Jamie Edwards shares with OSP his perspective on Telehealth and its rising need

Aug 20, 2020


The pandemic has seen a new normal and a pre-COVID and post-COVID world. COVID-19 has affected people worldwide physically, emotionally, and economically. People and businesses struggle to adapt to the change, and the healthcare industry is no exception. But all is not so bad after all because COVID-19 also introduced new healthcare technologies. 

“COVID-19 has accelerated healthcare’s digital transformation.”– Jamey Edwards. 

Telehealth is medical care delivered virtually, and lately, it has been at the forefront. OSP organized a webinar with Jamey Edwards, a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Digital Influencer for 2020, and Cloudbreak Health CEO to discuss Telehealth.  

Nick hosted the webinar from OSP, and it kickstarted with Jamey’s experience of being selected as a HIMSS Digital Health Influencer. Jamie mentioned that HIMSS is one of the largest organizations working towards advancement in healthcare with technology and innovation. He added that he felt honored to have been selected for this digital influencer program because its theme was the change you wanted to see in the healthcare system. 

Jamie pointed out that telemedicine has been around for 30 plus years, beginning with the phone that had Telemedicine 1.0. This technology is easily accessible and got accelerated with COVID. Healthcare is adopting digital transformation to promote Telehealth. Telemedicine has enhanced communication between patients and providers, resulting in better patient outcomes. 

“Communication is the number one diagnostic tool a clinician has and the patient’s number one empowerment tool.”– Jamie Edwards. 

Jamie said that Telehealth is the digital front door of the healthcare system because it’s a convenient, cost-effective way to access health care. He added that Telehealth forms a part of a broader set of tools that the health care system surrounds patients within their continuum of care. The webinar also discussed the challenge of appointment management and no-shows. Jamie mentioned that Telehealth could simplify appointment management. He said that no-shows and missed appointments could affect revenue generation, and Telehealth can improve patient experience and reduce no-shows.  

The event also included a discussion about integrating EHR with Telehealth and how it can benefit both providers and patients. Remote patient monitoring and healthcare technology monitoring heart rate and other conditions were also discussed. According to Jamie, the healthcare industry is moving quickly towards enterprise solutions integrating with the EMR and RPM tools. The webinar informed the listeners about how Telehealth is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Many questions were answered, and the event was both engaging and insightful. 

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