Hospital Asset Tracking Software

Hospital asset tracking software is widely used to monitor medical equipment, tools, and medication. We can build custom medical asset tracking software to facilitate healthcare asset management and inventory tracking. Our hospital equipment tracking & management solution can have advanced features to reduce equipment search time, provide real-time data to locate medical assets, and send alerts for inventory maintenance. OSP can design hospital equipment tracking software that seamlessly integrates into any third-party software, EMR systems, and more. Our tailored hospital asset tracking and inventory management service can empower medical staff to overcome various clinical challenges like locating, managing, and utilizing medical equipment across the healthcare estate. Using our custom hospital management system, you elevate your hospital’s operational efficiencies and deliver top-notch patient services.

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Explore Hospital Asset Tracking Solutions

Custom hospital asset software solutions can help in ordering and replacing medical inventory. We can design a hospital asset management system to help healthcare teams maintain and store hospital equipment securely, even when working remotely or on the front lines. Our software can be customized to help nurses and staff check the exact medication and equipment stock level. We can include a notification system to alert the right person to place an order when inventory is getting low. Our hospital asset tracking solutions can be tailored with 340B inventory management service to help businesses track and control pharmaceutical inventory acquired through the federal 340B drug pricing program.

Custom hospital asset tracking software can impeccably integrate with IoT technology to provide a real-time location system (RTLS) to provide data to the user at their request. We can provide tailored hospital asset tracking solutions to enable staff to seamlessly locate and utilize available medical equipment on the hospital premises. Users can get access to see the complete status of assets, including their location history and usage. Our hospital asset tracking and inventory management software can use motion sensors to detect active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to hospital inventory. It can detect asset movement and send a signal or trigger an alarm. Our customized software can add value to your hospital management system and boost healthcare outcomes.

We can custom-design our hospital asset tracking systems to track the frequency, efficiency, and availability of assets used. Our custom medical asset tracking software can be designed to help hospitals identify underutilized or idle resources. It helps in making informed decisions about redistribution or procurement. We can develop purpose-built hospital equipment tracking software that can generate reports and insights on asset usage patterns to make it available to the areas with higher demand. It can help administrators identify high-demand periods, strategically allocate resources, enhance operational efficiency, and streamline healthcare management. We can customize our hospital asset tracking software services to provide a user-friendly dashboard with a comprehensive view.

OSP’s custom hospital asset software solutions can be designed to oversee the entire lifespan of medical equipment, right from acquisition to disposal. Our purpose-built hospital asset-tracking software solutions can monitor assets through various stages, including procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement. It can track hospital asset details, such as purchase information, maintenance history, and depreciation information. We can customize our hospital asset tracking software services to follow standard processes to identify common tasks, reduce complexity, and enhance efficiency. It can be tailored to recognize and automate repetitive tasks using appropriate tools to save time and reduce errors. Using our custom software, you can streamline the revenue cycle management process.

OSP’s proficient developers can create custom hospital asset tracking software solutions to seamlessly exchange information across various departments and systems within a healthcare organization. We can ensure that relevant data about medical equipment is shared and made accessible across the entire network. It can foster collaboration and efficiency among different teams working together on operational planning. Our hospital asset tracking and inventory management service can be integrated with EHR/EMR systems, financial management systems, and other relevant platforms. It can ensure real-time updates on asset status, location, and maintenance needs. Our hospital asset tracking software systems can benefit entire healthcare management systems by allowing them to access and read data from their facilities to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Our custom hospital asset tracking services can be useful for hospitals’ medical records management. We can tailor our hospital asset tracking systems to ensure secure and centralized storage of information related to healthcare equipment. It can even gather and maintain enormous amounts of data collected from healthcare management systems like patients’ health records, lab tests, medical billing, etc. OSP’s healthcare asset tracking service can be designed to ensure data encryption at rest and during transmission between different devices and systems. Our custom hospital asset tracking software solutions can store details about each asset, including purchase history, maintenance records, location, and depreciation. We can design our software to organize data systematically, allowing easy retrieval and analysis.


Our tailored healthcare asset tracking software can provide transparency and accountability across different locations. OSP's hospital asset tracking software development solutions can be designed to create accurate records of medical assets. It helps in compliance with regulatory standards and maintenance of timelines. We can customize our software with various security features like data encryption, user authentication, and access controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Maintaining hospital assets, machinery, vehicles, etc. can be tedious. Our custom-designed medical asset tracking systems can ensure the right use and maintenance of resources. Using OSP's custom hospital asset tracking software solutions, you can reduce expenses related to repairing, operating, or costs associated with lost items. We can customize our asset tracking software to help accounts teams analyze data and improve budget forecasting.

With our custom medical asset tracking software, you can get enhanced data security and a user-friendly onboarding platform. Our hospital asset tracking solutions can have customized features to ensure role-based access to users within the healthcare organization. OSP's purpose-designed software can enhance security and ensure that individuals have access only to the information necessary for their roles. It can contribute to data confidentiality, regulatory compliance, and streamlined workflows.

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Hospital Asset Tracking Services


Asset Security Monitoring

  • Seamlessly monitor hospital assets in real-time
  • Controlled access to only authorized personnel
  • Security alerts for asset movement
  • Detailed log of asset interactions and changes
  • Identifies and records suspicious asset requests

Reduced Patients Wait-Time

  • Real-time information on asset status and availability
  • Quick tracking of necessary medical equipment for patient care
  • Ensures availability of essential assets to reduce delays
  • Automates routine tasks to reduce manual delays in equipment retrieval
  • Accurate record-keeping of asset locations

Check-in/Check-out Operations

  • Improved inventory management to track and manage hospital assets
  • Enhanced maintenance scheduling to reduce the risk of equipment failures
  • Reduced downtime for accurate tracking and retrieving equipment
  • Better asset lifecycle management, from acquisition to disposal
  • Strict compliance with regulations to avoid potential penalties and legal issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hospital asset tracking software tracks locates and manages the physical assets used in a hospital. It reduces equipment search time, ensures necessary devices are readily available when needed, and reduces delays in patient care. It is different from traditional inventory management systems in terms of advancements. It provides real-time visibility into the location and status of medical assets. It uses technologies like RFID, barcode scanning, etc. to track assets dynamically and offer precise, real-time insights.

Hospital asset tracking software can track medical equipment, machinery, medication, IT hardware, furniture, patient documents, employees, etc. The information is typically stored in a structured manner. It can have a separate asset profile for every asset, track real-time location, a comprehensive maintenance history log, a ticketing system to address reported asset issues, a regulatory compliance document, and more.

The hospital asset management system leverages technologies such as RFID, barcoding, or GPS for precise asset identification and tracking. RFID tags or barcodes are affixed to every asset in the hospital estate. It ensures quick and accurate data capture through handheld scanners or mobile devices. GPS integration helps in providing an accurate location. These technologies streamline data input, reduce human error, and provide real-time asset movement and status visibility.

Hospital asset tracking software can seamlessly integrate with existing hospital information systems, such as EHR/EMR systems or financial management systems such as hospital revenue cycle management. Integration facilitates seamless data flow, real-time updates on asset location, status, whether an asset is in use, and interoperability, and it enhances functionality across different systems. It minimizes errors, boosts operational information, reduces healthcare costs, and results in better healthcare outcomes.

Hospital Asset Tracking systems are designed with specific features to comprehend lifecycle management. It tracks asset depreciation by recording acquisition costs and calculating depreciation over time. It can send notifications for maintenance purposes to reduce the risk of equipment failure. Hence, improves its functionalities, extends asset lifespan, and minimizes downtime. Overall, it helps proactively manage asset utilization, ensures regulatory compliance, and contributes to cost-effectiveness. 

Hospital asset tracking software can offer many customizable features to adapt at different departmental levels. Some of the tailoring options include role-based access to certain tools and equipment, a modular approach to help hospitals customize particular modules as per their need, customized workflow to match the existing process, integration capabilities with existing mHealth applications or hospital management systems, etc., to enable seamless workflow alignment.

Data synchronization between hospital asset tracking software and other hospital systems is managed through robust integration protocols. Hospital inventory tracking software systems can be customized to have an Application Programming Interface (API) feature to allow different applications to communicate with each other. Bidirectional synchronization ensures consistency by updating changes made in either system. Automated workflow features can trigger synchronization events when modifications occur, maintaining platform accuracy.

Organizations typically employ user authentication processes and strict validation protocols to safeguard data integrity and accuracy during asset data entry and updates. Software can be designed to provide desired access control in the organization. It can ensure real-time error checks during data entry; the user’s permission is required to ensure that only authorized personnel can modify information to reduce the risk of inadvertent errors, and many such measures as regular audits, data entry training, etc., can help.

The availability of reporting and analytics tools within specific hospital asset tracking software can vary. Common tools include RFID readers, asset tracking, firewalls, radio-frequency identification, barcode and QR scanners, admin applications, RTLS, etc. One can also have customized hospital asset tracking software development solutions to streamline reporting and analytics processes.

Yes, hospital asset tracking software can be seamlessly integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices to enhance real-time tracking and monitoring of assets. One can connect IoT sensors to equipment and utilize RFID or GPS technology to collect, process & analyze data in real-time. Hospitals can even use mHealth for healthcare delivery. Such integration facilitates efficient inventory management, reduces losses, and improves overall operational productivity.

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