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Health Leadership Insights: Patient-centric Digital Health Innovation

September 22nd, 2021

Patient-centricity is one of the crucial components of the healthcare system. This approach can help healthcare leaders to achieve high patient outcomes. But how to utilize digital health to implement patient-focused care? Find out that from the third episode of the ‘Health Leadership Insights’ webinar series. The speaker is HIMSS Changemaker Dr. Rasu B. Shrestha. He is a radiologist and a Radiologist, and Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Atrium Health.


Healthcare Leadership Insights: Value Based Digital Health

August 25th, 2021

Implementing digital for patient-centric care services can improve patient satisfaction and lower costs. In this episode, find out how healthcare leaders utilize digital health to offer value-driven care and what the Quadruple Aim is all about. The speaker is Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a Health economist, an advisor, and a healthcare consultant who helps providers connect with health technology. The webinar has been hosted by Stacy Hurt, Senior Advisor at OSP and a HIMSS Digital Health Influencer herself.


Health Leadership Insights:Challenges and Solutions of Digital Health Transformations

July 21, 2021

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, digital health has contributed to major transformation. This change is likely to sustain, so healthcare leaders need to learn to adopt the right technologies. Implementing digital health in practices and healthcare business would promote growth and improve patient outcomes. Find out how healthcare leaders can utilize digital technology to the fullest advantage at this webinar. The speaker is Lygeia Ricciardi, a HIMSS Digital Influencer and one of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare for 2021. The webinar has been hosted by Stacy Hurt, Senior Advisor at OSP and a HIMSS Digital Health Influencer herself.


Modernizing Healthcare and Wellness with Digital Health Innovation

May 12, 2021

Healthcare providers help patients with their health goals but are unable to keep track of their progress. Patients may not follow the recommended diet and exercise, and the doctors wouldn’t know of this. As a result, the health outcomes of patients may be hindered. Find out how digital health tech can help with patients' wellness targets and enable physicians to monitor patients' health status. In this webinar Michael Rucker, an Author and Digital Health Influencer, will be speaking on the digital health tools that can serve useful. The webinar was hosted by JJ Ruso, VP of Technology Solutions at OSP.


Patient Communications: Bridging The Gap With Digital Health Innovation

April 21, 2021

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, but still struggles with a gap in patient communication. Patients go through long waiting hours to receive health access, despite being present at the health centers. Establishing open and clear patient communication enables doctors to understand their care needs and address them. Find out how digital health tech can improve patient-provider in this webinar, from Gil Bashe, an author, an ambassador for health communications, and a changemaker. The webinar has been hosted by Scott Bangerter, VP Consulting for OSP content for the webinar main page of today's webinar.


How Digital Health Technology can voice Patient Opinions?

March 31, 2021

Healthcare providers tend to the care needs and make decisions that would bring the best health outcomes of patients. Patients are excluded from decision-making or expressing their personal opinions. Encouraging patients to voice their thoughts may positively impact their health conditions. Find out how digital health tech can help with the process in this webinar, from Stacy Hurt, a Patient Advocate and changemaker. The webinar has been hosted by JJ Ruso, VP of Technology Solutions at OSP.


Digital Health & PHR: Putting patients at the Driver’s Seat

March 3, 2021

Digital health technology has made it easy to access patient records, but fails to protect patient privacy. Patients have less say in who can use or share their data. A personal health record (PHR) is about giving more control to patients regarding their health data. Learn more about PHRs and their advantages from Vincent Keunen, the CEO of Andaman7, in this webinar hosted by JJ Russo, VP of Technology Solutions at OSP.


OSP AMA: Digital Health Technology

October 22, 2020

Digital transformation in healthcare is the concrete impact of technology in healthcare. Digital health’s innovative technologies help healthcare professionals address critical issues for the remote delivery of care. Watch this webinar of OSP's first Q&A session with healthcare industry veteran Nicholas Bucciarelli and JJ Russo to learn more about the digital health insights.


Digital Health: Solving the Health Access Challenge

September 30, 2020

Access to health care impacts an individual's overall physical, social, and mental health status and quality of life. Register for this webinar to hear from Matthew Holt, Founder of Health 2.0 (HIMSS) and Founder of Smack. Health, as he talks about the extent to which digital health solutions can bridge gaps in patient care and improve healthcare access.


Digital Health: Future of Patient Experience

September 16, 2020

Digital healthcare is the beginning of an entirely new experience in health care, where the future is that people are entering or constantly connected to their healthcare team and partner. Register for this webinar to hear from Robin Farmanfarmaian, Forbes BD Council member, and Co-Founder of FaceTouch Aware as she explains how digital health is transforming patient experiences.


Telehealth - The New Normal

August 20, 2020

As remote working continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's clear the healthcare industry embraces remote care as a mainstream care delivery model. Register for this webinar to hear from HIMSS20 Influencer Jamey Edwards, CEO at Cloudbreak Health, as he discusses 'Telehealth' as the new normal.


Restoring Staffing for the Future

July 16, 2020

Register for this webinar to hear from Stephen Carter, CEO at Sterling Staffing Solutions, as he discusses how COVID19 has acted as a catalyst for the healthcare staffing industry. We'll also discuss the use of technology to solve the current healthcare staffing challenges and gain a competitive edge.

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