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A client needed a solution to aggregate all the scattered data from multiple sources and present the same in a way that was insightful. In other words, the client was looking for data visualization tools to make better sense of available business data. Moreover, the solution also had to include functions to carry out advanced data analytics and assist with assessment of business operations. The client needed better means of data visualization and data analysis. 


About client


About client

Large Data Silos

About client

Database Management

About client

Data Visualization

About client

Data aggregation

About client

Operational Efficiency


Custom Connectors

Before all the business data from the client’s operations could be processed to make sense, they must first be aggregated into one repository from multiple different disjointed sources. OSP developed customized connectors to harness data from those sources and streamline the entire process to analyse them. These simplify the aggregation of data to help make better sense of them. 


Data Gathering

Gathering data is one step of the way toward assessing them. The next step is having them contained in a single repository on a computer so that a data visualization and data analytics solution can access them. That is where OSP’s data gathering feature comes into play. The data harnessed from different sources is collected in various formats, which are later further consolidated. 


Data Filters & Queries

These form the main component of OSP’s solution to leverage data and structure them for visualization. The data filters and various queries need to analysed before being organized in a way that helps business analysts use them. This is what helps it to be introduced in the form of pie charts, columns, and so forth. 


Elastic DB

This is an intermediary in the process of data visualization and data analysis. OSP decided to use this type of database in order to bring all the necessary and related data in one place before they are processed. All the business data derived from different sources is parked in here before it is used for further processing to be rendered as required by the users. 


Charting Libraries

OSP’s charting libraries leverage D3.JS technology for all the data in any form that is required by the users. These are trusted all around the world in their capabilities, accuracy, and reliability. This forms the backbone of the data visualization tools that the client can use to derive valuable insights from existing data and also act on them. 



Finally, the data gathered needs to be viewed in one consolidated interface for use by professionals. OSP’s solution includes active dashboards where the data is visualized and the results from analysis are presented in usable format. This is the end result for which the entire software was custom developed with the client requirements in mind. 


About client



Improved Data Aggregation


Valuable Business Insights


Effective Risk Assessment


Real-Time Analysis


User-Friendly Dashboard


Changeable Parameters

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