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Our Journey



Understanding Problems to Lead Change

VersaForm Practice Management Solution works as middleware which is used to process claims.

VersaForm Practice Management Solution internally uses EDI to transfer information using EDI 837 and EDI 835.

Routed access to billing and claims information through a third-party system is outdated and time-consuming.

The client's existing system was manual that took more efforts and expenses in handling any specific billing case.

fqhc billing guidelines

Our client’s existing system was connected to VersaForm practice management system that helps them to manage billing and claim information. The principal requirement was to replace the existing Microsoft Access based system with a web-based application hosted on the cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere throughout internet and web browser.



Defining the Solid Roadmap

The existing system helps to manage information of patients (with a mental health condition) with billing and claim knowledge.

OSP' software development experts knew about the dynamic nature of mental health billing. We skillfully created a highly scalable and system architecture which can be broken down multiple prototypes.

We employed Visual Studio to develop the web application with Server Technologies such as Amazon cloud and Microsoft SQL Server.

fqhc dental productivity
fqhc dental requirements

For all the user modules, we created separate wireframe as well as prototypes for easy access and direct payment. The client wanted to create a responsive web application to easily access billing and claims data anytime, anywhere. To make it happen, we decided to build an intelligent web-based application to be hosted on the cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere throughout the internet and web browser.



Delivering On the Promise

We have created a responsive and cloud-powered system that uses Versaform integration to support multi-specialty EHR.

Our system can employ VersaForm as a middleware connected with the database to process claims.

With OSP' next-gen integration capabilities, our custom solution utilized EDI 837, EDI 835 to transfer claim data from multiple systems into a single responsive system.

With smartly aligned workflow, our web-based system could streamline entire claim management with claim audits, remittance, secondary claim process and claim submission.

federally qualified health center
fqhc dental requirements

Our system applied EDI set to transfer claim information from multiple systems connecting providers, payers, and billing companies. At the front-end module, this tailored solution helped to streamline the process of patient registration, day sheet billing, claim submission, and payment schedule. From automatic database synchronization to direct payment, we built the robust backbone of the system.



Building to Deliver Experiences

OSP tailored solution helped to increase in revenue per billing while ensuring every single chargeable transaction accurately.

The solutions helped the client to enhance their average work hours almost by 23%.

The traditional billing process was replaced with a direct and automated billing process, in turn reducing the bill handling time.

Our US-based clients could enjoy quicker claim processing with a reduction in claim errors.

fqhc dental services
fqhc requirements

The client experienced a massive surge in revenue with the significant reduction in claim denial ratio. The intelligent system was committed to integrating VersaForm into the new system to make claim submission and reimbursement flexible and faster. OSP' EHR-integrated payer billing system offered excellent system connectivity, and quick data exchange with HIPAA-guided EDI solution developed using HL7 interfaces.

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