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Population Health Analytics Solutions

Population Health Management Solutions



The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Right Patient Identification

Inability to identify the high-risk patients from the given set of population.

Compliance Management

Major Gaps in Care

Major gaps in patient care delivery models for multiple patients in an entire population.

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Lack of Interoperability

Improper Interoperability, hindering the seamless data access from multiple healthcare systems.

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Data Collection

Inability to seamlessly collect healthcare data from multiple healthcare systems into a single source.

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Data Aggregation

Cumbersome patient population data aggregation throughout the continuum of care for effective analytics.

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Risk Stratification

Ineffective risk stratification to patients in a given population to derive better and targeted health management programs.

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Population Health Analytics System Process

Leveraging population health data analytics to provide preventive care with improved outcomes.


Data Acquisition

Population health analytics is one of the highly important software solutions for healthcare providers. Population health analytics helps to identify the patient populations and their needs for care. The solution helps to measure the care provided to these patient populations and to help deliver the best care to them as earliest through clinical decision support.

Effective data integration and data acquisition play a vital role in population health data analytics by enabling high value, strategic and data-driven clinical decision making while speeding up the process. OSP’s population health analytics solutions use the late-binding data model for faster and efficient data acquisition of multiple data sets. Our custom-made population health data analytics acquires claims data, EHR data, social and community determinants of health, patient-generated health data, and medication data.

Risk Stratification

As value-based care has become the primary goal of healthcare providers, the population health analytics companies are gaining massive traction. For effective population health management data analytics, the risk stratification helps to segment the patient population into high, moderate and low health risk tiers.

As per the need, OSP can customize the population health analytics solutions with smarter risk stratification models including Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC), Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG), Elder Risk Assessment (ERA), and Chronic Comorbidity Count (CCC). Our tailored population health analytics software solutions can target patients at various levels of risk to keep them aligned with their specific care plans. The population health informatics can help you predict risk scores, creating patient-specific care plans, and understanding population health trends.

Patient Cohort Identification

Patient cohort identification is finding the risk of developing any specific disease or health results by a group of people that share common characteristics or specific experience. For the better efficiency of population management, identifying the patient cohorts is highly crucial. OSP’ population health management data analytics has the potential to quickly identify and manage such cohorts out of the given set of the population to determine the best clinical processes to focus on improvement efforts.

To simplify analytics in population health management, we leverage ‘Pareto Analysis Technique’ to the acquired population health data to identify the care processes that are highly effective, affordable and quick. Population health analytics solutions offered by us can help you asses the entire risk-based population to identify the specific cohorts such as high-risk patients, patients with chronic disease, and patients in need of proper screenings and primary prevention interventions.

Population Health Management

Population health management (PHM) means offering data-driven care are population level. Most population health analytics companies find PHM a problematic process as insufficient data integration and encounter-based medicine. OSP can customize population health management solutions that can meet the needs of ACOs, FQHCs, PCMHs, and other collaborative care settings.

PHM can deliver optimized care models, recognize higher-risk patients, and constituents which define patient’s health based on intelligent aggregated data analytics. We can offer population health analytics software solutions that can improve population treatment, enhance care workflows, and engage patients to deliver value-based care. We also ensure the integration of legacy EHR with PHM for accurate patient health update from admissions to post-acute care.

Patient Synopsis Report

Highly-advanced and provider-friendly patient synopsis report help to assess the medical summary of any specific patient through the population data.  OSP’s custom population health management analytics can help to search both structured as well as unstructured patient EHR data rapidly. The clinically relevant data is presented in a single-view summary for the providers for better understanding.

Our population health management analytics ensures custom patient data templates that offer providers an opportunity to manage, store, and use the patient data efficiently. The consolidated report of a patient’s medical history including previous medical diagnoses, emergency room visits & hospital stays, Healthcare management, and medication can be achievable through our population health management data analytics.

Advanced Reporting

Visualizing the right data in the right time can enhance the outcomes of analytics in population health management. The gathered and analyzed data is presented through visualizations, dashboards, and graphs that accurately and consistently to help end-users correctly represent the patient history behind the data.

Being one of the leading population health analytics companies, OSP provides custom-made dashboards, interactive visualizations, charts, and graphs to drill down into the data sources contributing to data analytics in population health management solutions. Our population health analytics solutions can offer you the ability to take the right action on information through smartly presented reports that are visually pleasing and easy to understand.

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Use Cases

What We Offer?

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Care coordination

OSP can build solutions for data analytics in population health management that also helps to find the major gaps in care. These gaps can be easily resolved with smarter care coordination especially for the high-risk and/or high-cost populations. Personalized care plans play a crucial role in coordinating care among various healthcare providers. Our population health management data analytics includes user-friendly and easily configurable dashboards, personalized, and best practice-based care pathways, and advanced integrations for smarter clinical decision support.

Review and Monitoring

Patient Engagement

OSP' population health analytics software solutions help with quality patient engagement. The advanced patient engagement helps to deliver highly personalized and targeted care delivery for proactive population health management initiatives. We customize population health management data analytics to your needs that include smart tools to reach patient populations effectively for better care coordination. Better patient engagement helps in population health management analytics especially when patients with complex or chronic conditions are easily tracked and managed for their biometrics and symptoms.

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Predictive Analytics

Population health predictive analytics is highly essential to identify and constantly monitor high-priority, high-cost populations for qualitative chronic disease management at the point of care. OSP offers custom population health predictive analytics that helps to stratify patients by risk using collected longitudinal data and develop personalized disease management programs and coordinating care. We tailor population health predictive analytics to measure care outcomes and performance, analyze drug utilization, manage health risk, enhance quality at a reduced cost.

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