OSP Launched Cloud-based Real-time Claim Data Management Solution

June 14, 2020


Medical claims processing is one of the three core elements of the value-added insurance chain. One primary avenue of fostering medical claims processing growth is robust claims data management solutions. OSP’s tech experts engineered real-time medical claim data management solutions to improve medical claim management by studying and evaluating the claims data to judge its suitability for further processing. 

“Paper-based manual claims data management is time-consuming and needs further efforts. Our client needed to expedite the medical claims management procedure workflow with real-time tracking of the status of medical claims while maintaining the necessary HIPAA standards,” said John Russo, VP of Technology at OSP. 

OSP has successfully built a real-time medical claims data management software while maintaining HIPAA compliance backed by highly secure AWS cloud hosting. We successfully replaced the paper-driven claim data management system with an advanced single and shared interface to automatically track the rejected claims and documents. Our web-based medical claims software offers the following solutions 

OSP’s team of experts worked to build medical claims data management software solutions that enabled our client to make self-service claim inquiries and routine follow-ups on the rejected claims. The ‘claim follow-up report’ generation, reminder algorithm, and advanced data management with robust data security and compliance are the major takeaway points of OSP made-to-order claims data management solutions. This solution helped our client seamlessly accelerate the medical claims management process and decrease the number of claim denials with inbound claim analysis.  

About OSP:

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