Health Leadership Insights: Patient-centric Digital Health Innovation

September 22nd, 2021


With digital technology transforming the healthcare industry, patient-centric care delivery is also gaining importance. Healthcare leaders are becoming interested in adopting patient-focused strategies and digital health tools. Patient-centricity is essential for increasing patient engagement and patient satisfaction. Implementing a patient-centric approach is crucial for improving patient experience.

This episode of the webinar series ‘Health Leadership Insights’ will emphasize the need for patient-centric care and how digital health can help achieve this goal. Dr. Rasu B. Shrestha, a qualified doctor, an expert in healthcare IT, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, and Executive VP at Atrium Health will be speaking about the application of digital health to promote patient-centricity. You will gain insights through the incredible journey of Dr. Shrestha and his vast experience and knowledge in healthcare and technology.  

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