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Advanced data analysis system for effective drug decision-making analysis.
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Our Journey



Understanding Problems to Lead Change

A complex decision path with a careful evaluation of the risk-benefit ratio is mandatory for drug treatment in advanced age.

The oncology healthcare is challenged by a variable and ever-changing healthcare landscape and burdened by a growing number of mandatory report making tasks.

These reports do not include the effectiveness, side-effects or any other relevant observations of any specific drug used in oncology treatment.

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An Oncology pharma company wanted an advanced system for effective drug decision-making analysis. We have created a web-based application to efficiently generate surveys on oncological medicines, showcased in a graphical format.

The client wanted a Big Data-enabled data analytics system for effective drug management and utilization. They required an automated web application to create and share oncology drug-based surveys with oncology healthcare providers.



Defining the Solid Roadmap

Before beginning to work, our experts created a flowchart to understand the actual process and avenues to expand with improvement.

We decided our technology stack based on the project requirement and the current market trends.

We started researching on How to use Big Data to the proposed oncology drug analytics solution to understand the oncology drug effectiveness and compare its performance with other popular oncology drugs.

We devised an intelligent strategy employ Big data technology in oncology drug management to aggregate survey responses, provider's preferences, therapy results and comparative efficiency in one place.

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We estimated the need for easy-to-manage dashboards for the system admins. The client wanted to have a web-based system to understand the drug management patterns at a very broad-based level to have a complete picture of the performance of any specific oncology drug in the market. The collaboration among oncology pharma company and oncology health providers was the key and OSP bridged the gap with our bespoke drug analytics system. We decided to create a unique identifier for each institution, where survey answering capability can be transferred from one advisor to the other advisor.



Delivering On the Promise

OSP created the most important feature of this web-based application - the user-centric and highly intuitive admin panel.

Our easy-to-use and tailored admin panel for drug discovery purpose can help the client to create, add and edit surveys.

Our intelligent oncology drug decision-making solution can provide timely updates on drug management and drug utilization using a reminder algorithm in the kick-off sessions.

Next generation database management to securely manage all the obtained responses from a wide variety of oncology health providers.

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Our advanced web-based oncology drug management solution offered systematic and in-depth analytics of gathered oncology drug surveys from the healthcare providers to find the effectiveness, quality, and usage of any specific oncology drug. OSP' solution helped to simplify the tedious oncology drug utilization and management process. Using our solution, the finalized survey result can be shared with the pharma companies by creating a PPT of survey result.



Building to Deliver Experiences

OSP build a highly scalable and efficient system that can understand a new drug's performance, clinical risk, and ability to improve individual and population health.

We followed an exhaustive testing routine throughout the development process to ensure the best functionality of the built drug analytics solution.

While building the solution, we maintained the utmost scalability to allow us further customizations as per the latest requirements of oncology drug manufacturers, pharma companies, and oncology health providers.

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Our application managed to reduce the required time to complete a survey project by 65%. Transformed survey reports are sent to the pharma company without delay. Easy-to-understand data analytics reports have increased the drug-decision making speed and accuracy multifold. OSP helps the client to make longitudinal analysis of current and prior responses using the Big Data technology. With our made-to-order software solution, our client can efficiently manage drug management and drug utilization without a hassle.

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