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The common bottlenecks which might slow down your business growth

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Declining ROI

The complexities of operations in retail procedures has caused a steady decline on Return on Investment.

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Rising Competition

The increasing presence of digital retail is causing a strain on the retail industry as competition is rising and traditional processes are withering.

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Lack of Innovation

The retail industry has been lacking innovation and most companies are heavily paper-based with slow processes.

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Lack of Personalization

With stringent systems in the traditional retail models, customers are increasingly dissatisfied with services.

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Manual Processing Systems

Traditional manual processes are paper-based and lack efficiency, compounded by adherence to inflexible processes.

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Increased Customer Expectations

Human interaction is not able to keep pace with the increasing demands for customer service.

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Enabling Excellence through AI Solutions For Retail

We empower your enterprise through deep domain expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions for holistic growth in the retail space.


Conversational Commerce

Through the incorporation of natural language processing and cognitive computing, conversational commerce, in the form of chatbots, is allowing consumers to engage in retail from anywhere at any time. This increases retail accessibility and drives revenue.

Machine Learning

AI in retail market solutions offers the powerful uses of machine learning to identify personalized customer needs and price points across various domains. This allows retailers to design their products and marketing strategies with a clear indication of customer demands.

Predictive Analysis

Artificial intelligence in retail is empowered through the use of predictive analysis, wherein patterns of customer behaviour are identified to predict their buying strategies and create opportunities within the organization to address those buying trends, through software recommendations.

Advanced Analyics

Merchandise production and movement can be fully automated through this solution of artificial intelligence in retail. Supply chain hindrances can be addressed, manual work and human resources are freed up through automation, and advanced analytics are applied to data for revenue growth.

Fraud and Anomaly Detection

Through the use of deep learning algorithms, AI retail has the ability to detect frauds and anomalies for digital retail security. Several areas of fraud can be evaded suck as money laundering, vendor fraud, cash anomalies and abuse of returns, etc.

Operational Performance

The deployment of AI retail can completely control operational transactions with no need for human intervention. This eliminates the dependencies and delays that are caused by human execution.

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What We Offer?

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Retail Robots

Our AI solutions for retail include smart robots that automate task operations through deep learning technology that leverages sensors. These sensors go a long way in training the robots to independently conduct retail-related tasks and store data for subsequent uses in AI retail software. Additionally, the robots are embedded with a capacity for real-time communication, process management and pattern identification for autonomous execution of tasks. This AI retail software solution creates a significant boost toward the manufacturing process.

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Data Analysis

The rapid growth of AI solutions for retail has left the retail agencies with huge volumes of structured and unstructured data that needs to be intelligently analyzed for efficiency and accuracy. Our AI retail software solutions are fully capable of undertaking such analysis in an automated fashion to identify and flag anomalies through the creation of intelligent algorithms that can predict potential attacks based on current data. Our solutions, thereby, increase the financial institution's ability to adopt a preventive approach, rather than a remedial one with AI retail software.

Review and Monitoring

Machine Learning AI Retail Solution

We at OSP Labs, offer a digitized platform towards aiding risk management through machine learning capabilities that analyze variant data sources. The customer data is collectively stored for meaningful usage of assessing conditions that affect the retail life of the consumer, allowing tailored product sales. Prevention advice is handed out about risk-prone customers and fraud likelihood is highlighted through this AI retail solutions.

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