Sustaining Financial Stability with Efficiency
in Revenue Management

Business Challenges

In today’s dynamic healthcare market, revenue cycle management holds a critical value. The ongoing consumer trends like value-based care are challenging the healthcare systems and stakeholders to enhance the quality of healthcare services while reducing the cost. OSP Labs’ health system revenue cycle management is key to maintaining financial and operational health. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) software offers end-to-end solutions, combining services, advanced technology, analytics and education, and improve performance. OSP Lab’s healthcare revenue cycle management solutions integrate every step of the care cycle, starting with the first patient touch point and ending with payment for offered services.

Solution Design & Development

OSP Labs provides tailored  to fit the unique needs of healthcare stakeholders with state-of-the-art, custom solutions healthcare revenue cycle management solutions. We always strive to help you learn how to combine the business intelligence tools, right processes, and business analytics to enhance financial outcomes for your business in healthcare domain.

  • Our healthcare revenue cycle solutions offer real-time claim submission and editing capabilities with instant error reporting. We help manage payer enrollment to enhance productivity and speeds implementation.
  • The revenue cycle management software solutions offered by OSP Labs render access to customized medical billing services options to help grow their business with account receivable Follow-up, denials & appeals management, eligibility verification and referral submission & tracking.
  • Our revenue cycle management solutions provide web-based analysis and superior reporting capabilities, to better manage and monitor payor contracts. Analyze contract performance and manage contract terms and revenues with our sophisticated cost accounting tools.
Values Delivered
Intelligent Billing
Gain access to proven features, accuracy functionality in billing process to track time and expense, invoicing, online payments and reporting.
advanced analytics
Advanced Analytics
Tap into our powerful and meaningful analytics and reporting suite to make better decisions, quicker.
Enhanced Access Management
Facilitate improved workflow processes, eliminating the 'paper chase' and validate coverage for payment.
Integrated Medical Billing
Improve the efficiency of the healthcare billing process and get paid faster, with no added & strenuous work.
Financial Visibility
Stay connected to revenue cycle management software 24X7 to assess your performance anytime, anywhere.

What Makes OSP Lab's Revenue Cycle Management Best for Your Need?

OSP Lab's revenue cycle management software solutions help healthcare stakeholders to accelerate cash flow while reducing the operational costs. We provide premium-quality, innovative and highly customized healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) services that brings efficiency in revenue management and ensure the financial success.

Simplify the patients' billing and collection cycles, by registering, appointing, scheduling and processing the payment.
Convert all elements of a healthcare transaction, including EOB documents, into an electronic format and eliminate the processing delays.
Automate the special handlings to your transactions including denials, secondary billing, reconciliation and re-association and appeals.
Boost your profits by reducing administrative expenses, slashing denied claims, decreasing days in receivables, and refocusing staff on activities.
Gain access to complete data visibility & reporting and extensive audits & controls for the posting and tracking of all financial transactions.
Keep your critical business and financial data safe with our secure data storage for your essential receivables transaction information.
Gain access to HIPAA-compliant healthcare revenue cycle solutions that provide easily configurable controls and complete audit trails and on the posting and tracking of business transactions.
Employ our extensible 'plug and play' framework can support your growth with a clear and convenient pathway for communications between healthcare stakeholders.

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