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The client was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an ultrasound diagnostics laboratory who wanted a digital solution to share test results with doctors and clinics. The solution had to be secure and must facilitate ease of sharing of patient test results. The results generated were meant to be used by clinicians to establish a baseline of risk for cardiovascular disease in order to help develop suitable means of prevention and treatment. The existing system was inefficient and had problems maintaining security. 


About client


About client

Data Loss

About client

Inadequate Risk Assessment

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Fragmented Network Architecture

About client

System Vulnerable to Breach

About client

Inefficient Workflow

About client

Poor User Interface


Multi-Factor Authentication

OSP assessed the existing IT infrastructure of the client and added the multi-factor authentication as a security measure. This sends a one-time password to users through email and text message and acts as an extra layer of security. An unauthorized individual would not be able to access the system, and even if there’s an attempt, the user is notified. 


Cybersecurity Integration

This was a major concern for OSP while we worked with this client. The existing website was vulnerable to cyberattacks and even unauthorized login to some extent. OSP integrated the client’s website with a reliable cybersecurity program to handle things like vulnerability scanning, malware protection, login security, and so forth. This step added yet another layer of security. 


Data Protection

The client’s website was hosted securely on Amazon cloud server (AWS) ec2 instance in S3 bucket in an encrypted format. The data which would be in transit is protected by an SSL certificate. This measures adequate data privacy for the client, as the organization handles patients’ medical information. This also protected the data against leakage and ensured integrity. 


Privilege Management

OSP instituted access management and gave the administrator the highest privileges of access. The administrator can in turn grant access rights to different users based on their individual job role and seniority. This ensures that the data is only accessible to those that are authorized to access it. The administrator, or super-user, can also change the access rights as and when required. 


Regulatory Compliance

OSP’s recommendations and changes to the existing digital infrastructure helped the client become compliant with regulations. For organizations handling patient data, there are stern regulations to stipulate the implementation of security measures. If there is a breach and it is discovered that the organization didn’t adhere to regulations, it results in steep fines and even jail time. 


Streamlined Workflows

By creating access privileges and hosting the portal on a secure cloud, coupled with other changes, the client experienced an improvement in the speed and efficiency of workflows. The medical data, i.e. diagnostic images could be shared securely and smoothly without compromising on privacy, which benefits the client, the doctors, and the patients in the long run. 


About client





Enhanced Website Security


Faster ROI


Improved Data Security


Operational Efficiency


Better User-Interface

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