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Transforming Global Healthcare with Telehealth

Join Sharon Allen, CEO of WTI,  as host Nicole Guevara speaks on telehealth’s transformative role in global healthcare equity. Explore how WTI offers remote medical expertise to underserved communities. Learn about WTI enhancing local healthcare providers’ skills through strategic partnerships and advanced technology. Gain insights on telehealth’s potential in reducing clinician burnout and improving access, addressing challenges like internet connectivity. Take a dip into the future, where telehealth innovations, including remote surgery, further advance global healthcare equity.

Exploring the Impact of Generative AI on Healthcare With John Lynn

Join John Lynn, founder of Healthcare Scene, in an insightful conversation with the host, Nicole Guevara. Explore the revolutionary impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Learn about the transformative effects of generative AI on patient care, patient education, comprehension of diagnoses, and communication between patients and healthcare providers. Gain insights on crafting optimal prompts for generative AI and use the tools for informed and empowered patient interactions.

Transforming Healthcare Through Video Games with Eddie Martucci

Join Eddie Martucci, co-founder of Akili Interactive, as host Bryce Barger engages in a riveting discussion. Explore Eddie’s transition from biochemistry to pioneering neuroscience and video game treatments. Learn about EndeavorRx and EndeavorOTC, the first ADHD treatments through video games. Learn about cognitive functioning, the patented technology behind Akili’s products, and the empowering nature of user engagement. Gain insights on the widespread integration of digital therapeutics, maintaining Akili’s multi-product vision.

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Explore the groundbreaking world of digital health technology, where visionary innovations are driving transformative changes in healthcare. Engage in compelling discussions with industry leaders, unraveling pioneering insights, health tech trends, and the future landscape of healthcare transformation. Join us on this journey of discovery and evolution in healthcare.


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