Modernizing Healthcare and Wellness with Digital Health Innovation

May 12, 2021


Patients with various healthcare needs, including the elderly and those with chronic health issues, tend to have health goals. Doctors and patients may decide a routine that needs to be followed to achieve the targets. However, physicians will not have a clue whether or not the routine involving a specific diet or exercise is being implemented. Moreover, there may be communication gaps between patients and providers. As a result, the health goals may not be successfully executed.

The scenario can be completely transformed with the help of digital health tools. Doctors can observe patient history and all health data from multiple devices. Healthcare providers can have video consultations with patients using mobile health and telehealth applications. Virtual health platforms allow doctors to monitor the health of patients and keep it under regular check. Geriatric and chronic care also becomes convenient with remote patient monitoring that provides health access from anywhere. Physicians can check patient vitals and also keep tabs on mental health issues. Learn more about the significance of digital health inpatient wellness from our webinar. Michael Rucker, the author of Fun Habit and a digital health influencer, will be speaking about how virtual health tools can promote wellness in patients and simplify patient-provider communication. 

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