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The client is a company named Duotrack that provides virtual golfing lessons for aspiring golfers. Duotrack wanted an Android based application coupled with sensors that would train golfing aspirants virtually. The sensors of the application had to be sensitive enough to detect the posture of the golfer and assess the things like the distance between the feet, the grip, the strike, and so forth. This must enable the application to make corrections and help improve the skills of the users. 


About client


About client

User Interface

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App-Sensor Integration

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Accurate Posture Detection

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Swing Assessment

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Hip Sway Monitoring

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Grip Assessment


Advanced Sensors

The application that OSP developed includes state-of-the-art sensors that are integrated with the application. These analyse the posture of the golfer and things like distance between his or her feet, the grip, initial positioning, and so on. In doing so, it is able to correct any mistakes in the initial stance before the user can strike the ball. 


Calc Engine

The Calc engine is what accepts data from the sensors to find out any mistakes in the technique or swing of the user. It is capable of capturing real-time data from the sensors, as and when the shot happens and a little before it to know where the user is going wrong and to correct any mistakes. OSP added this module for the client’s requirements. 


Detection of Swing

The swing is perhaps the most important aspects of golf. It needs to have the right angle of the club, proper movement of the hips, and adequate amount of shifting of the weight. Additionally, things like angle of the face of club and the extension of the arm too are important for the right shot. OSP’s application considers all of these factors and recommends adjustments to the users. 

Real-Time Coaching

The customized application considers many factors of the user’s game such as posture, stance, and swing (as mentioned above) to offer real-time coaching to help users learn better. The application was intended to be a virtual golf coach and does that function for users. Real-time corrections based on observations go a long way in helping to improve the users’ game. 


Robust Sensors

The sensors that collect data on various parameters are highly resilient and can withstand the swings and the hits. The sensors are the ones that would be exposed to some punishment and wear and tear as the golf clubs hit the balls, are carried around the field, packed into golf club bags, and removed again. OSP ensured that the sensors are robust and long-lasting. 


User-Friendly Interface

OSP designed the customized application with a keen emphasis on the user-interface. The app is highly navigable with all its features and functionality. The game of golf needs focus, precision, expert coaching, and patience. An interactive application interface goes a long way in helping speed up the learning process. 


About client



Impactful Learning


Nuanced Corrections


Accuracy of Detection


Improvement in Posture


Precision in Swing


Real-Time Swing Data

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