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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Weak facial recognition ability of video analytics AI for accurate user profiling.

Image Moderation

Image Moderation

Inability to automatically detect inappropriate content in videos using the Image Moderation API.

Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis

Unable to detect and measure the object's motion and gestures accurately in real-time.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Inability to accurately analyze the sentiments from the given video feed in the real-time.

User Profiling

Inaccurate user profiling to trace faces and generate predictive alarms preventing unwanted incidents.

Digital Rights

Digital Rights

Tougher digital rights management for uninterrupted real-time video analysis.

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AI in Video Analytics Process For Smarter Vision

Leverage AI in video analytics Software Solutions to analyze high-resolution videos faster and more accurately.


Object Tracking

Our tailored video analytics AI solutions incorporate object tracking system to locate a target object in a video sequence given its location in the first frame. The generic features of the chose object with its robust to complex motion transformations are offline learned. OSP’ custom AI in video analytics software solutions makes use of auxiliary video data by using a two-layer neural network under the temporal constraints. As per the targetted object motion sequence, the pre-learned features are smartly adapted. We can leverage deep learning and big data in our video analytics AI system to train advanced deep models to grasp and analyze visual variations of target objects.

Object Detection

OSP’s custom video analytics AI solutions can detect objects from the live video feed in real-time using a representative algorithm called YOLO (You Only Look Once). It helps in separating the original image into grids of equal sizes. A predefined number of bounding boxes with pre-defined shapes centered around the grid center for each grid. Each prediction classifier with an object confidence score predicts the grid contains an object or just the background. Our AI video analytics is based on the region proposal network (RPN). RPN outputs multiple windows that are quite likely to contain an object. The video analytics AI algorithm retrieves the feature maps inside each window, resizes them into fixed sizes, and predicts the class probability and an accurate bounding box for the given object.

Object Characteristics Specification

OSP can build AI video analytics that can detect the objects of interest based on their unique properties such as size, speed, temperature, color. The AI, video analytics solution, can disqualify objects which fall outside of these pre-defined parameters. We use smart algorithms in our custom AI video analytics software to offer object validation by classification that leverages deep learning techniques to provide an added layer of object qualification by its type. The accuracy of our AI video analytics is not hampered by the bad weather and other ambient reasons. The next-gen environmental filtering in video analytics AI can work accurately in wide range of adverse conditions.

Edge Computing

Sensing data from the surrounding environment is made possible with smarter edge computing offered by our tailored artificial intelligence video analytics. To identify and analyze the moving objects in a video feed in real-time, our AI in video analytics leverage image capturing, background subtraction and Prewitt edge detection operator. Our AI in video analytics computes a coarse moving edge representation by smart arithmetic operations between the given frame and two equidistant ones. AI in video analytics uses next-gen filtering techniques to remove undesired edges and find the object’s movements at different speed and time.

Video Classification

Our AI video analytics heavily relies on video classification and video captioning. The video classification concentrates on automatically labeling video clips based on their semantic contents such as human actions or any complex events. Our AI video analytics software treats any video feed as the collection of multiple image frames and then treated with a feed-forward pass till a specific fully connected layer with sophisticated deep models is pre-trained. We leverage the template-based language model and sequence learning in our artificial intelligence video analytics to generate accurate video descriptions.

Bi-Spectral Sensor Analysis

OSP can customize AI video analytics that has the potential to analyze thermal as well as full color feeds with better detection ability. We have built made-to-order AI in video analytics software solutions that can be customized with long wave IR sensor tracks the emitted energy. It can detect people even in the dark without the requirement for lighting and allows the AI video analytics to perform properly even in the adverse weather. The video can be analyzed with both the sensors and the analysis is compared for the co-relation of video analytics. This, in turn, helps in reduction in false alerts.

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Facial Detection

Facial Detection

OSP can build customized video analytics AI software solution that can detect faces within the given video feed in real-time. Every face is analyzed thoroughly with a bounding box and a smart token. Our video analytics AI software solutions leverage sophisticated face detection and recognition algorithms that are well-integrated into the visual computing platforms. Our tailored video analytics AI can instantly detect, track, recognize and analyze people in live video streams or video footage. Receive signals in the occurrence of user-defined events and performing real-time comparisons to image databases and watch lists is made possible with OSP's AI in a video analytics solution.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Behavioral monitoring of a live video feed can have a significant impact on people management and criminal activities. OSP relies on artificial intelligence in video analytics for a more in-depth and accurate microexpression analysis. Our video analytics AI software solutions work on the basis of data curation, sentiment analysis, and other advanced solutions. Expressions like neutral, happy, angry, sad, scared, or surprised form can be derived using our custom AI video analytics. We can customize artificial intelligence video analytics with pre-defined sentiment analysis module that can offer sentiment score for changing expressions on a face to determine sentiment.

Text Detection

Text Detection

Our custom-built artificial intelligence video analytics can extracts text from billions of images and video frames in real-time. Our AI video analytics incorporates a machine learning-based text detection and analytics module that is trained to understand the context of the text and the image together. Our AI video analytics software detects the areas which contain the text. Text present in each of these areas is recognized and transcribed with a convolutional neural network. OSP' AI in video analytics leverages. We use a learning rate scheduling to slowly but accurately train the machine learning model.

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