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Reimagining the EHR Data on Mobile Apps With the Power of AI

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are meant to ease the everyday workings of physicians, clinicians and administrative staff in the healthcare sector. However, the reality is quite different. EHR usability has rarely lived up to its expectation and healthcare employees seem to be spending a considerable amount of time on managing this data to make it meaningful. This has resulted in a prevailing disappointment over EHR documentation and patient interaction.

We notice that some of the biggest software developers in the market have identified the frustrations linked to EHR and are working on innovative solutions to close the gap between what EHR is perceived to achieve and the current reality. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tool that can turn basic EHR into ‘Smart EHR’, through Machine Learning (ML) and voice recognition technologies. From improvising patient visits to the clinic or other healthcare organizations, to accurate and availability of care, the possibilities are endless.

Current Challenges with EHR:

Ways in which AI can Uplift EHR:

When AI, ML and Voice Recognition technologies are applied toward EHR optimization, there are various areas that can be automated, which significantly increases the efficiency of the data.


The current EHR systems are unstructured, time-consuming due to their poor designs, incompatibility with mobile devices and impractical functionality. Through constant improvisations in technology and mobile devices, the manner in which patients can interact with doctors and physicians is poised to be transformed. AI and ML are witnessed to be making disruptive breakthroughs in this domain. Engaging patients is now a reality that every healthcare organization can hope to achieve.

To gain a competitive edge, healthcare agencies must now look to adopt AI and ML technologies that can augment their EHR systems into achieving what was originally perceived as the goal. It can go a long way in engaging patients, customizing communication between patients and doctors, optimizing administrative tasks through mobile app development.

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