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The client was GSNS, a famous logistics service provider that handled warehousing, storage, and delivery for a wide range of clients. However, GSNS was using a system that was out-of-date and needed modernization to keep up with evolving market demands. The company was looking for a web and mobile application to digitize day-to-day workflows and connect various elements of the entire business better. Furthermore, being a logistics service provider, GSNS also needed a means of tracking loads, managing drivers, and checking up on the cargo. 


About client


About client

Legacy Systems

About client

Manual Workflows

About client

Pen & Paper Based Management

About client

Lack of Cargo Tracking

About client

Driver Management

About client

Delivery Tracking


Price Calculation

OSP included a module to determine the price of a service based on various parameters like distance to be transported, duration of storage, type of cargo to be stored, and so forth. Based on these factors, calculating the cost for the customer would take a few clicks and get done in less than a minute.  


Synchronization With Mobile Application

OSP created a web based application, along with a mobile based one. The management at GSNS can use their smartphones when they are out in the field to carry out various tasks. This is because the mobile application is synchronized with the web based one. Data entered and activities assigned at the office can be tracked and verified outside through the mobile app. 


Enhanced Search

Being a company that offers logistics services, the management would routinely need to search for content, reports, information, cargo data, and so on. OSP’s platform for the company includes a search engine that can retrieve just about any report or information. This makes it easy to obtain any business related data and make informed decisions. 


Reports Generation

Since GSNS offers physical storage, transportation, as well as delivery, it is necessary to have detailed reports about every activity. Factors like duration of storage, weight of cargo being transported, and distanced delivered are needed to determine the cost and time required. OSP’s solution enables the management to generate reports about everything through the application itself. 


Streamlined Management

OSP’s application achieves the primary goal of digitizing the workflows at the client’s organization. By replacing conventional pen and paper based management techniques, the amount of physical documentation and paperwork is reduced sharply. Things that needed calls, signatures, documentation, and filing are now done with a few clicks. 


User-Friendly Interface

Since GSNS had to move their operations from physical to digital, it invariably meant having to spend time on the application. For this purpose, OSP ensured that the customized application for GSNS has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and requires little time to get used to. GSNS experienced faster workflows. 


About client



Improved Logistics


Better Customer Relationship


Efficient Workflows


Digitized Management


Higher ROI


Improved Coordination

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