OSP built a Unique Staffing Solution for a US-based Client that won a prestigious award

Sept 27, 2021


Home Health Pro created by OSP is garnered with ‘Fast 100 & Innovation Award’ by Houston Business Journal (HBJ) ‘Home Health Pro was developed by Team OSP, which offers faster scheduling for physician appointments, GEO tracking, Smart provider Performance rating system, and much more.’ 

The healthcare industry is digitizing with new technology to address the various challenges. The constantly evolving and expanding industry faces increasing responsibility. As a result, there is a growing demand for efficient staffing and scheduling services. However, many healthcare providers struggle to meet the need and look for solutions to improve practice management. 

OSP’s client, Sterling Staffing Solutions, was facing a similar difficulty with meeting the growing staffing needs. The pandemic impacted the healthcare industry in many ways, one of them being a shortfall of staff and lack of management. Sterling Staffing Solutions is a leading scheduling and service provider in the US that wished to replace its current legacy systems with a smart website and a mobile application. They were looking to build an Uber-like model to connect healthcare agencies and clinicians easily to deliver real-time value-driven care to patients. 

‘OSP recognized the challenges, performed careful analysis, and developed a doctor-on-demand application that won the prestigious Fast 100 & Innovation Award by Houston Business Journal (HBJ)’. 

Team OSP developed ‘Home Health Pro’, which received the prestigious ‘First 100 & Innovation Award’ by Houston Business Journal (HBJ). The Home Health Pro app was built from scratch by OSP to introduce an Uber-like model in Healthcare that addressed staffing challenges in the pandemic.  

The app offers automated scheduling of clinicians based on the geological locations of the patient and care requirements. It includes a pre-defined payment system automated with digital payment technologies. It also comes with user-friendly and interactive dashboards that fulfilled the client’s software development needs. Home Health Pro conveniently manages staff responsibilities with healthcare automation. It streamlines daily operations and can manage the revenue cycle with ease. 

These features made the Home Health Pro mobile app offer the best solution and resulted in our client Stephen Carter receiving an award for innovation. The Houston Business Journal named Sterling Carter, CEO of Sterling Staffing Solutions, as one of the top 5 Most Admired CEOs of 2020. OSP’s innovative ideas and skillful team were able to create an award that won wonderful recognition. 

 About OSP: 

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