Fortune business insights have suggested that by 2026, the telehealthcare market demand will hit USD 185.6 billion.

The main reason for driving the telehealth market is the shift towards virtual health counseling. Moreover, the COVID pandemic has spiked the need for telemedicine systems.

Several key considerations are highly essential to position telehealth and telemedicine for market success. They are availability, cost-effectiveness, reimbursement policies, patient outcome, cloud solutions, telemedicine specialties on-demand, and store and forward telemedicine technologies. 

The main benefit of telemedicine is that it allows you to approach specialists in healthcare professionals that you would not reach easily. Telemedicine solutions, such as telemedicine specialties, telemonitoring, and telehealth nursing, provide great healthcare job opportunities. They also give many advantages to the patients by saving time and cost with a marginal difference. 

Here are the top 10 rapidly growing telemedicine specialties for the global healthcare market with astonishing telemedicine benefits:



Teledentistry is a new aspect of specialized preventive care that is progressing in value and relevance. The American Dental Association reveals that 42% of people don’t visit the dentist enough. On the contrary, 85% of people recognize the importance of dental health. It is one of the telemedicine specialties that will lead to better communication and improve your patients’ overall oral health, particularly those who may not visit the clinic for dental appointments.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • Information exchange through teleconsultation will lead to better patient outcomes.
  • Doctors will interact more efficiently with colleagues, leading to a mutual understanding of treatment priorities and an increased response to treatment.

Future of Teledentistry

  • In the end, the appropriate integration of teledentistry will lead to a successful advancement in family dentistry. 
  • As family dentists can serve as guides for specialty programs, promoting dental treatment provided by other dental telemedicine specialists.

  • Teledentistry will enable access to rural, aging, and Medicaid populations. 
  • For people who fear visiting a dentist, the painless dental consultation will take the telehealth and telemedicine market by storm.



Teleradiology is one of the leading telemedicine specialties with a highly competitive and categorized market.

With the power of AI, customized 3D imaging, enhanced mobility, and cloud solutions, this is one of the best telemedicine specialties saving many people’s lives with early detection with advanced healthcare solutions

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • It is one of the telemedicine specialties that provides an opportunity for a radiologist working in a distant place to analyze the photos collected by the ER teams. In rural areas, this is extremely useful.
  • Enhanced productivity and workflow efficiency are the key benefits of telemedicine about teleradiology. 

Future of Teleradiology

  • Adopting teleradiology would be a groundbreaking attempt to improvise the healthcare system. 
  • The need for early detection, timely intervention, and prevention surgeries with improved diagnosis and management of cancer have led to increased demand for CT scans over other radio-diagnostic techniques.
  • As data integration on smartphones with cloud-based health information systems, in this way, many experts can give their opinion on the CT scan findings. 

Telemental health/ psychiatry telemedicine

Telemental health

Telemedicine in psychiatry aims to provide mental health services that are credible, easy, and readily available. The American Psychiatric Association assisted psychiatrists in establishing a telepsychiatry program for improved patient outcomes and support.

HHS exempted the HIPAA fines for using the NON-HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, as mental issues were on the rise, thereby increasing usage. The license requirements are also relaxed so that patients can access all interstate telemental health/ psychiatry telemedicine providers.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • People with mental health problems will very quickly get pushed into dangerous behavioral changes. Therefore to mitigate the sense of isolation that can be given by teleconferencing, they need continual assessment.
  • Telemedicine for psychiatry services, including telenursing and telemonitoring, can be provided in highly dangerous areas that are not suitable to residential medical practitioners, such as military troupes, submarines, and international space stations. 

Future of psychiatry telemedicine 

  • People with mental health issues require immediate care and continuous monitoring to prevent the worsening of their condition. 
  • Pandemic gave a much-needed push for telehealth solutions, particularly mental health telemedicine specialties. 
  • Adopting telenursing and telemedicine for psychiatry in healthcare will enable video/text therapy, improved patient engagement
  • It is possible with proper prescription management and monitoring of behavioral health and improved health outcome in less time and expense



Teledermatology explores great promise through Teleconferencing and information technologies to transform dermatological care delivery to inaccessible and faraway areas.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • Telemedicine dramatically reduces time and improves the probability of consultation with one or more experts, even when the experts are in different locations. 
  • Dermatologists, primary care physicians, and telehealth nursing teams learn more about the aesthetic procedures through teleconferencing, real-time or store and forward telemedicine specialties programs, enabling skills acquisition. 

Future role of teledermatology

As the cosmetic craze is on the rise, teledermatology is rapidly becoming a demanding telemedicine specialty. Very few specialists are presently available in the aesthetic surgical procedure domain than the dermatology population and the increasing knowledge and demand of clients for aesthetic beauty.



One of the telemedicine specialty services that allows analyzing the electronically transferred digitized images instead of specimen slides from microscopes contributes to telemedicine is revolutionizing benefits.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • Training and education 
  • Primary histopathology diagnosis
  • Frozen-section analysis
  • Second opinion diagnostic procedure 
  • Improving access to healthcare services in unreachable areas 

Future role of Telepathology

  • Adopting advanced telehealth solutions in pathology will not only be cost and time saving but massively accelerate the early diagnosis of many diseases, as well as rapid pathological examination and prompt intervention. 
  • These benefits of telemedicine will amplify the substantial demand for these telemedicine specialties soon. 



Telecardiology makes it possible for the virtual specialist analysis through telecommunications exchange of electrocardiographic records. It can improve the delivery of cardiac treatment provided in the primary care environment.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • Teleconsultation between the family doctor and cardiologist 
  • Reduced follow-up visits 
  • Early detection of critical condition 
  • Home-based telehealth nursing of critically ill cardiac patients 

Future role of Telecardiology 

  • In cardiac patients, remote monitoring of arrhythmia and vital signs improves life quality and decreases hospitalization chances with increased cardiac patients; telecardiology can save many people’s lives. 
  • COVID pandemic has raised the demand for cardiac patients’ telemonitoring to provide better healthcare outcomes in limited times. 

Pediatric telemedicine

Pediatric Telemedicine

Telehealthcare in the pediatric specialty is improving the lives of many children across the world.

The incorporation of telemedicine in pediatric practice reduces the need to be in-person during many appointments, eliminating stress and absenteeism expenses for caregivers, and reducing the time that children lose missing classes or school. 

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • School-based telemedicine solutions
  • Chronic care management pediatric telemedicine solutions 
  • Children counseling and education for good hygiene practice 
  • Quality and fast action care 

Future role of Pediatric telemedicine 

  • Pediatric telemedicine has empowered the healthcare staff with the resources they need to safely and responsibly view a patient’s record, past medical conditions, and details. 
  • Besides that, a telehealthcare approach will further help doctors treat many patients because of a significant reduction in waiting time with a decrease in face-to-face follow-ups, and they will be able to give patients the same level of attention.

Urology telemedicine

Urology telemedicine

Recent research published in European Urology found that many urological patients have health risks for unfavorable COVID-19 outcomes, and most of the patients preferred telehealth consultations.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare

  • The decrease in unnecessary visits 
  • Remote clinical support 
  • Reducing the risk of COVID19
  • Enhancing automatic assistance
  • Cost-effective 

Future role of Urology telemedicine 

  • The AI-enabled telehealth diagnostic technology helps doctors and urologists understand and determine early signs and symptoms of various urological diseases. 
  • There will be no need for an extended hospital stay for the post-operative care of the patients. 
  • Bluetooth-enabled biosensors and wearable devices will further assist urology telehealth visits for revolutionized healthcare delivery. 

Family medicine telemedicine

Family medicine telemedicine

Family telemedicine is a segment of a more comprehensive concept called virtual health, which is hastily known as digital technology to enhance healthcare delivery quality and make medicine more accessible and highly personalized.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare 

  • Easy access to telemedicine specialists 
  • Reduced chances of catching the new disease 
  • Quick access to a doctor in case of seasonal flu, allergy, vomiting, or diarrhea. 
  • Streamlined chronic illness management of family members reduces the burden of caregivers.

Future role of Family telemedicine 

  • Family telemedicine is an on-demand telemedicine specialty for every small health concern where your family doctor will be just a click away. 
  • With teleconferencing and virtual patient monitoring features, telehealth family doctors and nurses will better manage patients’ flow. 

Ophthalmology telemedicine and optometry telemedicine

Ophthalmology telemedicine

With ophthalmology and optometry telemedicine, via on-demand digital treatments to communicate with your patients where they are, you can help minimize patient exposure. You will link the right patient to the right provider at the right time with a virtual ophthalmology care solution.

Advantages of telemedicine in healthcare 

  • Ophthalmology professionals highly prefer to view telemedicine as the asynchronous (store-and-forward) technique for diabetic retinopathy screening.
  • Benefits of telemedicine in adversity: telemedicine systems can be of great help in seasonal or destructive displacement, e.g., flooding, frost, earthquakes, hurricanes, and cyclones. 

Future role of Ophthalmology telemedicine 

  • Ophthalmology telemedicine will play a key role in avoiding irreversible vision damage; it can help ensure that patients with undiagnosed eye disorders are identified early and get timely treatment. 
  • Ophthalmology telemedicine can significantly enhance Remote healthcare screening and patient monitoring by saving the time utilized in follow-up visits. 
  • Early detection signs and easy monitoring using ophthalmology/optometry telemedicine, thus contributing to improved healthcare systems. 
  • Implementing this approach can modify the healthcare market of delivering affordable healthcare to many while being cost-effective to both the health insurance providers and the clients. 


Telehealth is a much-needed system for strengthening different telemedicine specialties for an improved and streamlined healthcare delivery system in these pandemic times. Today digital technologies are advancing within the telehealth domain and telemedicine specialties. Simultaneously, the healthcare system is heading into a new frontier to reach the unreachable, excellent cost-reduction, time-saving, and improved patient outcomes.


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