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The Who, What, Why and How of Healthcare Cloud Strategy

One of the main challenges in traditional healthcare is compliance of systems. Providers have always struggled with information security, data recovery, data visibility, and portability issues and in achieving data interoperability.
This eBook delves into how cloud strategies can help in streamlining the delivery of healthcare and its numerous benefits over traditional healthcare.

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10 Steps On Creating An Effective Telehealth Strategy In 2020

Telehealth solutions are proving to be a boon for providers and patients during this global outbreak, but it also seems like telehealth is here to stay. Patients are realizing its many benefits and confirming that it is quite similar to a face-to-face consultation.

This eBook delves into 10 Telehealth Strategies that can help organizations implement telehealth software solutions successfully.

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How Healthcare Businesses Can Prepare For The Digital Health Revolution Post COVID19

The million-dollar question on the minds of every healthcare provider is, “How will healthcare processes change in the future?” This eBook delves into seven digital health solutions that will become a norm in the post-COVID19 era.

Healthcare providers must transform their existing healthcare systems and move from reactive to preventative healthcare to improve patient health outcomes.

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21 Exceptional Healthcare Designs To Inspire Entrepreneurs From OSP

Virtual healthcare has now become more prevalent and is being readily accepted not just by the millennials but also by the elderly populations. But each individual absorbs information differently, so remote care systems should have interactive and visually appealing dashboards so that patients can readily access their health information in the way they want.
This eBook delves into 21 healthcare designs that can be integrated seamlessly across a multitude of devices and workflows along with user-friendly navigation.

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10 Incredible Healthcare Cloud Solution Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Cloud-based healthcare solutions offer many benefits, including unlimited storage and increased accessibility. This eBook enlists ten of the latest cloud-based healthcare solution trends that enhance efficiency and improve patient engagement.

Cloud solutions also help to streamline the complex healthcare business model, which usually consists of a health insurance plan and multiple workflow processes.

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7 Telehealth Business Ideas to Scale Your Healthcare Business

Telehealth applications are scalable and interactive and can be accessed virtually from any location, making them an effective solution to address the needs of the current healthcare environment. This eBook enlists seven telehealth business ideas that can give you an upper hand in the healthcare industry.
COVID19 has catalyzed the uptake of digital health solutions, which can help in analyzing and making smart clinical decisions for better organizational productivity.

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Here is How Big Data Can Transform Patient Experience

Value-based care systems can only be successful if healthcare providers create positive patient experiences. This eBook enlists how big data analytics can enhance and drive multiple levels of value within healthcare organizations.

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5 Advanced Patient Education Strategies for 2020

Empowering patients to be accountable for their health and involving them in decision making reduces the burden on health professionals and also results in better patient outcomes. In this eBook, you will find some useful strategies to educate patients engagingly for maximum participation and adherence to medication.

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Steps To Create An Effective Workflow Management Strategy In 2020

Inefficiency in healthcare process workflows results in wasted time and money. Read this eBook to understand the critical factors for better workflows, effective workflows strategies, and features that can optimize workflows.

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5 Solutions that will Define Patient Management by 2022

Patient referral leakage is one of the significant causes of revenue loss in healthcare organizations that can be avoided through better patient management. This eBook explains how healthcare providers can build stronger patient-provider relationships to enhance patient loyalty.

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5 Important Telehealth Lessons Learned During Covid19

COVID has made healthcare organizations face the harsh reality that current healthcare solutions cannot combat global outbreaks. This eBook lists how Telehealth solutions can aid caregivers, patients, and providers while reducing expenses and increasing profits.

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Free 25 Healthcare Trends eBook

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, healthcare industry is transforming to make way for a new era of patient-centric care delivery models with the help of technology. This eBook sums up the deep and diverse effects of COVID19 on multiple healthcare industries.

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How Has Patient Engagement Changed For Patients?

The future of healthcare will be defined by the patients, the value in care delivery, and the scope of engagement to improve care delivery. This eBook will explain how the norms for patient engagement are being transformed with the advent of technologies and expectations of care value.

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5 Free RPM Dashboards eBook

The global RPM equipment market is growing leaps and bounds with the rise in geriatric population and the need for living an independent life. In this eBook, you will see how customized dashboards in RPM systems can make remote monitoring a hassle-free process.

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Healthcare Credentialing Dashboards eBook

Physician Credentialing is one process that most healthcare facilities dread, but not anymore. In this eBook, you will see how different customized dashboards in credentialing software systems can make credentialing a hassle-free process.

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Mental Health Practice Management + RCM eBook

Technology can completely transform your traditional care practice and offer quality, efficiency, and a much-needed boost for revenue generation. Can't believe? Read this eBook to learn how a Mental health clinic turned around their business with technology.

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Healthcare Project Management Best Practices

The stakes are high with today's dynamic healthcare project management. Learn about model healthcare project management best practices that help you streamline the workflow process and be more productive.

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How to Implement DevOps in Healthcare

DevOps is transforming the healthcare industry, with its ability to bring efficiency and edge to healthcare software development. Learn how DevOps can transform custom healthcare software development rapidly to help serve the patients and remain competitive in the market.

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7 Healthcare Industries Ready To Be Disrupted By AI in 2022

AI is bringing a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, with its ability to mimic human cognitive functions. Learn how AI is transforming 7 major healthcare sectors rapidly to bring efficiency and accuracy in our care delivery efforts.

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Interoperability: Powering the Idea of Integrated Care

Interoperability is a data superhighway, but most healthcare stakeholders are still stuck in a parking lot. Learn more about the latest strategies, system designs, and use cases to advance towards achieving 100% interoperability in healthcare.

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HIPAA Compliance eBook for Developers

The HIPAA checklist and rule guide in this Ebook will provide you the advantage you need to start to assess the status of your compliance. The book can guide you with a smart data recovery plan and QA test strategies to achieve 100% HIPAA compliance.

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6 Free Dashboards for Healthcare CEOs

Understanding your data through interactive visualizations is the need of the hour. This eBook enlists 6 visually appealing dashboards for top healthcare solutions to learn more about analytics and get actionable insights from your own data.

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RCM eBook for Healthcare Stakeholders

The journey of a claim is essential to understand and power your current revenue cycle management. OSP' eBook underlines the key RCM modules and how they are places in a comprehensive RCM system architecture.

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Finance Growth Strategies for Everyone in the Finance Industry

How AI can transform the finance industry? Learn about AI-driven growth strategies and their application in value-based business outcomes, improving customer experiences, boosting the ROI, and reducing the costs.

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