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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

Workflow Efficiencies

Workflow Efficiencies

Insufficient and manual process workflow, hindering a comprehensive and seamless patient experience in care delivery.

Data Security

Data Security

Workflow should be optimized for the secured exchange of information & transactions, allowing the providers to make real-time updates.

Lack of UXUI

Lack of UX/UI

Inconsistent and confusing designs reducing the accessibility and quality of user experience.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Cluttered and confusing data visualization, devoid of graphical representation of healthcare data.

Non-responsive Solutions

Non-responsive Solutions

Inability to reach to every patient to drive satisfaction, due to platform specific care solutions.

Intermittent Communication

Intermittent Communication

Traditional communication channels hindering seamless communication between patients and providers.

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Patient Engagement Solution Process

We deliver effortless patient onboarding that maximizes patient satisfaction and healthcare efficiency.

End-To-End Solutions to Enhance Patient Engagement

Accelerating advanced digital strategy, combined with modern technology, to deliver meaningful patient engagement experiences.

Patient Engagement Systems with Web-based Patient Portals

OSP Labs believes, ‘A better patient experience leads to better patient outcomes.’ Our patient engagement systems experts in the United States build customized online patient portal software solutions for a coordinated and customizable online patient communication framework.

  • Our premium-grade patient portal patient engagement solutions are capable of simultaneously connecting with multiple EHR and PBM systems while meeting meaningful use 1 and 2 criteria.
  • Our custom healthcare patient engagement software solutions help healthcare organizations in wellness management, personal health record, health risk assessment, and telehealth.
  • We offer custom patient engagement software solutions in the United States to allow patients to securely engage with your practice, stay in touch with you, request appointments, access health records, and even pay bills online.

Increasing Patient Engagement with Wearable Devices

OSP Labs’ Healthcare patient engagement software solutions in the USA  include wearable solutions development that is tailored to meet your unique needs while maintaining quality, safety, and accessibility. We leverage modern patient engagement technology to build advanced and tailored IoT devices to provide flexible patient monitoring, enhance drug management, and healthcare management solutions.

  • Our wearable health device development solutions help to automatically collect data from wearable activity trackers, device integration for assessment of vitals & sleep patterns, and medication compliance.
  • Our tailored wearable health devices can be easily integrated with the social network to share information and manage communications efficiently.
  • OSP Labs wearable health devices are customized to offer patients and providers in the United States the right information at the right time, which improves patient adherence to health maintenance and treatment plans driving better outcomes. Our unique approach and patient-centric healthcare patient engagement Systems help you cater to the best healthcare experience.

Improving Patient Engagement Systems through mhealth across the USA

OSP Labs in the USA  offers comprehensive tailored patient engagement software to connect patients with their care teams by engaging patients and leveraging caregiver’s ability to provide value-based care.

  • OSP Labs’ Patient Engagement Software  in the USA includes custom mobile app development solutions that aim to simplify care delivery through patient-centered care. We can incorporate appointments, prescriptions, test results, and more under one roof and make it accessible on the go through a custom mHealth app.
  • Our major goal is to simplify communication and coordination among patients and providers by offering separate patient and provider interfaces, adjusting to what each user needs.
  • Our professionals in the USA  can easily customize the app to add patient education resources and help patients to understand their conditions. Our Mobile Healthcare app development can be customized to add online services like physician search, appointment scheduling & cancellation, and bill pay.

Enhancing Population Health Analytics with Patient Cohort Management

Conversion and delivery of actionable information to the appropriate resources are one of the major challenges faced while managing the population health. Through advanced patient cohort management and patient engagement solutions, OSP Labs strives to stratify patients based on their risk factors, using population health analytics in order to manage patient engagement solutions efforts and promote easy access across the United States.

  • Our patient cohort management helps healthcare organizations in the USA  to divide populations into subgroups based on different characteristics such as risk, condition, cost, and event.
  • The patient engagement systems-centered cohort analysis assists to prioritize the patient’s needs, providing clear direction as to where the patient engagement health care should be focused.
  • Our cloud-based Healthcare patient engagement software solutions include patient cohort management that helps enhance the population health informatics by improving quality outcomes by segmenting patients into multiple groups. Then automatically qualifying these patients to become listed in several evidence-based care plans.
  • Our customized healthcare patient engagement solutions development helps to build the channels between the Enterprise Data Warehouse, Healthcare Management, and Patient Engagement systems.

Integrating Healthcare Patient Engagement using Caregiver's Engagement Panel

The caregiver’s engagement panel is the best way to help patients in the USA  to help themselves for better care and qualitative outcomes. OSP Labs customizes next-generation caregiver engagement panels where the healthcare providers, clinicians, and nurses can monitor their patient’s recovery and offer the required support from time-to-time.

  • OSP Labs’ tailored healthcare data platform focuses solely on Healthcare Patient Engagement Solutions in the USA and empowers the caregivers by allowing them to monitor the patient’s health schedule and medications.
  • Our custom-made caregiver’s engagement panel helps healthcare providers to schedule appointments, ensuring medical adherence, discharging the patient with proper means for transportation, and connecting with their care providers.
  • They are in the care loop through data received via panel notifications, SMS, or calls.

Advanced MU2 Compliance Integration with Patient Engagement Solution

The caregiver’s engagement panel is the best way to help patients to help themselves for better care and qualitative outcomes. Being one of the leading Healthcare patient engagement solutions companies in the USA, OSP Labs customizes next-generation caregiver engagement panels where the healthcare providers, clinicians, and nurses can monitor their patient’s recovery and offer the required support time-to-time.

  • OSP Labs’ tailored healthcare data platform focuses solely on patient engagement Software and empowers the caregivers in the USA  by allowing them to monitor the digital patient engagement which also includes the patient’s schedule and medications.
  • Our custom-made caregiver engagement panel helps patient engagement healthcare providers to schedule appointments, ensuring medical adherence, discharging the patient with proper means for transportation, and connecting with their care providers.
  • They are in the care loop through data received via panel notifications, SMS, or calls.

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Our Success Stories

Technology Disruption
Re-envisioned for healthcare stakeholders

Online Patient Portal

  • Meaningful Use stage 2 compliance to enhance patient engagement solutions with seamless communication and fruitful interactions for better care delivery and outcomes.
  • Direct and secure custom-made messaging tools to simplify patient engagement platform and improve efficiency in clinical care coordination.
  • Automated appointment reminders to reduce no-show rates. Send out reminders using patient preferences text, email, or phone that are customized with pre-appointment instructions.
  • Action list to keep track of all those pending to-dos with access to review appointment confirmations, respond to the texts, and more.


  • EHR-integrated custom telehealth solutions with real-time video streaming and HIPAA compliant data sharing to enhance patient engagement solutions in care delivery.
  • Combined telehealth applications with CDS, automated alerts, and networked health data repositories.
  • Helping patients to monitor and manage their health proactively with integration capabilities with third-party home health services.
  • Bespoke interoperability to interface with multiple medical devices, using diverse communication protocols for data acquisition, interpretation, and validation.

Chronic Care and Wellness Management

  • A highly customized and scalable patient engagement technology platform that meets all CMS requirements and consolidates communication and care coordination.
  • Easily identifies qualified patients through Big Data-enabled advanced healthcare analytics tools.
  • Easy-to-build a patient-centered e-care plan based on physical, mental, cognitive, functional, and environmental evaluations of patients.
  • Preventive care services, medication reconciliation with the review of adherence and potential interactions, and advanced patient engagement strategieS to simplify chronic care management.

Health Education Solutions

  • Providing a better experience for your members with uniform, relevant knowledge, and tools that help them adopt healthy behaviors for improved outcomes.
  • Easy-to-understand comprehensive and reliable healthcare data through text, graphics, 3D animations, and instructional videos.
  • Putting health education resources for care planning shared decision making, and health behavior changes.
  • Easy-to-share peer-reviewed, evidence-based, healthcare information that is consistent with current medical practices and guidelines.

Mobile apps on Nutrition

  • Patient engagement solutions smartly customized mobile nutrition apps to help users achieve their personal goals, such as healthy eating, weight loss, or gaining weight.
  • Advanced patient engagement systems feature to track your nutrition habits, as well as activity tracking mechanism to understand your overall calorie intake and output to provide sound recommendations.
  • Brilliant and interactive visualization to showcase daily state in a detailed and comprehensive manner that will push a user towards their goals.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Total flexibility to make appointments for all types of medical processes, such as emergency departments, operating rooms, labs, outpatients, and so forth.
  • The scalable patient engagement solutions, with an advanced appointment scheduling platform that supports setting up, configuring, and managing staff calendars and resource availability.
  • Smartly customized administrator interface allows configuring the appointment capacity, working hours, appointment durations, overbooking limits, types of appointment, and more.

Hospital-branded mHealth Apps

  • Cross-platform custom mhealth apps development for hospitals with advanced functionality for development of new modules and integration to 3rd party systems.
  • Prebuilt EHR, practice management and 3rd party software systems’ interfaces that easily support multiple concurrent interfaces.
  • A broad spectrum module library to choose multiple features, such as bill pay, Rx refill requests, urgent care wait times, physician search, appointment scheduling, and lab results.

Health Tracking Mobile Apps

  • Integrated health tracking mobile apps to offer significant benefits to the patients suffering from several health issues, and for caregivers to understand the health status of their patients.
  • Health tracking apps connected to wearable devices to track fitness goals, heart rates, and other factors.
  • Added gamification features, with interactive visualizations and social elements to enhance the patient engagement solutions

Point-of-Care Devices

  • Advanced made-to-order point-of-care devices to provide fast and reliable insights to simplify healthcare delivery.
  • Easily customizable workflows and QI rules designed to promote the best medical practices and better patient outcomes.
  • Automated alerts to identify potential risks and action items for appropriate and timely follow-up.
  • EHR-integrated flexible and customized POC devices to easily access all the clinical data on one click.

Embedded System

  • Delivering advanced tailored embedded healthcare systems using IoT hardware, MQTT, protocols and datagram transport layer security.
  • Leveraging cloud-network to store collected health data and making it accessible to the caregivers to enhance the quality of care.
  • Delivering premium-grade custom embedded software patient engagement solutions for remote patient monitoring and controlling.

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