Today, we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is extremely elusive and deceptive. We have seen the healthcare systems truly pressured by the scale and magnitude of this pandemic.

The very nature of the virus has led health care providers to relook and rethink how healthcare is delivered. Living with this pandemic has become the new normal. There is a race against time to develop a vaccine, and embracing technology would be the only option to tackle these challenges.

A typical healthcare business model revolves around having a health insurance plan and multiple workflow processes. Cloud-based healthcare solutions can help streamline this process. Let’s quickly delve into ten such incredible cloud-based trends that enhance patient engagements. 

1. Cloud-hosted Health Insurance Solutions

Cloud Based Healthcare Solution

Going paperless will be the new norm to build sustainable health ecosystems. Healthcare web app developers and mobile app vendors are now partnering with major insurance companies to develop advanced payer software solutions. 

Cloud Based Healthcare Solution

These solutions enable users to choose plans tailored to their health needs. All this from the convenience of their device. This would enable a data-driven approach in health insurance analytics and streamline the health insurance claims processing mechanism.

These applications usually hosted on the cloud run with the aid of chatbots helping individuals choose a policy based on their needs. This results in minimalistic human intervention in solving day-to-day challenges.


2. Telehealth Solutions and Remote Care Assistance

Telehealth solutions are gaining significance due to the lack of the doctor-patient ratio. People in remote suburbs and people with old age find this as an amiable option.

Telehealth solutions for providers

There is a gamut of web-based portals, and individuals looking for health care assistance can quickly get connected with a healthcare service provider; book an appointment, and get needed care for an ailment. 

Telehealth Solutions

Cloud-hosted Telehealth software solutions bring in a new level of convenience, enabling remote doctor consultations in real-time.

3. Remote Patient Monitoring – RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring System

Remote Patient Monitoring is another essential cloud-based solution that helps monitor individuals in real-time with the help of smart wearables and biosensors. These solutions help in remote monitoring of vital stats and proactively alert a care provider in a scenario where anomalies are observed.

Emergency paramedics would be arriving at your doorstep in the event of heart attacks or other health-related emergencies. This would be enabled with automated triggers going out to the Healthcare Provider.

4. Paperless Health Care Engagement

Healthcare Management System

Patient engagement is the most vital aspect of a health care loop that results in positive patient outcomes. Around 50% of patients do not experience quality outcomes as they do not follow physician instructions correctly. Cloud-based patient engagement solutions provide interactive education, presented in a patient-friendly format.

This includes peer-reviewed content on topics that include health tips, medication, symptoms, lab tests, diseases. Patients get access to health topics delivered in plain language, interspersed with interactive videos and text, to support varied learning styles. This encourages active patient participation.

5. Clinical Workflow Automation with Cloud Integration

Cloud based Healthcare Software Solution

 In most cases, the physician does not get paid immediately for the services rendered. In a typical use case scenario, a care provider would have to submit claims to the insurance company and get paid for the services. Though most physicians entrust this activity to clearinghouses, it usually becomes a cumbersome and long-drawn process. 

There is a host of standalone Software Platforms that leverage the power of APIs and SaaS-based solutions to interact with cloud-hosted hospital information systems. These would enable auto-population of fields along with providing an intuitive interface to accomplish medical coding requirements.

6. Automated Claim Scrubbing and End-To-End Claim Handling

healthcare claims processing solution

An automated claim scrubbing or healthcare claims processing workflow would require mapping the rules engine with the latest updates in the claims policies. This enables error-free claim scrubbing and reduces claim denials.

medical claims analytics

Claim forms with erroneous data rendered on cloud-based medical claim management solution would be flagged immediately. You can address these flagged issues on the fly, which would have otherwise resulted in claim rejection, way more advanced than filling the fields manually on paper, which is highly error-prone.

7. Robust IoT based Centralized Hospital & Facilities Management Systems

Hospital management System

This would envisage a centralized software like an IoT based hospital management system hosted on the cloud platform. This hospital management software solution would help manage an entire Healthcare facility with connected devices, machines, and sensors. 

The hospital management software would help manage the entire facility seamlessly and flag issues when there is a decrease in inventory levels, supplies, beds, or medical staff. This also helps taking care of minute details such as a decrease in the soap in the soap dispenser in the hospital restrooms.

8. Interoperability with the aid of cutting-edge Tools and Technologies

Healthcare Interoperability solutions

A Healthcare ecosystem thrives on how well you use the data coming from different data touchpoints. It is all about making sense of structured and unstructured data and providing measured responses depending on the volume and velocity of the data.

Healthcare interoperability solutions form the backbone of cloud infrastructure architecture. This results in the establishment and development of communication and transaction protocols.

9. Population Health Management

Population health management solutions

Population health management solutions are an aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources. Various cloud platforms help analyze this data into a single, actionable patient record. Leveraging this data, care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

Popular cloud-based health management solutions can bring medical, financial, and operational data together from the entire healthcare enterprise. This results in actionable analytics to improve efficiency and patient care.

Population health management software solutions provide an on-premise or a cloud-based solution that helps give a bird’s eye view in developing healthcare strategies.

10. BI solutions for Data Visualization, Mapping, Analysis, and Reporting

Cloud based Healthcare software Solutions

Cloud-based business intelligence solutions are a go-to option for generating medical reports and maintaining them. They can be analyzed and archived for future reference and pave the way for robust revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and performing process audits. Cloud-based solutions offer stunning data visualizations, analysis, and reporting tools.


We can conclude that cloud solutions are a shot in the arm for entire healthcare fraternity, care providers, and patients. Healthcare cloud solutions are here to stay, making healthcare more engaging and accessible to all.

We would see the paper-based workflows slowly ebb away, making way for greater efficiency and precision while cutting costs. Moreover, with the gamification of healthcare platforms; and bespoke content delivery, we are going to see a tectonic shift in how healthcare is perceived and leveraged.   

With all these cloud-based solutions, we have just scratched the surface. The future holds a lot of promise. We are now at the pinnacle of life-transforming events, and cloud technologies are going to transform our lives for the better. Get in touch with us to know more!

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