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The client was looking to have a telemedicine application developed that would also include features for online consultation, appointment scheduling, and a chatbot. The chatbot is aimed at boosting the interaction between doctor and patients, and improving the overall patient engagement. Patient engagement is known to improve clinical outcomes and leave a positive experience in the minds of patients. Moreover, repeated surveys and research show that effective engagement between doctors and patients empowers the patients to manage their own health better. 


About client


About client

Manual Appointment Management

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Quick Access to Care

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Secure Digital Payments

About client


About client

Secure Chatbot



OSP’s platform makes it easy for patients to connect with doctors using nothing more than a smartphone or a laptop, and an internet connection. This is extremely helpful for patients who are really old, or have problems with transportation. They can have a virtual consultation from the privacy of their houses, or from any location they choose. This improves the access to care. 



OSP’s feature of a chatbot is an extremely effective tool to improve patient engagement. Many patients are going to have queries about things like medications, dosage, diets, lifestyle, and so forth. A chatbot enables patients to have to doubts resolved without having to schedule another regular appointment. This is extremely helpful for people suffering from chronic diseases, as they have to extra care. 


Secure Online Payments

Taking an online consultation from the privacy of your home is only one half of the process-flow of care. The subsequent billing and payment is also what make a comprehensive telehealth platform. OSP’s feature enables patients to make payments online securely after a productive telehealth session with their doctor. It also eliminates the need to send invoices manually. 


Simplified Patient Registration and Data Entry

The feature of patient registration takes out the manual, pen and paper-based methods of entering patient details. Moreover, after a consultation, this feature also makes it easy to upload and update patients’ medical data into electronic health records for future reference. The result is easier workflows that are faster and more productive. 


Uninterrupted Connectivity with Quality Streaming

This is perhaps among the most important features for a telehealth application. OSP’s platform ensures high quality streaming that doesn’t suffer from interruptions or crashes. Patients can use it reliably to connect with doctors and have a productive consultation. The best part – it doesn’t have any steep hardware requirements. 


User-Friendly Interface

This was one of the major concerns of the client that OSP had to meet. We ensured that the application was user-friendly and can be used by people of all backgrounds with ease. OSP is well aware that not everyone is acquainted with technology and some might find it difficult to use an app. This problem is well-addressed in out app. 


About client



Secure Connection


Quality Streaming


HIPAA Compliant


Automated Appointment Management


Increase Access to Care

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