10 Essential Healthcare Dashboards You Need in 2021

10 Essential Healthcare Dashboards You Need in 2021

With the healthcare industry becoming increasingly dependent on accurate and timely data to fulfil government standards, healthcare management is emphasizing on dashboards.

Healthcare dashboards help you get a visual centric method for creating data context, enhancing the visibility, and increasing the importance of KPIs along with promoting transparency in a healthcare center.

What will you learn from our free eBook on 10 essential healthcare dashboards you need in 2021?

This eBook contains premium content on utilizing healthcare dashboards for enhancing patient engagement, making the process of claims and payments smooth, performance management, importance of patient training and education, options for hospice solutions, and other such applications of dashboards that can be customized for various platforms and different digital formats.

What’s inside the 10 Healthcare Dashboards for 2021 eBook?

  • Claims Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (web and mobile)
  • Performance Management
  • Payment Wallet
  • Patient Education and Training
  • Homecare/Hospice Solution (web and mobile)
  • Nutritional Trainer (dashboards)
  • Exercise Trainer
  • Online Pharmacy
  • And more
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