Claims Management Software Solutions

Claim Management software Solutions

Business Challenges

OSP Labs’ first-class healthcare claims management software solutions play a vital role in countering the rising medical claims denial rate and stringent federal regulations. Our medical billing clearinghouse services seamlessly integrate multiple complex systems, platforms, and manual processes to automate your medical claim processing workflow throughout the life cycle of a claim. OSP Labs’ medical claims processing software solutions are outfitted with intelligent integration capabilities that work in perfect synergy with existing administration systems, other OSP Labs’ healthcare software solutions, and future cloud-based innovations. Though our medical claims management solutions, you can check for errors of coding and billing, send you an EOB, pre-adjudicate the claim for accuracy and receive denied claims and re-adjudicate them effectively.

Solution Design & Development

We offer a first-rate medical claims management software solutions through a reliable and secure platform that connect insurance payers, health providers, and patients. Our solutions offer multi-access channels, instant claims checks, and validation in a fully automated and paperless environment.

  • Our claims management software solutions leverage the power of web service integration of medical claims in order to avoid the duplication of work and to enhance the effectiveness of your patient accounting system. Our multi-modal integration incorporates upstream content delivery, file sharing, embedding our smart edits into your EMR and more.
  • Our medical claims software solutions offer interactive and powerful reporting dashboards to enhance your claims management performance. Our 360-degree claims reporting potential helps you to address multiple payor issues, revenue leakage from your revenue cycle, stability in performance management and the most common reasons for claims denials.
  • Our claims management software solutions offer a hassle-free and timely access to detailed claim adjudication status data to streamline A/R management and follow up processes. Our healthcare payment systems automate the follow-up process for Medicaid and payers, which accelerates a provider’s timeline for receiving payment while decreasing the cost-to-collect.
Values Delivered
Comprehensive Scrubbing
Comprehensive Scrubbing
Get your claims verified for CCI, HIPAA, LCD and a carrier-specific requirement to ensure your claims are compatible with the payer.
Automatic Worklists
Automatic inclusion of flagged claims, comprehensive procedure codes and carrier-specific information in automatic worklists.
Pre-Billing Eligibility
Pre-Billing Eligibility
Enable reduction in claim denials and unnecessary write-offs by using our unique combination of monthly eligibility/capitation lists.
EOB Conversion
EOB Conversion
Extract the patient billing data created from paper-based Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or Explanation of Payments (EOP) to deliver Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).
Clearinghouse Claims Tracking
Clearinghouse Claims Tracking
Track every single claims transmission and verifies its successful submission by using an online Clearinghouse Claims Tracking.

What Makes OSP Labs’ Claims Management Solution Best for Your Need?

Our end-end-end automated medical billing clearinghouse services help for claims payment processing claims flagging & and anomaly reporting, EDI reporting, clinical reporting and much more.

Monitor and track each stage of a medical claim or batch from first logged to posted payment.
Gain access to compliment claims management that is compliant with Medicare and HIPAA.
Gain access to real-time information about ongoing claims to promptly make informed decisions.
Follow up with unresolved claims issues and gain an ability to timely appeal denied claims hassle-free.
Efficiently analyzes denial ratios and coding errors to set follow-up procedures that maximize the recovery rate.
Gain access to predictive modeling to help you forecast future revenue streams and support consistent cash flow.
Improve revenue collection by the patient's eligibility and verifying pre-authorization before the exam.
Gain access to unmatched transparency through comprehensive claims reporting and web-based performance management tools.

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