The integration of Information Technology has become a pivotal force driving innovation and efficiency in the healthcare industry. Since then, Adam Lyddane has pioneered the dynamic world of healthcare IT and has been a visionary behind Superlanet. From his roots as a pharmacist, Lyddane’s evolution into a tech pioneer unfolds, tracing the transformative trajectory that led to the birth of Superlanet. In this blog, we will learn about the captivating chapters of Lyddane’s career—from the seismic shift to digital health records to Superlanet’s strategic genesis. Let’s explore the crucial moments, entrepreneurial wisdom, and the core values shaping Superlanet’s success.

Background and Career Transition

Adam Lyddane’s journey from pharmacist to tech visionary traces a transformative path in healthcare. Lyddane’s clinical career spanned hospitals in the U.S. and Europe, with a doctorate in pharmacy. The transformation from paper to digital health records marked his entry into healthcare information services. He implemented EPIC modules, showcasing expertise in healthcare technology while being the Senior Director of Clinical Applications at UC San Diego. 

Superlanet’s genesis addressed the need to host electronic medical records, propelling it into the forefront of healthcare IT. Lyddane’s visionary approach and the convergence of pharmaceutical expertise and technology laid the foundation for Superlanet’s multifaceted role in shaping the future of healthcare IT.

The Birth of Superlanet

Adam Lyddane struck entrepreneurship by establishing Superlanet, marking an essential moment in his career. Lyddane had a rich background in healthcare technology and clinical leadership. Hence, his decision to create Superlanet was fueled by a commitment to drive positive change in healthcare IT. This transformative move was not just a business venture but the peak of lessons learned throughout Lyddane’s career, from his early days as a pharmacist to his influential roles in healthcare institutions.

The birth of Superlanet was complicatedly tied to Lyddane’s visionary approach, emphasizing the great importance of a well-structured business plan. This strategic foundation, crafted with practical tools and foresight, positioned Superlanet as a pioneer in redefining the healthcare IT arena. Superlanet’s genesis became more than a career move—it became a testament to Lyddane’s entrepreneurial spirit and his dedication to shaping the future of healthcare IT.

Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

Adam Lyddane’s transition from a secure senior position in healthcare to the helm of Superlanet offers valuable insights into the intricate journey of moving from an employee to an entrepreneur. This significant career shift entails multifaceted challenges, with financial uncertainties and risk tolerance taking center stage. Lyddane’s experience guides professionals contemplating a similar leap, emphasizing the strategic move of securing a sale before fully committing to entrepreneurship.

Lyddane’s advice addresses the common deterrents of financial concerns, providing a pragmatic approach to mitigate immediate risks. The focus on practical financial stability measures, including securing projects and effective budgeting, aligns with the need for concrete strategies during the initial stages of entrepreneurship. Aspiring entrepreneurs can glean lessons from Lyddane’s journey, learning to navigate the complexities of the transition phase with resilience and strategic foresight.

Early Days of Superlanet

Adam Ledain’s shift into entrepreneurship found its catalyst in a routine one-week assessment—a turning point that birthed Superlanet. This entrepreneurial story mirrors epics, with Lyddane’s assessment evolving into the spark for a broader vision.

Strategically assembling Superlanet’s core team played a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory. Lyddane’s meticulous selection, including standout leader Carrie Coates, reflected a commitment to shared vision and complementary skills. Coates, initially skeptical, became a linchpin in Superlanet’s success.

The early financial landscape witnessed rapid growth, with the first year yielding $2 million in revenue. However, the trajectory faced hurdles, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought disruptions and unforeseen advantages.

Superlanet’s initial chapters, marked by transformative projects, strategic team formation, and financial resilience, inspire entrepreneurs to navigate the unpredictable journey of building a venture from the ground up.

Independence and Values

Adam Lyddane unveils the competitive dynamics within the healthcare IT professional services sector, sharing Superlanet’s journey of establishing a distinctive presence amid saturation. Reflecting on the challenges of entering a crowded market in 2017, Lyddane highlights the resilience needed in an environment driven by meaningful use and EHR incentives.

Superlanet’s strategic differentiation stands out, with Lyddane detailing innovative approaches, such as introducing unique service levels during the pandemic and adopting a co-employment agreement model. These agile strategies helped navigate challenges and led to continuous contract acquisitions, showcasing Superlanet’s adaptability and ingenuity.

Competitiveness in Healthcare IT

Established in 2017 amid a saturated market, Lyddane navigated the challenges and opportunities shaped by initiatives like meaningful use and EHR incentives—ongoing offers to purchase or invest in Superlanet spotlight persistent interest and competition.

Strategic initiatives, from unique service levels during the pandemic to innovative co-employment agreement models, fuel Superlanet’s standout journey. These agile moves help Superlanet overcome industry challenges and secure continuous contract additions.

In times of financial metrics, Superlanet bucks the trend, prioritizing quality and service. Leda emphasizes the delicate balance between economic aspirations and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services, showcasing that sustained growth requires prioritizing excellence in an industry where anything less is unacceptable.

Reflecting on Success and Milestones

Explore the intricacies of Superlanet’s triumphs through a lens focused on its robust revenue growth, the pivotal role of flexibility in milestone achievement, and the often-overlooked necessity of maintaining work-life equilibrium in the entrepreneurial environment. Lyddane’s insights unveil Superlanet’s financial evolution, showcasing its $2 million revenue in the first year, coupled with the challenges faced, notably the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The analysis of Superlanet’s revenue growth provides a case study for entrepreneurs navigating the dynamics of sustainable financial success. Flexibility emerges as a critical theme, emphasizing Superlanet’s agility in response to unexpected entrepreneurial twists, especially during the pandemic.

Beyond financial achievements, Lyddane highlights the crucial yet neglected aspect of work-life balance. Superlanet’s commitment to this equilibrium contributes to a positive company culture and employee satisfaction, offering valuable lessons for entrepreneurs seeking to build and sustain successful ventures.


Adam Lyddane’s journey from pharmacist to tech pioneer stands out in healthcare entrepreneurship. Superlanet’s creation reflects visionary thinking and strategic moves in healthcare IT. Lyddane’s insights on challenges, team building, and financial resilience offer a guide for budding entrepreneurs. Superlanet’s ability to guide industry hurdles, focus on quality and maintain work-life balance presents a practical approach to success. Reflecting on Superlanet’s achievements, it showcases a blend of innovation, adaptability, and steadfast commitment, shaping the future of healthcare IT.

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