom APIs
  • Cloud medical software for administrative operations at healthcare organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive healthcare cloud services offer centralized data storage, facilitating improved data security through encryption and access controls. Interoperability is enhanced by seamless data exchange across platforms, supporting collaborative care. Overall, these solutions optimize operational efficiency by streamlining workflows, reducing manual tasks, and ensuring real-time access to critical health information.

Cloud computing in healthcare offers benefits such as enhanced accessibility to patient data, scalability for storage needs, cost efficiency by eliminating the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure, and improved collaboration among healthcare providers. Healthcare cloud companies support innovations like telemedicine, promote data security, and facilitate efficient data management.

Hospitals use a range of healthcare cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for scalable computing resources, Platform as a Service (PaaS) for application development, and Software as a Service (SaaS) for applications like Electronic Health Records (EHR), collaboration tools, and data analytics platforms. Healthcare cloud providers enhance operational efficiency and data accessibility.

Healthcare Cloud Solutions can store a wide range of data, including Electronic Health Records (EHR), medical images, clinical notes, patient demographics, billing information, and administrative records. Additionally, they support the storage of data generated by wearables and remote monitoring devices, contributing to comprehensive and accessible patient information.

Healthcare cloud solutions differ from on-premises solutions by leveraging remote servers for data storage and management. Cloud solutions offer scalability, accessibility from any location, and reduced infrastructure costs. On-premises solutions involve local servers, requiring substantial upfront investments and maintenance but provide direct control over hardware and data.

Healthcare cloud software solutions commonly offer functionalities like Electronic Health Records (EHR) management, medical image storage, telehealth support, data analytics, and collaboration tools. They facilitate secure data storage, ensure interoperability, and enhance accessibility, contributing to improved patient care, streamlined workflows, and efficient healthcare operations.

Developing custom healthcare cloud software requires considerations for compliance with healthcare regulations, robust data security measures, interoperability with existing systems, scalability for future growth, and a user-friendly interface. Collaboration with healthcare professionals ensures the solution aligns with industry needs, fostering improved patient care and operational efficiency.

The development timeline for custom healthcare cloud software varies based on project complexity, features, and client requirements. It typically involves phases like planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. OSP collaborates closely with clients to define timelines, ensuring efficient development and successful implementation tailored to specific needs.

Custom cloud applications can address diverse healthcare needs by tailoring features to specific cloud medical software specialties, ensuring interoperability with existing systems, and adapting to varied cloud adoption goals. Collaboration with healthcare professionals from different specialties ensures that the technology aligns with unique workflows, enhancing efficiency and supporting specialized care.

OSP has the expertise to develop custom healthcare cloud software solutions tailored to the specific needs and workflows of healthcare organizations. With a focus on security, interoperability, and user experience, OSP delivers innovative solutions that optimize patient care, streamline operations, and align with diverse healthcare goals.

Cloud-based data storage enhances disaster recovery for healthcare organizations by providing offsite backups, ensuring data resilience. With redundant storage, data is safeguarded against physical disasters. Cloud solutions facilitate rapid data recovery, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Yes, cloud solutions support the integration of telemedicine capabilities, patient portals, and analytics for comprehensive healthcare services. The flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure enable seamless incorporation of additional features, fostering innovation, improving patient engagement, and enhancing data-driven decision-making in healthcare organizations.

OSP assists healthcare organizations by developing and implementing secure healthcare cloud software solutions. With expertise in compliance, security, and interoperability, OSP tailors cloud healthcare solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring efficient data management. Their collaborative approach fosters successful adoption, optimizing workflows, and enhancing overall healthcare operations.

OSP ensures cloud healthcare solutions comply with data security and privacy regulations like HIPAA by implementing robust encryption, access controls, and audit trails. Regular security audits and updates are performed to address evolving threats. This commitment to compliance safeguards patient data, upholds privacy standards, and ensures regulatory adherence.

OSP’s cloud based healthcare solutions integrate seamlessly with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare systems. Leveraging interoperability standards like HL7 and FHIR, OSP ensures secure data exchange. This integration creates a unified healthcare data ecosystem, promoting streamlined workflows, data accuracy, and enhanced collaboration among various healthcare systems.

Yes, OSP provides comprehensive training for healthcare staff to ensure effective use of cloud solutions for healthcare. Their training programs are tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations, facilitating a smooth transition to cloud-based data management practices. This ensures that staff can efficiently leverage the benefits of the implemented solutions.

OSP ensures the scalability of cloud solutions for healthcare by designing architecture that accommodates growing healthcare data volumes. Leveraging scalable cloud infrastructure, OSP can adjust resources based on demand. Regular assessments and updates ensure that the solutions align with evolving technology requirements, providing healthcare organizations with scalable and future-ready solutions.

Yes, OSP can provide examples of successful implementation of its healthcare cloud software. OSP has custom developed various cloud based software solutions such as practice management, telehealth, RCM, and remote patient monitoring solutions. Our custom healthcare cloud solutions, like EHR/EMR integration software solutions, helped providers improve access to medical data. On the other hand, OSP’s customized cloud solutions comply with HIPAA protocols and other standard regulations to ensure data security. Also, our custom cloud solutions assure providers of operational efficiencies such as PM+RCM solutions helped our client achieve high productivity, minimize clinical burnout, and increase ROI. 

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