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With a growing new paradigm in value-based care models, health providers demand a robust population health management solution that meets the needs of ACOs, FQHCs, PCMHs, and other collaborative care settings. To deliver efficient care health networks, regions, and centers require tools that optimize care models, identify higher-risk patients, and factors that determine patient health based on intelligent aggregated data analytics. OSP builds custom population health management software that enhances population treatment, improve care workflows, engage patients, and tackle daily challenges to deliver value-based care. Our tailored population health services can bring medical, financial, and operational data together from across the enterprise with actionable analytics to improve efficiency and patient care. With advanced population health programs, we make robust care management and risk stratification possible with a cohesive delivery system, and a well-organized provider network.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

Stock Data Management

Data Management

Lack of data management infrastructure to collect, store, monitor and analyze population data.

Tedious Rectification Systems

Regulatory Compliance

Population health management system failing to maintain required regulatory compliance.

Weak Data Management

Data Integration

Lack of EHR-integrated data or discrepancies causing the population health data management.

Workflow Efficiencies

Slower Process

Time-consuming and manual processes of data collection and analysis affecting the results.

Poor Patient Activation

Low patient engagement affects the ample collection of data for multiple stages of diseases.

Diverse Data Types

Low Interoperability

Lack of interoperability of spotty information sharing hampers the speed and efficiency of the solution.

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Population Health Management Process

Next-generation population health management development explicitly designed for rapid and effective care coordination.


Data Aggregation

Data aggregation in population health management is highly essential to aggregate, process, and normalize health and demographic data of patients. Data aggregation helps in finding the key statistics like gender breakdown, age distribution, illness burden, health status, and care utilization often must be collected from disparate sources.

OSP’ can build custom population health management to aggregate data into claims data. administrative data. clinical data and other data such as socioeconomic data, health risk assessment, patient-reported data and biometric data and more. We help to aggregate data from multiple resources that require regular and effective communication. Our tailored population health informatics organizes and analyze the collected data in a meaningful and actionable way.

Risk Stratification

Population health companies firstly focus on identifying the segments in the given population who are treated by a specific provider. The types of clinical risks drive the population health data segmentation. Even after the population is defined, the size, composition, and disease get modified for the old patients with the addition of new patients in the system. The dynamic nature of population groups requires continuous monitoring and real-time analysis for optimum results offered by population health informatics.

Through advanced population health informatics, OSP can provide best quality risk stratification module to enable providers to recognize the right level of care delivery model for different subgroups of patients. Our population health management solution is customized to assign a risk status and scoring to a patient. This risk stratification is utilized to direct care and enhance overall health outcomes.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination is the method of operating in a well-coordinated way with community partners (hospitals, counselors, pharmacies, and others) to support the complete range of health needs for high-risk patients. A well-made care coordination system includes identifying the high-risk patients, sharing the data with other healthcare stakeholders and managing the patient’s use of care to prevent unnecessary services.

Being a population health service company, OSP can engineer a top-quality solution with integrated care coordination for better care deliveries. Advanced and integrated executive population health platforms can increase participation from a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders including patients, healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals. Our team builds solutions that help to aggregate, maintain and make available longitudinal patient health records across the network. With secure communication and automated alerts, care coordination is made full proof offering qualitative care delivery models.

Patient Outreach

This type of value focuses on improved population health and reduction in disease due to improved surveillance/screening, immunizations, and increased patient engagement due to enhanced patient education and access to information. Patient Engagement & Population Management includes the type of value, such as:

  • Patient education
  • Patient engagement
  • Prevention
  • Population Health

Team OSP can help population health organizations with top-notch patient engagement solutions with precise targeting and messaging by reaching key populations and getting them to engage and respond quickly. Connecting with segmented groups and delivering meaningful, consistent messages can provide the quality of consumer experience required to drive engagement.

Population Health Analytics

A population health services company relies on data that helps to identify the populations and the demands for care, to assess the medical care provided to these populations, and to deliver the best care to the right people. We build custom population health management with advanced data analytics to define the distinct population segments. Patients with a chronic disease, patients under the care of a particular set of providers, or any other grouping can be created, monitored, and analyzed using population health analytics.

We help population health organizations to stratify risks of patients with high risks and need to be the focus for better care management. Risk stratification is a clinical exercise to help understand which members have a chronic disease and need better care management. Generating the right measures, trends, graphs, work lists require analytics and robust reporting to enhance the accuracy of care management.


Information systems must be interoperable to help clinicians and care teams deliver well-informed, coordinated, patient-centered care. Patient-generated health information and other types of exogenous data are needed to supplement clinical and claim data. We help health organizations to provide effective and optimum care with easy access to patient data regardless of the origin of that information, in a format appropriate to their workflow.

Team OSP has experience in streamlining the EHR management through simplified interfacing with other care systems, to clinical decision support, to patient portals for patient engagement, to reporting, and all with enhanced user experience. We engineer next-gen population health management with advanced interoperability to aggregate and analyze data from many different sources in near-real time, using a custom intuitive platform that uses a flexible data lake model to standardize, store and report patient data.

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Use Cases

Sentiment Analysis

Clinical Decision Support

Through CDS in population health management, we strive to enhance clinical decisions and actions with relevant, organized clinical knowledge and patient data to enhance health and healthcare delivery. CDS assists in making decisions about clinical care and strategy at the population level, making the decisions and their efficiency more accurate and effective. Team OSP helps you have instant access to actionable data to make quick decisions for chronic disease patients.

Text Detection

Disease Management

Population health management helps in chronic disease management and many factors that contribute to them. OSP can program highly advanced population health informatics can help deter major and prevalent chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, opioid addiction, COPD and asthma, depression, and other mood disorders. Our custom population health management and analytics solutions help providers to address the chronic conditions where their patients live, work, exercise, play and access healthy food, to effectively manage and deter chronic diseases.

Facial Detection

Intuitive Dashboards

To track the chronic disease patients, age-eligible patients, and all the other segments from a population health data with intuitive dashboards. They help you monitor if your patients are getting evidence-based clinical care intended for them. The effects of improved outcomes and quality-based clinical guidelines can be assessed through our custom population health management dashboards. The analytics dashboards and opt-in patient communication tools assist you in robust care coordination and clinical decision support.


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