Healthcare Management System

Healthcare Management System

Multiple software solutions that are designed to work coherently to provide overall process flow efficiency for a healthcare organization. Managing information, medical processes, administrative protocols, legal and compliance, etc. are all avenues that come under the umbrella of a healthcare management system that is customized to the customer’s requirement.


When a healthcare organization adopts a healthcare management system software, they benefit from the optimization of health records, medical systems, business intelligence and revenue cycle management. As legacy systems are upgraded, an organization can expect higher efficiency and profits through greater patient and physician satisfaction.

The Growing Challenges
The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth.
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Rising Costs
The increasing demands in healthcare bring with it a surge in healthcare costs too, which increase the strain on healthcare management.
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Regulatory Challenges
The constantly changing regulatory requirements require evolving training, audits and system modifications to the overall management.
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Medicinal Evolvement
Ongoing physician shortages and patient dissatisfaction due to the changing nature of the industry.
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Professional Training
The changing environment requires routine training of administrative staff towards system changes and is proving to be cumbersome and inefficient.
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Ethical Limitations
Ethical violations result in heavy legal costs and insurance coverage for the agency, causing additional pressure.
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Hiring and recognizing the right resources for the job is proving complex due to the nature of the industry.
Let's Solve Challenges
How OSP works

Comprehensive Streamlining through Healthcare Management Solutions Process

A Healthcare Management Software that offers integration of healthcare, business management, and information systems.



  • Patient Registration

    A healthcare solution that is equipped to manage the complex registration requirement of corporate and individual patients, while managing inpatients and outpatients in an automated fashion. This healthcare management software solutions feature can assist your business through maintaining admission details, transfer and occupancy information, automated upgradation of renewals and patient history maintenance. Furthermore, legal information and improvement suggestions are recorded for periodic analysis of the patient registration system.

  • Appointment Scheduling

     Managing healthcare-related appointments has never been easier for a healthcare organization, with scheduling software that optimizes physician and doctors time and the healthcare organizations resources. Patient appointments are intelligently scheduled for complete resource utilization and minimal wastage, along with the organization of medical equipment for optimal usage. Furthermore, hassles of no-shows and delays can be minimized through this healthcare software feature that can predict outcomes based on past behavior analysis.

  • Outpatient Management

    If you are looking for a solution to streamline the management of outpatients, our healthcare management solution has you covered. An integral component of every healthcare organization, outpatient management is often mismanaged due to stringent and inefficient protocols. Our intelligent healthcare management tool creates an efficient module for outpatients that acts as the first point of communication to schedule an appointment with the relevant doctor and ensure the entire process runs smoothly from there.

  • Inpatient Management

    The management of patient’s data defines healthcare management. If your organization is struggling with inpatient data management, then our healthcare management software solution is the ideal choice for you. A tool to manage, access and optimize inpatient data comprehensively with admission and ward details. Additionally, this healthcare solution offers estimation insights, automated agreements, payment collection features and emergency solutions related to patients.

  • Patient Billing

    Our healthcare management system is designed to offer customized modules that integrate billing with clinical and administrative protocols. Every arena of billing, such as outpatient, inpatient, lab-related expenses, radiology, etc. are incorporated into the advanced module for overall integration. Additional features include periodic billing, insurance compliance and billing, automated invoice generation, routine pursuance of receivables, automated reminders to patients, etc.

  • Discharge Summary

    The healthcare management software is empowered with a discharge summary software that enables the creation, archiving, and retrieval of discharged patients in a prompt and effective fashion. This healthcare software can create discharge summary reports that increase the overall monitoring capabilities of your organization through the integration of all departments. Finally, an automated discharge summary will further enhance and speed up the checkout process of patients, improve overall patient satisfaction and resource utilization.

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