Healthcare Data Mining Solutions

Healthcare Data Mining Software Solutions

Business Challenges

OSP Labs’ healthcare data mining software solutions helps payer organizations to control costs and increase profitability by helping to adapt to the significant changes in the healthcare sector. Our healthcare data mining solutions are custom-made to meet the unique goals of the value-based healthcare system. Our medical data mining solutions work in tandem with payers organizations to analyze and manage vast volumes of patients data including medical claims, reimbursements, drug rates, behavioral and research data. We focus on rapidly evolving their information architecture by collecting the additional data from healthcare providers to develop a rich and comprehensive member profile that helps cater the value-based healthcare to the patients. Our medical data mining software solutions plays a vital role in cost management by focusing on high-cost conditions and atypical utilization patterns.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ healthcare data mining software solutions offer collection and storage of varied clinical data from multiple sources. Our medical data mining solutions are instrumental in creating a customized and user-friendly architecture to catalog and sift through the data for comprehensive visualization.

  • Our healthcare data mining solutions help you to segment and understand the collected data with clever data visualization. To offer interactive data visualization, we employ statistical distributions, scatter plots and box plots, decision trees for data, hierarchical clustering, MDS and linear projections.
  • Using web structure data mining, drawing out crucial titbits of information including text, images, audio, video, lists and tables from the contents of a web page has made possible. OSP Labs' web structure data mining provides an efficient method of using pieces of information to reach specified goals.
  • Our medical data mining software solutions employ data warehousing feature for the collection of subject-oriented, time-variant, integrated, and non-volatile clinical data. Gain access to generalized and consolidated clinical data in multidimensional view to compare and make informed decisions.
Values Delivered
healthcare data mining solutions | healthcare data mining softwares
Enterprise-grade security
Protect your personal clinical data with a built-in auditing, encrypted communications and role-based access control (RBAC).
data mining solutions | healthcare data mining software solutions
Extended Functionality
Gain access to multiple user-friendly Add-ons to mine data from external data sources, conduct network analysis, and perform natural language processing.
Medical data mining software solutions | data mining solution
Unified Platform
Consolidate the collected data on a single platform to easily identify hidden patterns and trends that can be used to build predictive models.
data mining software solutions | medical data mining softwares
Data Extraction
Retrieve the clinical and financial data from disheveled data sources to convert it into a single format to make it ready for transformation.
medical data mining solutions | medical data mining software solutions
Key Performance Indicators
Gain access to accurate and reliable key performance indicators (KPIs) to compare current performance against the set target.

What Makes OSP Lab's Medical Claims Management Solutions Best for Your Need?

Our healthcare data mining solutions use a combination of algorithms and statistical analysis to recognize error-prone claims to accelerate the error identification and also predict future sources of errors.

Develop better and convenient pricing strategies for the individual markets while addressing potential insurance frauds.
Make a qualitative assessment of healthcare data to identify the best, cost-effective network providers and guide payers to use them.
Gain easy access to clinical data sources including claims reimbursement, customer experience, EMR, pharmacy records, medical billing and provider supply chain, etc.
Assess health habits and guide payers to improve their health habits through wellness, education, health promotion, and care-management programs.
Monitor and measure the performance of healthcare providers to compare them for reliability, quality, cost-effectiveness.
Implement performance guarantees for financial, clinical, operational and utilization segments to their health plans.
Determine the right standard of cost-sharing to encourage appropriate utilization to promote employee health and minimize long-term costs.
Maintain flawless security of collected data in a cloud from cyber-breaches and access from unauthorized users to infer sensitive data.

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