Business Challenges

A large physician practice in the USA wanted to bring together scattered old-school revenue management for its providers, clinicians, and patients. With claim management, our client wanted to modernize back office operations, manage claim backlogs, and improve transparency in billing. The need was a web-based application which is more than just a traditional revenue management.


Solution Design & Development

We began with a complete analysis to identify the process gap affecting current revenue workflows. With a responsive and secured development, we built a solution that ensures ease out billing processes leaving no additional manual administration work.

  • The implementation involves interfacing with multiple systems including NextGen EMR and EPIC EHR for our client’s offices and other smaller ancillary systems.
  • Manage patient payment: self-pay, deductibles, payment plan, copay or Medicaid/Medicare. The system can help providers accurately manage the revenue cycle for all types of patients before they walk in.
  • Improve online payment for patients to help them understand out-of-pocket expenses for receiving hospital bills.
  • Creating separate dashboards for each payer, our client can automate claim process and payment adjudication as per different medical coding sets and procedure integrated into the system.

Value Delivered

The return on investment was measured on how our platform boosted our clients claim process.

Best-of-Breed Approach

To solve rising revenue hurdles, we applied agile development approach for our client.


Solution Integration

Integrated with existing clinical and administrative systems for a direct data exchange across settings.

Pre-Visit Validation

Real-time patient pre-visit validation to increase up-front revenue collections and avoid bad debt.

Denial Management

More than code scrubber, the denial module improves payment recovery, up to date appeals, and rectify denial causes.



Ensuring government standards for development from HIPAA & PCI compliant to Strong SSL certification.

What Makes OSP Labs Health Team Best for Your Need?

Our thoughtful team of healthcare specialists are here to solve your challenges, from the moment you contact us to final delivery.


A 360o support for holistic solution development for web, mobile and software.


Knowledgeable healthcare team developing process-driven solution for providers, payers, and billing companies.


A complete flexible involvement models to let you manage your team the way you want.


Products/Solution developed keeping healthcare standards- HIPAA, HL7, PHI, GXP, and FDA rules in mind.


Committed to provide latest digital technology to support your business administration.


Free no-obligation consultation targeted to solve your clinical challenges.


Excellent project management skills to ensure successful project journey from start to development and launch.


Amazing end-products ensuring regulatory compliance made using only the best technologies possible.