In recent times, remote patient monitoring has been in increasing demand. Health access is limited in many areas, especially in remote locations and villages. Virtual health access allows patients to reach out to physicians anytime from anywhere. Elderly patients and those with chronic needs can also benefit from virtual health platforms. It saves them the hassle of traveling to the clinics. Instead, they can have virtual consultations through video calls or chatbots. Remote patient monitoring for COPD creates platforms and applications that provide health access to patients from the comfort of their homes.   

COPD monitoring enables higher treatment accessibility and accuracy through consistent caregiving provided by telehealth solutions. COPD patient monitoring ensures that patients receive timely care for worsening COPD symptoms through technology intervention. Patients no longer need to worry about staying alert to recognize symptom changes. 

The Workings of Remote Patient Monitoring COPD Technologies  

The Workings of Remote Patient Monitoring COPD Technologies

Various studies have proved that a 7-day prodrome in patients with COPD prevents extreme intervention by a pulmonologist by catching the symptoms within the critical window and providing alerts for immediate action. This consequently reduces the likelihood of hospitalizations.   

Patients can receive outpatient treatments through consistent COPD health monitoring, pulse oximeters, bronchodilators, oral steroids, and antibiotics. One example of remote patient monitoring for COPD involved an 84-year-old male patient with mild cardio obstructive pulmonary disease. Through remote cardiorespiratory monitoring, the patient was provided with physiologic monitors and respiratory sensors. Moreover, chronic care management solutions alert healthcare workers during deviations. Through the intelligent application of web dashboards and in-home stationary devices, COPD patients receive access to improved healthcare management.   

Automated healthcare solutions are the future of healthcare, and organizations must embrace emerging chronic disease management technologies related to this domain to stay relevant and increase their ROI. Globally, governments are now focusing on the long overdue requirement of pumping money into the healthcare sector towards research, community-based diagnostics, and chronic disease management. With a global increase in cardio obstructive pulmonary disease, remote monitoring for COPD is essential for most health agencies. 

COPD Home Monitoring

COPD Home Monitoring

Over 50% of related healthcare organizations in the country have invested in Telehealth COPD monitoring technologies, and the number is only set to rise this year. The value-based care model has now matured toward innovative technologies that combine the benefits of RPM with those of Telehealth.   

Adapting to the trend of empowering patients to take control of their health, these devices are designed to offer insight into the specifications of their health conditions. The innovative technology allows the patient to continually monitor and conduct primary screening without needing physician intervention. The consistent care approach of the technology allows for an ongoing process, with health management charts that provide time-based summaries, such as weekly data for further analysis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease monitoring.  

Furthermore, through electronic data interchange, remote cardiorespiratory can offer long-term care based on an analysis of symptoms that the patient enters. An emergency diagnosis is then taken further to offer a connection to the closest doctor in proximity or convenience. Patients are further empowered through accurate and relevant information that can be continually updated to create awareness and avoid panic. Finally, COPD patients can be provided with a provision to offer suggestions for further action that are relevant or customized toward the patient’s particular needs.

Remote Cardiorespiratory Monitoring

Remote Cardiorespiratory Monitoring

The union of COPD health monitoring and virtual care is essential for those dwelling in areas distant from developed centers. Several individuals living in remote areas face inadequate care and limited or no access to pulmonary experts, leading to cardiac arrests and other chronic conditions.   

Relevant COPD patient monitoring devices that are available at local clinics can be used to provide a diagnosis. These devices can be enabled with live streaming for viewing by associated field experts. Through remote patient monitoring COPD technologies, patients in remote areas are provided instant access to quality health diagnosis via an interactive web admin panel on the mobile application that is empowered with a smart and secure architecture.   

Towards COPD remote patient monitoring, the unification of Telehealth with real-time video streaming can be a major step toward addressing dwellers’ needs in remote areas.

Merging Remote Patient Monitoring for COPD with EHR, Practice Management, and Billing

Merging Remote Patient Monitoring for COPD with EHR, Practice Management, and Billing

A comprehensive remote patient monitoring for COPD mechanism that ranges across the entire lifecycle of health management will work towards the overall adoption of innovative technologies of the healthcare organization.  

Appointment scheduling on mobile devices, wherein the patient is responsible for the entire appointment scheduling process through automated features on EHR systems. Similarly, the registration process can be enabled on mobile devices to limit inconvenience and allow the process to function smoothly at the patient’s end. Enabling provisions for insurance eligibility verification through medical informatics can be undertaken seamlessly.   

With the use of technologies, such as real-time streaming of video calls with experts, self-diagnosis, primary screening, etc., treatment plans can be identified and accessed without needing a physical visit to the clinic. Additionally, a web-based system that uses practice management solutions to analyze physician documentation and recognize relevant medical codes.   

Patient preauthorization, fee charges, payments, recovery, statements, co-pay management, collections, and reimbursements can all be undertaken through healthcare cloud computing to create a holistic billing experience. By enabling the services mentioned above on patient devices, COPD monitoring can evolve as a virtual clinic. 

Patient Education through Remote Patient Monitoring for COPD  

Patient Education through Remote Patient Monitoring for COPD

Patient education is no longer a luxury for a select few. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed it into the need of the hour. Globally, people must comprehend the factors contributing to health hazards and initiatives toward health betterment. Integrated technologies that analyze health patterns, EHR solutions, automated health reminders, and wellness initiatives on patient devices can effectively simplify accessibility.   

As we struggle to confine the growing infection rate, we have learned that healthcare needs to evolve rapidly to face emergencies. Digital health technologies that educate communities and patients are required to a greater degree than ever before. Hospital spaces are full, and doctor availability is at an all-time low. The required healthcare advice and information can be accommodated through RPM for COPD without the added pressure of physical examination and space. Finally, and most importantly, population education during a health crisis is critical to controlling disease spread. Healthcare organizations should grab the opportunity for remote patient management with open arms.


Within the past decade, we have seen a doubling of numbers in organizations interested in adopting RPM innovations. Utilization of these services has seen a drastic increase in recent times. Applying RPM with specific conditions is set to poise early adopters of healthcare organizations to emerge victorious. The manner of practicing medicine has changed, priorities have changed, and lifestyle has changed, and RPM is the answer to satisfy this shift in approach. With social distancing norms established, we can predict an exponential rise in virtual visits for healthcare. RPM is the disruptive technology that will be the game changer within the healthcare sector. 


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