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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

High Frequency Trading

High-Frequency Trading

Inability to enable HFT that requires high speeds, high turnover rates, and high order-to-trade ratios.

Lesser Data Accuracy

Lesser Data Accuracy

Collection of inaccurate data that hampers the accuracy of trading predictions.

Weak Data Management

Weak Data Management

Inability to monitor, analyze and store vast amounts of stock trading data for Algo trading software.

Outdated Analytics

Outdated Analytics

Traditional trading techniques that should be replaced by the intraday algorithmic trading strategies.

Inaccurate Trading Signals

Inability to produce accurate trading signals by analyzing and modeling various asset markets.

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Weak Order Management

Outdated order management hampers the success of devices stock trading strategies overall.

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A top-notch stock market technical analysis solution, that helps to manage portfolios and generate profits efficiently.


Automated Technical Analysis

Automated trading using python can be utilized to create next-gen algo trading software solution with an advanced potential of automated technical analysis. The super-intelligent chart systems can analyze and monitor themselves without any bias, emotion and human error while applying pre-set charting rules. Algorithmic trading strategies in python can offer automated price gap detection, automatic breakout detection, detection of candlestick pattern, manual tradeline tuning and more. The brilliant trading algorithms can automatically identify and draw all crucial trendlines in seconds with fully customized detection settings those match to your own trading style.

Stock Data Management

The best algorithmic trading strategies require the best high-speed data storage technology to support the high-frequency trading. OSP’ tailor-made stock data management software solutions are optimized for financial time series, related to the super-fast queries which are highly essential in short-term trade forecasting. The made-to-order algorithmic trading software systems can allow the ‘Tick Data’ to be stored on a real-time basis, while past test data and real-time trading data can be easily queried without a hassle. To support all types of algorithmic trading strategies custom-made stock data management system can help enable the binary queries with an interactive interface.

Order Management & Execution Algos

Order management and execution of algos are made simple with advanced Algo trading software solutions. The solution can offer highly flexible order management so you can perform any order in any market while choosing from a broad range of order types such as market, limit, stop, stop limit, trailing, bracket. The order types can be utilized with multiple time-in-force alternatives such as day, fill-or-kill, at-the-open, good-till-cancel, immediate-or-cancel, good-till-day, at-the-close. The custom order properties and built-in execution algos help you to achieve excellent execution prices and reduce the market visibility and impact. The intraday algorithmic trading strategies are supported with custom execution algorithms which are combines with modern features such as custom alerts and trade suggestions.

Business Functions & Automation

The premium-grade custom algo trading software solutions will firstly work towards fully automating the traditional trading processes and multiple manual built-in business functions. The next-gen automation can help you cut down on working hours and manual labor, saving costs and precious time while streamlining your trading activities smoothly. Automating the reconciliation process will prove highly beneficial in reconciling trades, current market status, subscriptions as well as redemptions. Automated delta hedging can offer support in eliminating any delta risk linked with a specific underlying. The automated trading in python can help boost the bespoke trading features such as options pricing engine (Based on SABR volatility model), trading portfolio monitoring, performance analysis, risk management and more.

Trading Strategy Development

To execute the best algorithmic trading strategies, OSP’ customized algo trading software systems can offer a broad spectrum of features that can help to develop, simulate and run trade multiple strategies. We tailor intelligent strategy wizard modules that can create, analyze, monitor the performance of algorithmic trading strategies. A customizable and extensible trading strategy back-test execution model for Back Tests, which allows users to add custom logic regarding spread, fill ratio, slippage, and more. To identify the optimal parameter ranges for pre-set trading strategies, the automation of parameter optimization can help. Multi-module strategies, multi-periodicity strategies, start – and stop strategies can be efficiently executed using the custom-made algo trading software solution by OSP.

Risk Constraints

To employ the best algorithmic trading strategies through tailored algo trading software, defining multiple unique risk constraints are necessary. The hard-coded risk constraints are implemented into the customized algorithmic trading software and embedded into the trading model optimization. These risk constraints cover a broad range of non-flexible regulations like max allocation per trading model, per instruments, per direction. To safeguard the use of complex algorithms in algo trading solutions, the risk constraints can play a vital role. They help to enhance the trust in algorithm decision choices and their accuracy.

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Robust Technical Analysis

Our custom-made algorithmic trading software solutions offer robust technical analysis and significant statistical measurements based on AI. Our advanced algorithmic trading software development help to create the best algo trading systems that run testing modules to manage 'overfitting' and accurately measure strategies’ strength. Our best algo trading modules use machine learning regularization and validation procedures. Our algo trading solutions help to build multiple types of algorithmic trading strategies based on data & parameter sensitivity analysis, walk-forward analysis, out-of-sample validation, Monte-Carlo simulation, and underlying logic rationale.

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Customize Analysis & Interface

Our tailor-made platforms for algorithmic trading with Python offer highly automated technical analysis. Users can customize the interface, charts, and automatic analysis settings. Execute the best algorithmic trading strategies by customizing how our tailored Algo trading software analyzes charts to fit your trading system. Customize the variables and candlesticks in the automated technical analysis to set up your trading charts the way you prefer.

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Dynamic Portfolio Optimization

Our made-to-order algorithmic trading software that develops and construct asset portfolios optimized & tailor-made for varying levels of investor’s risk tolerance. Our algorithmic trading software developers ensure a next-gen best Algo trading systems for continuous monitor and readjust multiple portfolios with diverse risk tolerance levels, ranging from highly conservative to aggressive. Our algorithmic trading software development leverage clustering algorithms running on the cloud to include ETFs representing Indices, Sectors, Currencies, Commodities, Countries, and other assets.

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