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Leveraging the Power of AI in Speech Analytics



The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Sentiment Analysis

Unable to understand the consumer sentiments and maximize the consumer interaction.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

System Integration

Difficulties in integrating speech analytics into a core software system without a hassle.

Data Redaction

Unable to automatically redact personal, sentimental and controversial data from an audio file.

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Real-time Analysis

Unable to track and analyze the speech and sentiments from customer calls in real-time.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Language Detection

Inability to identify the language, keywords, and phrases to pick up insights from a conversation.

ai in medical diagnosis | artificial intelligence medical diagnosis

Data Accuracy

Inability to lower the Word Error Rate (WER) metric to obtain accurate speech analytics.

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AI-Powered Speech Analytics Process

Power your business with AI in speech analytics to optimize outcomes through valuable customer insights.


Real-time Speech Analytics

Our AI in Speech recognition Software Solutions can automatically capture the complete agent-customer interaction to offer hidden insights and opportunities. The sophisticated language and speech analysis module can identify the language, keywords, and phrases to pick up insights from every aspect of a conversation. OSP can customize speech recognition analytics AI software solutions with powerful speech engine that analyzes these keywords, phrases and speaker sentiments in real-time to help understand the direction of a speech. The tailored speech recognition analytics AI can offer enterprises valuable recommendations to take the next best action.

Automated Speaker Separation

Our AI in Speech recognition Software Solutions offers automated speaker voice separation. It helps to divide the call agent and clients speech segments to enhance the effectiveness speech analytics. Our powerful speech engine leverages AI in speech recognition analytics to identify caller and agent speakers. After analyzing the audio, speech sentiment analysis, agent performance scoring, speech metrics can be achieved with Speech Recognition analytics AI.

Speech Interaction Analytics

A customer interacts with any business in multiple ways. The interaction is carried out mainly with an ever-growing array of communication channels email, social media, online forms, surveys, chat, phone calls, and more. These interactions can offer us valuable insight into productivity, business performance, and customer’s loyalty. Our speech recognition analytics with AI software solutions collect the waves of structured and unstructured information. It is then transformed into coherent data and analyzed. With millions of multi-channel voice and text interactions, OSP’ Speech Interaction Analytics can Improve operational efficiency and key performance metrics.

Knowledge Extraction

Our Speech Recognition analytics AI solutions incorporate advanced knowledge extraction module. It helps to make recorded content discoverable by automatically extracting the keywords and generates overall topics from audio and video recordings. These keywords and topics used to provide automatic notes which can be scanned, or used to drill-down into the speech content. Knowledge extraction helps to summarize longer calls by topics and keywords for management to easily review or escalate critical events at scale. Knowledge extraction proves beneficial in tracking the trends in customer experience through the changing patterns of speech.

Speech Sentiment Analysis

OSP can tailor AI in speech recognition analytics to identify the speaker’s feelings, state of emotions and sentiments. Our speech recognition analytics AI can help enterprises to maximize consumer interaction by having a contextual awareness, situational discovery, and tone sentiments. The speech sentiment analysis has its role in understanding the speech data to device smart strategies, improve quality of services, and deliver delightful customer experience. Our speech recognition analytics AI solutions leverage Natural Language Processing to obtain the literal voice of the client considering nuances like emotional data, voice tone, phrasing, and punctuation.

Analytics and Machine Learning

We can tailor AI in Speech recognition Software Solutions as per your needs to automatically surfaces specific keywords, key phrases, and topics from the audio recordings. We employ proprietary algorithms and customer input. Our advanced API platform used Machine Learning to perform predictive analysis of spoken information to classify complex and subjective events automatically. The insights from predictive analytics help to identify the trends, perform competitive analysis, increase efficiency, and automate processes such as quality compliance measures.

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Use Cases

What We Offer?

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Powerful Speech Engine

OSP can build tailored Speech Recognition analytics AI software for your business. We can customize AI in Speech Recognition analytics to improve accuracy for speech content and language detection. The product names, sensitive subjects or names of individuals can be easily recognized with our powerful speech engine. OSP leverage artificial intelligence in speech recognition analytics to identify different speakers in your audio, detect specified keywords in real-time with better accuracy and confidence. As per your business needs, we can create multiple pre-built speech recognition models with Speech Recognition analytics AI to offer you an optimum experience.

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OSP can make speech-to-text recognition easy with custom speech recognition analytics AI solutions. We apply the most advanced deep-learning neural network algorithms to audio for speech recognition with exceptional accuracy. NLP can consume the human language in its natural form. It allows which allows the AI in Speech Recognition analytics to easily understand simple commands and speech by the user and convert them into the text. We employ algorithms and the TensorFlow machine learning toolkit to build Speech Recognition analytics with AI. We build models that can improve the accuracy of speech recognition and also deliver a high-quality synthesized speech.

custom healthcare software development | custom healthcare solutions

Voice Identification

Leveraging AI in speech recognition analytics can be utilized for automated identification using voice biometrics. OSP use speech-to-text method to identify to find the spoken language in the speech. Our Speech Recognition analytics AI follows the biometric method of voice recognition to recognize the voice of the speaker based on measuring the distinctions in individual voices. Voice authentication allows people to use their voices as passwords. Voice authentication feature in AI-based speech recognition can be used in multifactor authentication. It can be a part of multiple identifications from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a transaction or login.


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