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Healthcare Credentialing System

Healthcare Credentialing Tracking Software solutions


Healthcare Credentialing Software solutions

Healthcare credentialing is a defined process that reviews the physician’s qualification, specialty certificates, their education, training, residency, and licenses and more. The credentialing software solutions automate and simplify this process by replacing the manual verification, data screening, contracts generation, managing applications, and other tasks.

OSP has experience in engineering custom credentialing solutions that can optimize operations and workflows, prepare healthcare facilities for audits, securely store updated provider’s data, and ensure these accreditations are easy to find. By automating the time-consuming and cumbersome credentialing process with centralized and compliant credentialing. OSP can program dental credentialing solutions and mental credentialing solutions to maintain or provide access to updated and accurate provider information to their patients.


The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Low Portability

Lower portability affecting the process workflow and data management tasks in credentialing.

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Manual Process

A paper-based and manual credentialing process affecting the speed and efficiency of credentialing.

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Data Management

Inefficient management of data storage, data segmentation, data security for better credentialing.

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High Error Ratio

High error ratio in the credentialing process due to manual and paper-based systems.

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Inability to maintain NCQA compliance for seamless and secure credentialing process.

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Credential Expiration

Inability to manage and control healthcare credentialing process without proper reminders.

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Cutting-edge Healthcare Credentialing Solution Process

Navigating the complicated process of healthcare credentialing through advanced technology.


Centralized Credentialing

Centralized credentialing is the process of improving the credentialing efficiency, eliminating repetitive tasks, boost revenue cycle management to stay competitive. Centralized credentialing solutions have a great effect on provider data integrity and in facilitating delegation with payers. In centralized credentialing, two or more than two healthcare facilities share the cost of credentialing providers saving the total cost required. Even the providers get to credentialed once, making the process more hassle-free and increasing the goodwill between providers and administrators.

OSP engineers highly advanced healthcare credentialing solutions help to save the potential waste of huge sums of money by standardizing and coordinating administrative policies and procedures through healthcare credentialing services. Customizing credentialing software solutions help in delegating relationship with payers to optimize revenue cycle management and decrease the overall expenses. Our provider credentialing solutions are tailored to eliminate the process of credentialing a single provider in multiple systems while maintaining the efficiency and data integrity of credentialing.

Workflow Automation

Credentialing is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. It includes collecting required data from the physicians, developing the credentialing strategy, auditing the provided data for accuracy, validating the data & certificates, managing provider profiles and following up with payers. We help by customizing healthcare credentialing software to replace the manual credentialing workflow.

OSP can program cloud credentialing software with real-time, intuitive dashboards to enhance productivity eliminate the redundancy in the process. Healthcare credentialing with automated workflows offer a seamless process for online verification, attestation aging, expiration management, credentialing metrics, onboarding options and more. Healthcare credentialing software can boost monitoring and maximize the credentialing process performance.

Demographic Analytics

Custom-made credentialing software solutions provide an insight view of the process, workflow, and process of credentialing at a specific healthcare facility. The cloud-based data storage and data management features help in maintaining the optimum quality of the gathered data securely. We help you program tailored credentialing software that replaces the practice of maintaining the myriad of spreadsheets and files to store all your credentialing data.

Multi-tier database hierarchy, intuitive database population, and timely provider and payer updates help you to develop an advanced credentialing infrastructure where data is segmented based on healthcare facility, groups within the facility, locations, departments, and provider specialties. We engineer credentialing software solutions for you to show you how your credentialing services should operate to provide maximum success.

Online Verification

Online provider verification is among the essential healthcare credentialing services that streamline the process of online validation of the provider’s submitted credentials and certificates. Cutting-edge cloud credentialing software helps in assessing and acquiring accurate, current information regarding physicians and health care providers including nurse practitioners, labs and skilled health nursing facilities.

Our medical credentialing solutions renders highly comprehensive and robust online background verification tools. We tailor facility credentialing software with a quality background verification system that is fully automated and use multiple manual verification features to authenticate and validate the crucial credentials of providers. Our tools efficiently run complete background checks and smartly manage their detail investigations with facial verification, social security verification, ID verification, etc.

Automated Alerts

Every healthcare facility always needs updated providers data and credentials. The expiration reminders and automated alerts in insurance credentialing software can help to keep track of documents and certificates that are about to expire and changes in performance metrics. Our custom credentialing tracking software helps in providing complete visibility in the provider’s profile with smart notification settings and automated email reminders.

The automated alerts offered by our custom facility credentialing software have helped to up the performance of the credentialing process and in turn the facility by notifying users in advance. These timely notifications prove useful when the credentialing documents, licenses, certifications, and more are due to expire and need attention. The automated alerts can be configured to automatically report the specific staff who are responsible for resolving the issue.

Comprehensive Reporting

To boost the workflow process of facility credentialing software, we need to go beyond the standard reporting. Unlimited, intuitive and comprehensive credentialing reports to easily query and recover insightful data and customize reports in a variety of formats. Our cutting-edge insurance credentialing software is customized to help you create tailored reports using an ad-hoc report writer.

OSP can engineer credentialing tracking software that incorporates top-quality reporting features including institutional summery, days in enrollment, facility summery, provider summery and more. We program made-to-order credentialing software solutions that provide a comprehensive library of ad-hoc reporting, built-in reports, summary management reports tickler reports, board certification, and reappointment data.

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Use Cases

Text Detection

Expiration Reminders

The certifications and documents submitted in the provider credentialing solutions are subject for expiration. OSP' custom healthcare credentialing software provides deep visibility in the already expired documents and the documents that are about to get expired. The flexible and easy-to-use credentialing software is tailored to offer timely reminders as a signal to maintain the quality and authenticity of any provider's profile. This module helps to maintain the current status of each profile and enhance the credentialing workflow management efforts.

Sentiment Analysis

Seamless Workflow

A paperless healthcare credentialing workflow counters the current complex challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Our custom credentialing software helps the supervisors to streamline the credentialing process workflow through cutting-edge automation. Creating new records, verifying the provider's eligibility, adjusting their status based on the configurable criteria is simplified with our made-to-order healthcare credentialing software. Provider's relation management, outreach program, and timely task management can be maintained in a seamless workflow with OSP' tailored credentialing software solutions.

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Data & Network Management

Managing complex and tiered provider networks is a crucial challenge. OSP' custom healthcare credentialing services promotes hassle-free and automated provider's data and network management. We make it possible through intuitive healthcare credentialing platforms, streamlined workflow, and data repositories. We tailor credentialing software solutions to align contracts, provider demographics, specialties and fee schedules and more. Managing and tracking credentialing activity in real-time, optimizing financial contract optimization and standardizing historical claims are the major functionalities of our made-to-order insurance credentialing software.


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