Business Challenges

With growing new paradigm in value-based care models, health providers demand a robust population health management solutions that meets the needs of ACOs, FQHCs, PCMHs, and other collaborative care settings. To deliver efficient care health networks, regions, and centers requires tools that optimize care models, identify higher-risk patients, and factors that determine patient health based on intelligent aggregated data analytics. OSP Labs builds bespoke population health management software solutions that enhance population treatment, improve care workflows, engage patients, and tackle daily challenges to deliver value-based care.

Solution Design & Development

Our population health mangement system solutions are built from scratch to provide the expertise, the tools, and support care settings and payer needs at every step of the way to manage patient health.

  • Optimize department, employee, and individual operation in the organization with core focus – to improve patient health. As a healthcare population management software company, we build software product that take care of your daily challenges- finances, asset utilization, reporting, and other mission-critical tasks.
  • With population health management analytics, ensure secure data transparency at every care level, enable caregivers with critical information to take concrete decisions, and deliver higher-quality care through intelligent interoperability .
  • Improve and maintain patient health by actively connecting patients through easy-to-use population care management solution such as patient portals, mHealth apps, patient engagement solutions, remote patient monitoring and healthcare CRM.
Value Delivered
From care to costs, our solutions drive a new transition in the healthcare market.
Population Health Management
Health Reporting
Leveraging population health analytics powered by HL7 to make data-driven informed decision for a high-risk patient.
Population Health Management solutions
Clinical Integration
An intuitive interface that manages patient data from labs and claims to remote devices shared using secure interoperability standards.
Population Health Management Software
EHR Integration
Integrate legacy EHR with population health software for accurate patient health update from admissions to post-acute care.
Population Health Management software Solutions
Holistic Care Support
Bringing together health management and technology to coordinate a patient-driven care plan across provider networks.
Health Management Solutions
Disease management
Digital health technology offers a new way to track and manage chronic disease for diverse health care delivery settings.

What Makes OSP Lab's Population Health Management Solutions Best for Your Need?

From addressing critical patient health gaps to empowering caregivers, our tailor-made solutions are made to improve patient care status quo.

Reorganize clinical solution integration to improve patient and decrease in operation redundancy population health management system.
Reduce disturbance in care delivery across healthcare providers settings with a coordinated value-based care approach.
Proven population health data analytics and meaningful patient engagement strategy to improve the patient care quality and satisfaction.
Fully align physician goals to the new patient-centric model with evidence-based care guidelines keeping network costs down.
Integrate physician incentive programs with a value-based care data abiding regulatory programs.
Helping ACOs to grow the network, minimize drug costs, reducing readmissions and improve care quality.
Take preventive for a high-risk patient using accurate data in a population health system.
Optimize provider network performance with contract management dashboard support for population-level provider program.

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