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Healthcare credentialing is highly complex and time-consuming distraction, for providing best-quality healthcare services to the patients. OSP Labs healthcare credentialing software solutions take the burden of credentialing by helping healthcare organizations to meet their combined cross-location, revenue-centric needs. We ensure only the best-in-class medical credentialing solutions that are cloud-based, multi-location and with 24×7 web accessibility for remote and timely access. To easily connect with providers, validate their credentials and analyze eligibility & qualification our credentialing solutions play a vital part. We will help you streamline your workflow to minimize duplicate efforts, eliminate paper trails and reduce processing time for online applications, cloud-based database, effective communication with your providers and seamless connections for primary source verification.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs’ medical credentialing software solutions automate the medical credentialing process with the entire primary source verification process, re-credentialing, privileging, and quality data – including OPPE/FPPE conditions.

  • OSP Labs' healthcare credentialing software solutions offer the most user-friendly and intuitive front-end system which help you improve your productivity and enhance client satisfaction. Our medical credentialing software provides multiple features such as biometric login, data collection & verification, intelligent queuing, signature capture and document authentication.
  • Our medical credentialing solutions renders the highly comprehensive and robust background verification tools. Our background verification tools are fully automated and use multiple manual verification features to authenticate and validate the crucial credentials of applicants. Our tools efficiently run complete background checks and smartly manage their detail investigations with facial verification, social security verification, ID verification, etc.
  • Our healthcare credentialing software solutions include innovative reporting features that have a huge library of ad-hoc reporting, built-in reports. The credentialing is made comprehensive with smart built-in reports comprising summary management reports, and tickler reports, insurance, reappointment information and board certification. You can also create custom reports using our proprietary ad-hoc report writer.
Values Delivered
Medical Credentialing Software Solutions | Healthcare Credentialing Software Solutions
Automate Tedious Tasks
Streamline tedious and time-consuming processes such as OIG monitoring and primary source verification efficiently.
Medical Credentialing solutions | Healthcare Credentialing Solutions
Credentialing Centralization
Store the medical credentialing data securely in the cloud and access it from any location at any time across the globe.
Medical Credentialing Software | Healthcare Credentialing Software
Automatic Reminders
Stay updated about the missing or outdated credentialing document with automatic reminder notifications.
Medical Credentialing Services| Healthcare Credentialing Services
Self Populating Forms
Diminish the possibility of human error and streamline the clinical staff efficiency with self-populating credentialing forms.
Credentialing Software solutions | Credentialing Solutions
Real-time Data Access
Access your up-to-date provider and privileging data in real-time to impact decision making quality.

What Makes OSP Lab's Credentialing Software Solution Best for Your Need?

OSP Labs' medical credentialing software development helps you navigate the complicated process of healthcare provider enrollment and medical credentialing all at comparable rates. Our highly relational database allows you to store virtually provider's information hassle-free.

Accelerate your revenue flow and boost the productivity of physicians efficient credentialing management.
Store and transmit comprehensive credential data to providers in a secure online portfolio managed in centralized cloud systems.
Minimize the human error by automatically populating forms and applications from the stored data.
Minimize the required time for manual credentialing of the healthcare provider by automating these tedious and multi-step tasks.
Gain access to multiple customizable features to create custom provider privilege templates & peer references and minimize the paper trail.
Eliminate the redundant work of same credentialing tasks for each provider by centralizing the core credentialing functions.
Gain qualitative enhancement in data integrity of credentialing data with the centralized credentialing process model.
Bring enhancement to the staff productivity through simplified credentialing to have fewer errors and a substantial decrease in claim denials.

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