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The dynamic nature and complexity of value-based healthcare domain need a holistic approach to decision support that focuses on patient engagement, consistency of care, and the ability to measure developments in patients outcomes. OSP Labs’ tailored clinical decision support software solutions are instrumental in helping you make better informed clinical decisions, create workflow efficiencies and control final costs. Our clinical decision support solutions embed medical knowledge into existing healthcare systems to support safe medication decisions while also meeting essential compliance and market needs. The machine-learning solutions offer detailed medication classification surpassing mandated industry standards to reduce the potential for drug prescription errors. Our CDSS software solutions strive to build the robust technical infrastructure to allow health systems to share data electronically. Our software services render the complete information possible into CDS systems to enhance decision-making process in the clinical workflow.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ innovative and tailored clinical decision support software solutions enable you to help your patients more efficiently and promptly. Our CDSS software services helps to prepare a diagnosis and to review the diagnosis as a means of enhancing the patient outcomes.

  • Our clinical decision support solutions deliver relevant clinical content and workflows that drive consistent clinician adoption by cutting through the overwhelming research in healthcare. OSP Labs' clinical decision support system can build accountability by involving clinicians during all stages of clinical decision support (CDS) development and maintenance.
  • We customize clinical decision support systems for seamless integration with patient management systems. OSP Labs' can identify and provide an overview of the available standards that enable clinical decision support interoperability in the areas of clinical information, terminology, decision logic, and web service interfaces.
  • Our clinical decision support software solutions include a customized Knowledge Manager. It is a knowledge database and rules engine for managing clinical regulations and medical data models. Knowledge manager breaks down the medical data into machine-readable rules which can comfortably be shared between different decision support applications to build a robust and flexible clinical decision support system.
Value Delivered
clinical decision software | clinical decision support solution
Patient data reports
Generate comprehensive patient's data reports that include compliant clinical data, discrepancy information, and audit history.
clinical decision support solutions | decision support solutions
Order sets
Pre-defined templates for a specific condition or procedure by the grouping of orders that standardizes and expedites the ordering process.
decision support solution | clinical decision software
Knowledge Analyzer
Gain access to effective knowledge management to evaluate and optimize clinical content and processes for decision making.
clinical decision support solution | clinical decision support software solutions
Cloud-based CDS
Easily exchange available clinical data to deliver on the value proposition with fewer medical errors and improved compliance.
clinical decision support solutions
Multi-parameter Alerting
Get web-based event-based alerts and reminders to identify warnings and reach out to the patients quickly.

What Makes OSP Labs’ Clinical Decision Support Solutions Best for Your Need?

Our decision support solutions are the sophisticated health IT component that combines evidence-based knowledge and patients' data to generate and present helpful information to clinicians as care is being delivered.

Achieve end-to-end CDS capability to automate the access of patient information from disparate systems and enhance patient outcomes.
Make Instant interaction with tailored CDSS to speed clinical decision making without disrupting clinician’s workflow.
Access personalized and interactive dashboards for a single, consistent and cloud-based data source anytime and anywhere.
Provide continuously updated, customizable, patient education documents supporting Core Measures for the better point-of-care.
Make use of Semantic Interoperability of personalized CDSS to access clinical and non-clinical data sources across multiple applications.
Evaluate several existing clinical measurement trends and synthesize meaningful information with real-time clinical data access.
Lower administrative costs and enhance patient outcomes by replacing the manual CDS with automated and evidence-based CDSS.
Access customized knowledge management tools to retrieve, analyze and capture data to especially resist new symptoms and diseases.

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