OSP Creates a Customized Mental Health Billing Platform

June 14, 2020


The resolution of reimbursement and introduction of mental and behavioral health services form major components when managing mental health claims. OSP Labs has engineered a full range of mental health billing software solutions, including a web-based billing platform designed to bring efficiency in billing, workflow automation, accurate claim scrubbing, and fill the regulatory compliance gap.  

“Being the multi-faceted system, the behavioral healthcare industry finds seamless collaboration with external resources quite challenging. A customized and web-based platform is required to streamline workflow automation, enhance cooperation and boost the claims approval rates,” said John Russo, VP of Technology at OSP Labs.  

To address the pain points of mental healthcare billing and claims management, OSP has engineered an innovative and customized web-based platform. OSP’s mental health billing software platform helps organize, manage, and submit electronic claims while maximizing revenue collections. This cloud-based platform has an in-built web-based claim scrubber for verifying claim accuracy and at the same time ensuring HIPAA & PCI compliance. It also checks for SSL certification. 

OSP’s mental health billing platform stood out in the mental health industry due to its unique innovation and functionalities through improved claims reimbursement and staff productivity. 

About OSP: 

OSP provides cutting-edge, flexible healthcare payer software solutions and integrated experiences in the healthcare domain. We have pioneered unique cloud-based software services designed to help the entire healthcare ecosystem, including providers, payers, and billing companies.