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Healthcare BI (Business Intelligence) analyzes information about the healthcare industry to look for useful insights. The information is generated from operations surrounding patient care, billing, claims, insurance plans, reimbursements, patient records management, lab tests, and so forth. Doing so reveals patterns and clues about the efficiency of workflows, efficacy of treatments, quality of care, spread of diseases, rates of claim approvals, reimbursements, etc. In other words, healthcare BI tools enable providers, payers, and administrators to make informed decisions and better serve all stakeholders.   

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End-to-End Business Intelligence Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare business intelligence (BI) technologies are crucial tools for healthcare organizations that need to consolidate, analyze, report, and assess their collected data. OSP Labs’ tailored end-to-end healthcare BI software solutions prove beneficial in providing the right data to the right people at the right time.

  • Our skilled developers employ agile development approach to build end-to-end BI services to ensure your data integrity by modernization the data infrastructure and migrating legacy data.
  • We provide next-gen custom healthcare BI solutions that include intuitive data modeling, smart data visualizations, and robust database architecture design for all enterprise systems.
  • OSP Labs’s custom end-to-end healthcare BI software solutions help you predict and manage risk, reduce the time and cost of regulatory reporting and enhance clinical outcomes and operational efficiency.

A healthcare BI data warehouse solution help to slice and dice data from an EMR system, allow data access from a single location and streamline processes for efficiency.

  • We provide premium-grade healthcare BI data warehouse solutions that facilitate the engineering of central repository data warehousing systems.
  • OSP Labs’ customized BI data warehouse solutions help to extract, transform, and load the healthcare information from disparate data sources including applications, systems, platforms, and channels.
  • We set up multiple nodes for data aggregation and secure the data cluster safely in the cloud or database for your analytics program to data mine.
  • Our tailored BI database solutions help our clients in enhancing the quality of decision making by offering relevant data comprehensive reports, dashboards and scorecards.

Health analytics adoption model helps healthcare BI & analytics developers an accurate roadmap to an advanced healthcare BI platform. OSP Labs leverages the guidelines from this model to develop a highly customized healthcare BI platform to model and transform enterprise data and to deploy internal analytics applications to business users.

  • Our tailored healthcare BI platform consumes data in different formats, through file uploads and direct connectors to the databases and business applications.
  • We design and develop custom healthcare BI platform for data mining, real-time reporting, Big Data processing, clinical decision support, and predictive analytics.
  • Our healthcare BI platform’ high-performance rules engine enable organizations to configure and deploy customized quality measures based on their business needs.

Real-time data visualization and interactive report generation capability makes our custom healthcare BI solutions vital for your healthcare business. Advanced reporting helps to gather and assess analyzed healthcare data to enhance the performance and healthcare delivery.

  • Our skilled developers integrate healthcare BI solutions with diverse healthcare systems to allow real-time reporting with tailored solutions to help you understand your data more quickly and accurately.
  • We program features for real-time queries to yield data-intensive reports with data visualization of business objects through a multitude of charting and graph styles.
  • Our healthcare BI reporting mechanisms can efficiently manage massive healthcare data sent with advanced data optimization technologies including caching, materialized views, pre-aggregation, and fine-tuning options.

Our tailored Healthcare BI dashboards are meant to give you a complete control over your data to help it deliver quickly as a most actionable solution.

  • OSP Labs’ highly personalized healthcare BI dashboards have built-in functionality and agile data flows that are readily adapted to the user’s skills and fully open APIs.
  • We build intuitive BI dashboards with a broad spectrum of visualizations and layout options to choose from. Our BI dashboard solutions help you gain valuable insight and drive faster decision making.
  • Our healthcare BI dashboards offer a fully governed experience that allows to personalize the reports and generate relevant and actionable insights using in-memory data analysis via powerful visualizations.

OSP Labs’ tailored cloud-based business intelligence software solutions are smartly hosted on a virtual network to provide healthcare organizations an access to BI-related data such as BI dashboards, KPIs, and other healthcare analytics.

  • We build customized cloud-powered BI solutions for healthcare organizations that efficiently manage your healthcare data analysis, consolidation, reporting and more.
  • Our custom healthcare BI solutions in cloud handle multiple types of data from different business systems, merge to generate interactive reports and spreadsheets.
  • Instead of pouring over massive columns within spreadsheets, you gain clear and personalized charts, graphs, diagrams and reporting visuals that you can comfortably share with others.


The growing costs of care are a major concern in the United States. The expenditure varies according to the type of services, health plans, provider network, and model of reimbursements, among others. OSP can build healthcare BI software to enable organizations in the medical industry to assess data from day-to-day operations and pinpoint the causes of growing care costs. Administrators can then make informed decisions to contain the costs for the benefit of all.

Several factors influence the overall patient experience at hospitals. These include the quality of treatments, patient engagement, and clinical outcomes, coupled with insurance and billing activities. Customized BI tools for healthcare enable administrators at hospitals to assess operational data to find out the reasons for poor patient experience and take corrective steps to make improvements. Doing so benefits patients, providers, and payers in the long run.

The impact of care management varies from patient to patient based on factors like health history, immunizations, prevailing conditions, and so on. The quality and efficiency of managing patient care directly affects clinical outcomes. OSP can design and develop hospital business intelligence platforms that assess clinical information and garner insights about the overall care for patients. These insights enable administrators to know where things can be improved.

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