Healthcare Leadership Insights: Establishing Technology As a Partner in Care

December 22, 2021


Technology is rapidly transforming the world around us. Its dynamic nature is the reason behind the extreme complexity we face while dealing with multiple pre-defined systems and procedures, especially in the healthcare industry. This webinar will focus on understanding the role of the rising impact of technology in healthcare and the vast amounts of health data to solve the age-old patient challenges.

What we face right now is called 'data dilemma, which signifies the confusion with vast mounds of data without a pre-defined way of using it to offer the best possible care available. During an ongoing healthcare appointment, the smartest one in the room is the computer with a detailed and minuscule understanding of the problem and the best possible solution. John will share his insights on leveraging technology by the care facilities to make the most informed decisions and build a patient-infused model of care.  

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