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Clinical Decision Support System

Clinical Decision Support Solutions


The clinical decision support system is a solution that provides healthcare providers, administrative staff, patients, caregivers, or other members of the care team with a piece of vital information that is filtered or targeted to a specific person or situation. CDS is intended to enhance care quality, avoid mistakes or adverse effects, and allow healthcare providers to be more efficient.  OSP has experience in building custom clinical decision support software that includes a wide variety of decision-making modules, such as automated alerts and reminders to healthcare providers and patients, easy-to-understand clinical guidelines, focused patient data reports, condition-specific order sets, report summaries and more. We can program advanced clinical decision-making process with documentation templates, diagnostic support, and contextually relevant reference data.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

Complex Procedure

Communication Process

Lack of communication process optimization to have seamless CDSS workflow.

Ambiguous Guidelines

Ambiguity in procedure guidelines affecting the uniformity and accuracy of clinical decisions.

Real-time Data Availability

Data Management

Inability to manage HIPAA-compliant medical data with better interoperability.

Stock Data Feed

Low Interoperability

Lack of interoperability amongst the clinical systems and devices affecting the speed of CDSS.

Unprecedented Workload

Regulatory Compliance

Inability to maintain necessary government regulatory compliances while sharing the medical data.

Parameter Selection

Manual Reporting

Traditional and time-consuming reporting system affecting the quality of CDS delivery.

Let's Solve Your Challenges


Clinical Decision Support System Process

An advanced, cloud-powered clinical decision support system (CDSS) to empower healthcare stakeholders with actionable insights.


CDS Automation

The dynamic nature and complexity of value-based healthcare domain need a holistic approach to decision support that focuses on patient engagement, consistency of care, and the ability to measure developments in patients outcomes. OSP’ tailored clinical decision support software is instrumental in helping you make better informed clinical decisions, create workflow efficiencies, and control final costs. Our clinical decision support solutions embed medical knowledge into existing healthcare systems to support safe medication decisions while also meeting essential compliance and market needs.

Our knowledge-based clinical decision support system offers detailed medication classification surpassing mandated industry standards to reduce the potential for drug prescription errors. Our CDSS software solutions strive to build robust technical infrastructure to allow health systems to share data electronically. Our software services render complete information possible into CDS systems to enhance the decision-making process in the clinical workflow. We strive to solve clinical decision support system challenges by encouraging broader adoption of exceptional professional clinical guidelines and promote a culture of quality across the domain.

Patient Engagement

A patient-centered approach in clinical decision support system applications can enhance the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of personalized care delivered to each patient. Patients can work as partners in care management with their perspectives, coordinated and integrated care, physical comfort, including pain management and patient education. The shared-decision making can play a crucial role in identifying the patient’s condition, review treatment options, extract patient preferences and values, and carry out the best care decision.

OSP can engineer custom clinical decision support system applications that can measure the patient activity with advanced analytics and leverage EHR capabilities to present the correct data to the providers with timely alerts. To deliver medication safety and decrease unnecessary surgical risks, our tailored clinical decision support software can alert providers with refined and analyzed patient data. The primary goal of our clinical decision support system is to enhance patient adherence to treatment plans, improve health outcomes, and increased patients’ satisfaction with the best care treatments.

Data Repository

A data repository for a clinical decision support system is quite complex and huge. The data repository holds all the medical data that is needed by the CDSS to present meaningful information to the healthcare providers to better treatment delivery. The content could be structured as the knowledge data such as FDBE database that contains drug-related data, or the medical content could be processed structured data from the EPR applications themselves.

OSP’ clinical decision support system solutions are customized to have the information model of the data repository which is equipped to handle any clinical scenario and able to provide CDSS with relevant associated information for the context. Our medical data management helps to establish a synchronization schedule for the data to maintain accurately and as near-real time as possible between the EMR Clinical systems and your Data Repository.


The interoperability of clinical decision support systems with other health information systems is one of the biggest challenges affecting their broad adoption. Semantic interoperability must be granted to share CDS modules across different health information systems. Currently, numerous standards for different purposes are available to enable the interoperability of CDS systems. We performed a literature review to identify and provide an overview of the available standards that enable CDS interoperability in the areas of clinical information, decision logic, terminology, and web service interfaces.

We customize clinical decision support systems for seamless integration with patient management systems.  Irrespective to the types of clinical decision support system, we can smoothly integrate EHR within the clinical information system. OSP can identify and provide an overview of the available standards that enable clinical decision support interoperability in the areas of clinical information, terminology, decision logic, and web service interfaces.

Knowledge Analyzer

All types of clinical decision support depend on advanced knowledge management and knowledge analysis system. Replacing the raw medical data with some meaningful content can help to increase the efficiency of the clinical decision support system. Organized and transformed combination of medical data, adapted with a set of rules, procedures, and operations to create a universal set of rules, guidelines operations, and knowledge. We program the clinical decision support system (CDSS) to help match patient characteristics with digital knowledge bases and using algorithms to create patient-specific evaluations or treatment recommendations.

Our clinical decision support solutions include a customized Knowledge Manager. It is a knowledge database and rules engine for managing clinical regulations and medical data models. Knowledge manager breaks down the medical data into machine-readable rules which can comfortably be shared between different decision support applications to build a robust and flexible clinical decision support system in healthcare.

Clinical Rules Engine

Modern-day clinical decision support system architecture is based on rule engines navigate through a repertoire of clinical rules and multitudes of facts to help a clinical expert to make clinical decisions in response to a medical situation. The critical component of clinical decision support system software incorporates a rule inferencing system where characteristics of an individual patient are matched to a clinical knowledge base, and then patient-specific assessments or recommendations are delivered.

Team OSP can engineer the best clinical decision support system that is based on cache-based lazy loading mechanism incorporating rule clustering and hashing kernel, combined with a prediction-based technique for rule evaluation and quicker actuation. We can create an advanced framework for the best clinical decision support system that helps to improve the overall performance of the rule engine in terms of memory utilization and execution time.


Let's Solve Your Challenges

Use Cases

What We Offer?

Text Detection

Therapy Consulting

OSP' custom clinical decision support system software can be integrated into clinician’s order-entry. The module can help to assess the therapy, looks for discrepancies, errors, cross-references for drug interactions, and prevents the ordering of allergenic drugs. We program CDSS to use protocols and evidence-based guidelines, with patient’s data, acquired from EMR, to provide an accurate and highly-effective treatment plan and help following it.

Sentiment Analysis

Alerts and reminders

OSP can engineer state-of-the-art clinical decision support system applications that are integrated into a monitoring device or health-care information system such as a laboratory information system, EMR, etc. Our custom CDS solutions can provide real-time sound, visual, or tactile alerts through various communication tools. Reminder systems are smartly designed to remind the healthcare provider of crucial tasks that need to be done before certain events.

Facial Detection

Drug Information

OSP’ can build custom clinical decision support system (CDSS) with advanced technology and evidence-based content to help providers and patients to make sound decisions. Our goal is to solve medication challenges through smart CDSS system and patient engagement. We help providers to bring uniformity to their clinical decision making the process by informing medication decisions, enhancing patient care and drug safety, improving drug therapy outcomes, track & analyze drug data and boosting workflow efficiency.


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