ICD-10 Transition Software Solutions

ICD-10 Transition solutions

Business Challenges

ICD-10 is a crucial government-mandated initiative that can impact business-critical results, such as revenue compliance and business continuity. With the new ICD-10 codes, the healthcare providers need to transform their ICD-9 based systems to the updated ICD-10 systems with comprehensive ICD-10 compliance solutions. OSP Labs’ offers holistic ICD-10 remediation, and testing solutions offer financial neutrality, health reporting compliance, operational readiness, cost-efficiency. Leveraging agile methods and advanced technologies, our ICD-10 transition solutions suite offers IT systems remediation, business process assessment, end-to-end testing and ongoing compliance. Our reliable and standalone ICD-10 remediation solutions for healthcare efficiently reduce revenue leakage, discover fraud, waste, and financial abuse. OSP Lab’s ICD-10 transformation solutions assure healthcare stakeholders of enhanced reporting, better administration, and customer satisfaction.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ premium-grade BI service delivery model in healthcare offers unmatched potential to the healthcare providers in ICD-10 remediation and testing. Our standalone IT services expand beyond ICD-10 codes to deliver efficient and actionable business intelligence to the providers. Its user-friendly features help significantly cut the testing cycle time, the inbound repository of industry-specific tests modules and efficiently helps to validate any insurance application.

  • Our ICD-10 transition solutions address anticipated reimbursement relationship changes with providers and counter the substantial financial and operational implications for every aspect of business operations. OSP Labs' ICD-10 transition services ensure the new ICD-10 codes successfully meet claim-payout and revenue targets, and healthcare service providers will not experience any loss in reimbursement after the transition.
  • ICD-10 compliance solutions offered by the OSP Labs skilfully maintains the critical accuracy measures such as claims payment accuracy and rates of auto-adjudication at optimum levels under either the transition of old codes to the new ones. Our ICD-10 solutions effectively predict operational changes to performance in claims operations, and provider relations, and to develop mitigation strategies to manage transitional impacts.
  • OSP Lab's ICD-10 remediation solutions for healthcare offer proficient and reliable medical cost predictability (MCP). The MCP defines the range of potential changes in reimbursement to healthcare providers and remediates adding variables that can lead to reduced variability.
Values Delivered
icd 10 solutions | icd-10 transition
EMR templates
Incorporate all essential elements for proper ICD-10 clinical documentation in a transparent, organized, and structured manner.
icd-9 solutions | icd 10 software
General Equivalency Mappings
Get the matching, or equivalent, ICD-10-CM codes displayed when one inputs the old ICD-9-CM code.
icd 10 transformation | icd remediation
Comprehensive Buildup
Select from multiple data documentation styles to effectively capture the level of detail required to assign specific ICD-10 codes instantly.
icd 10 software solutions
Code Search Interface
An intuitive, easily navigable interface that helps to search and receive a list of matching ICD-10 codes.
icd-10 remediation | icd 10 migration
Test Automation
Automation of repetitive ICD-10 remediation and testing scenarios and accelerators for speeding up the testing process.

What Makes OSP Lab's ICD-10 Remediation and Testing Solutions Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs offers comprehensive quality assurance services that combine ICD – 10 remediations and testing, and agile testing services. Our ICD-10 remediation and testing solutions for healthcare include testing the interoperability of multiple internal applications and interfaces between system components.

Bring better transparency and upgradation in payment procedures by accurate reporting the complexity of the care provided.
Implement ICD-10 Remediation and Testing bring efficiency and speed in tracking and responding to a huge amount of patient's data.
Bring cost-efficiency in medical care and health insurance premiums by avoiding fraudulent and exaggerated claims and offer more accurate reimbursement for providers too.
Gain the benefits of the performance-based payment system offered by ICD-10 rather than aiming just for the returns.
Government health organizations and officials can use the updated ICD-10 data to compare public health trends with global pandemics to set up better health policies.
Monitor services and resource utilization, analyze healthcare costs, monitor outcomes, and evaluate the performance using ICD-10 remediation and testing.
Enhance the quality of clinical documentation by implementing updated ICD-10 remediation and testing.
Healthcare providers can improve their relationships with other healthcare stakeholders by collaborating to enhance the reimbursement processes.

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