Chronic diseases and conditions drive the market demand for healthcare payer companies. Mobile and healthcare cloud technologies in the payer-provider healthcare system result in new business models across a range of industries. New payer companies have successfully created disruptive business models using healthcare payer solutions, including the existing and new customers and building strong revenue to grow their businesses.  

Healthcare payer systems need to increase a provider’s return on investment (ROI). While it strives to improve health outcomes by promoting positive patient behaviour, a healthcare payer-provider needs demonstrable improvement in revenue, margin, and reduction in overall expenses.   

Many payers dedicate 10 percent or more of administrative spending on care management per healthcare payer analytics. They do not see the return on investment (ROI) from their care-management programs. A healthcare payer software can traditionally express more confidence in utilization management, payment integrity, or network to manage medical costs and boost revenue with healthcare automation.  

Improving patient engagement with healthcare payer platform  

Improving patient engagement with healthcare payer platform

Healthcare costs rise exponentially, which applies pressure to the entire health system. A healthcare payer platform is needed to increase efficiency, improve practice management, and enhance patient engagement. One of the main contributors to preventable healthcare costs is low prescription adherence, where patients fail to take their prescribed medicines. Many healthcare payer IT consulting studies have been conducted to measure the cost of treatment and how medication prescription can play a crucial role. Payer solutions healthcare companies govern non-adherence of prescriptions and manage ROI returns. Software for the healthcare industry improves patient outcomes and overall population health management. Numerous emerging diseases are attracting payers and providers to develop payer models in healthcare for obtaining maximum ROI. Patient engagement and better health analytics with healthcare payer analytics solutions can increase revenue. This can be achieved with software solutions for healthcare payer operations by boosting patient volume or improving the pull-through rates.  

In the case of small practices, boosting the number of patients through an enablement platform using healthcare payer data analytics can remain competitive and achieve maximum ROI. Healthcare payer technology allows the exchange of electronic information securely. A payer in healthcare can engage patients in self-management and reduce the administrative burden on the staff.   

Next level Care management for enhanced ROI  

Next level Care management for enhanced ROI

Healthcare payer companies are assumed to be nurses connecting with members over the phone to manage a condition, such as diabetes. However, care management with healthcare payer data involves any payer-driven efforts to engage with targeted members and their care ecosystems to encourage and enable high-value decisions. There are four next-generation actions with healthcare payer automation that may help to improve the ROI of care-management programs. These are: 

1. Targeting multiple high-potential sources of value. 

2. Right-sizing care management. 

3. Engaging members in ways that consumer companies do. 

4. Running care management with an operational mindset. 

It is essential to be aware of these four tools and integrate them properly for supporting interoperable healthcare payer software solutions. In this way, the modern generation healthcare payer platform can solve the challenges of ROI and improve ROI returns.   

Designing a digital strategy for payer platforms in healthcare  

Designing a digital strategy for payer platforms in healthcare

Digital health has transformed how providers and patients interact with each other. A healthcare payer platform extends through technology and mobile phone applications. These digital tools in a healthcare payer platform can help patients self-monitor their health and understand their care plans. A digital strategy for payer platforms enables patients to take charge of their healthcare plans, improves communication between patients and providers, and manages the exchange of medical records. Digital healthcare payer platforms continue to transform health informatics and allow healthcare providers to integrate faster and efficient payment systems. It is crucial for healthcare leaders to realize the significance of healthcare payer platforms and integrate technology for the best results.  

Increasing ROI return with healthcare payer  

Increasing ROI return with healthcare payer

Integrated care networks require substantial investment to develop, deploy, and maintain these healthcare payer systems, especially within the necessary regulatory HIPAA framework in which these systems will need to operate. There are four groups of potential investors, namely payer organizations, healthcare providers, patients, and pharmaceutical companies. The payback period for payer organizations is usually long-term and fragmented across various systems and schemes. It is important to define the healthcare business case for acquiring ROI returns by analyzing revenue and costs using a healthcare payer platform. However, the challenge lies in the unavoidably high costs while revenue returns remain uncertain. Healthcare payers can overcome this barrier by understanding revenue in terms of non-adherence and controlling expenses by focusing on minimally viable products and outsourced services. In this way, healthcare payers can increase ROI returns by managing the costs without affecting the quality of healthcare services, including collaborative care.  


OSP can create healthcare payer software to help you achieve maximum ROI returns. We can help payer companies accomplish better growth while giving great results through deeper program performance insight, higher patient and surgical volumes, and efficient patient tracking. In addition, OSP’s team of experienced software developers can create custom software solutions that support your ROI plans without the need for additional staff. We can increase your ROI returns, improve healthcare management, and increase pull-through rates. All of this can be achieved without additional staff to manage the increased volume and without affecting the care quality.  

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