Healthcare Leadership Insights: How to Close the Health Equity Gap Through Virtual Care

Wednesday, october 27th, 2021

9AM PT / 11AM CT / 12PM ET


Abner Mason


Stacy Hurt


The healthcare industry witnessed a massive transformation from in-person visits to virtual care since the onset of the pandemic. Telehealth and mHealth applications and providers have simplified health access and care delivery in these trying times. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to avail the benefits of improved health access. Health inequity is still a major concern in the medical industry, including virtual care practices. This is the fourth episode of the webinar series ‘Health Leadership Insights’ that will focus on discussing the implementation of health equity in virtual care practices to offer quality and timely care access to every patient in need.

Our webinar speaker for this episode is Abner Mason, a healthcare technology leader, and the founder and CEO of ConsejoSan. He will be sharing personal insights and knowledge into his vision for ensuring health equity among multicultural communities, and how telehealth can be applied to remove health disparities.  

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