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Access remote healthcare and reduce patient follow up visits.
Creating customized system layout to simplify telehealth portal
An easy-to-use telehealth portal to connect patients with providers.
Quicker and enhanced urgent care delivery with increased patient follow up.
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Our Journey



Understanding Problems to Lead Change

Telehealth portals allow direct, instant and secure access to better quality healthcare services to the patients unable to access high-quality healthcare assistance.

Telehealth integration designs typically involve connecting systems, integrating data sets incorporating cleansing and normalizing data, and integrating a widening array of mobile devices.

The device integration challenges such as the lack of standards around communications protocols in a medical device and consumer device marketplace today.

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A US-based client sought to help patients to access remote healthcare and reduce patient follow up visits especially for the chronic disease patients. The client wanted us to build an EHR-integrated remote care telehealth platform offering practice management and secure data warehouse with HIPAA & HL7 compliant structure. Our client wanted to ease out care management for patients remotely that includes instant video calls, provider network for insured patients, document management, and EHR integration.



Defining the Solid Roadmap

We started working on a two-way comprehensive design to build an easy-to-use telehealth portal to connect patients with providers.

A seamless patient-to-provider communication through phone and video conferencing was the core requirement. We started working on solving the limited access to the patients and reduction in patient follow up visits faced by the client.

The client wanted to integrate existing EHR and practice management system. Our team of experts devised an intelligent strategy for integration while maintaining HIPAA and HL7 compliance.

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OSP' provided the client with an instant video calling feature, provider network for insured patients, EHR integration and secure document management with HIPAA & HL7 compliance. To expand the reach of the proposed solution, we decided to take special efforts to make the telehealth portal responsive to connect providers with patients, anytime, anywhere. Identification, analysis, and documenting patient medical information under secure data warehouse was obtained successfully by OSP.



Delivering On the Promise

OSP provided seamless integration with existing EHR and practice management system to maintain and monitor patient health.

Our experts skillfully built HIPAA & HL7 compliant structure for data transaction.

We created a secure data warehouse to identify, analyze, and to document medical data.

To maintain medical bills for reimbursement, we built an advanced claim management dashboard.

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HIPAA-compliant Telehealth portal designed to simplify interaction between patient and doctors from the comfort of your home. From patient safety to secure information transaction, our platform transformed how doctors and patients interact every day. Anywhere. Anytime. We worked closely with the client to design a user-friendly solution that included booking a quick appointment with respective providers for a follow-up phone or video call.



Building to Deliver Experiences

OSP' advanced telehealth portal helped client to offer quicker and improved urgent care delivery especially to the patients from remote areas.

We delivered the standalone telehealth solution that resulted in improved clinical decision making.

The client was able to increase in patient follow up, treatment quality and instant care treatments.

OSP' telehealth portal played a vital role in the client's business and helped him gain better ROI.

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While creating the best in class telehealth portal for our client, we managed to maintain necessary HIPAA compliance successfully. Our diligent healthcare experts were managed to help clients to attain the collaborative approach to comprehensive health care to the elderly as well as patients from remote areas. OSP built a smart software solution for the client that comes with an integrated solution to book appointment, upload and download health report, consult specialty doctors, and billing without the hassle of visiting the clinic.

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